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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cuckold's Lament


Wife brings home a mess for hubby to clean up
Click on the above link to read about one husband's descent into the life of a cuckold. You may mock him for the way his life has turned out but I for one think he is one lucky fellow


Anonymous said...

I can't see where being a cuckhold is a bad thing. In my case, I truly know I have nothing down there to impress anyone, as I never felt like, nor wanted to be a man. Always feeling I was born in the wrong sex. Due to years of chemical castration, thru hormone inducement. As well as first with Premarin then onto the newer drugs of spiro and estradiol , there truly is just nothing there.

I love all things feminine. As well as love being around women, I think being a cuckhold would make me quite happy, in certain situations. To be there for Her, for chores, laundry, taking care of house, the outdoors, the cooking and cleaning, to just cuddle. And hear about Her thoughts or hear about How Her day went or yes even Her date or the Men, for whom can take care of Her. Would be pleased for Her and gladly do what is required, but I think I'd do it, because I'd enjoy it. Getting Her all prettied up or shopping or beautification would be fun, the rest would be, just out of love.

They would both appreciate it, as well as I will love to out of appreciation for all parties involved.

Anonymous said...

Other's might feel used in a situation, such as this. Where-as , I would be quite content. Happy as well as elated. I really do think this lifestyle makes so much sense. I'm not happy how my life has turned out as well as very much want to transition again this year. I've been saying it for a few years now, when I fell upon this fetlife world of amazement. To find a situation such as this as well as transition would be ideal to me, as well as know it's not about me

Herboitoy said...

Dearest Cindy, allow me to ask a personal question, with all your meds and treatments are you still able to get off? I mean although I not even close to being a Man, I am still far more male than female. I would love to be more feminine but I would hope I could still cum.