A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Marital Cuckolding

Here is a repost from The Fem Dom Hotwife Cuckold website:
I find what this woman puts her husband through is totally humiliating and yet so erotic I can't keep my hands off my self. As for my situation I am never allowed to watch, for HE is for her pleasure not mine

I don’t mind my husband watching sometimes. It can be fun. But usually, mostly, I prefer that he not. I prefer that he wait in the guest room until we’re done. Until my lover gets up, dresses, and leaves.
Then… my husband and I… it’s our time to be together. It’s a ritual with us. First he licks me out and cleans me. All around, in front and back. Everywhere. Then he focuses on my clit and makes me cum.
Depending on my mood and the circumstances, I usually have him turn over, and take him with my strap-on. It’s my favorite time to fuck him like that. He’s always so beautifully accepting and submissive. He puts his ass up for me like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
Or… if he’s earned it, I’ll release him from chastity and he’ll make love to me. Slow, sensuous, gentle, loving. He never fucks me. That’s a rule of ours. Only my Bulls are allowed to fuck me. My hubby… he makes love to me. From my neck down to my toes, and back again. Usually I permit him to cum inside me. Always… he’s required to clean up after himself.
It’s our special thing. I know our lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But it works beautifully for us. I can see it in his eyes, his love for me. The way he adores and absolutely cherishes me. It’s never stronger, never more meaningful than when he’s down with his face between my legs cleaning up after I’ve been with another man, licking and sucking another man’s cum out of me. He didn’t love it at first. Way back in the beginning, he found it to be rather humiliating. It was difficult for him. He resisted. Semen was an acquired taste for him. But slowly, over time, he came to accept it, because he knew how much I loved it. And knew that I expected that of him. Now… he loves it. He actually looks forward to it. He loves pleasing me that way.
Couples like us who share this lifestyle know what I’m talking about. They’ve experienced it. They know.

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