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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Decision

"Look Roger the decision is yours to make, you know I don't want you to go watch a bunch of skanks take their clothes off and parade around in front of you naked." 
"But Eve, it's my brother's bachelor party I have to go..."
"That's fine, if your orgy is more important than me go on, but  I won't be here when you get home."

 I begged Eve to understand the predicament I was in, how embarrassing it would be for me not to show up, besides wasn't she going to the bachelorette party. She told me what she did had nothing to do with me and for some reason that made sense to me. I was instructed to sleep on the couch as she slammed the bedroom door on me.

As I left for work the next day the door was still closed and I already knew I was headed for a chilly reception when I got home. I walked in to see her in a chair dressed only in some fancy unders and a sly smile on her face.
"Ive decided to let you go but only on one condition..."
"Anything," I interrupted.
"No, now hear me out before you make any decisions. I'll be fine if you go wearing this."
  She leaned over to the side table and picked up something I'd only seen in pictures. It was a chastity cage, I wondered where she got from but didn't ask.
"You wear this to your party and I'll wear the key around my neck to my party, that way I'll feel at ease and then I can have a good time."
I told her if it would make her happy I'd do it but when we tried to put it on me I had an erection so I didn't fit inside. Eve grabbed my hard-on and using it as a leash drug me into the bathroom where she had me jack-off into the toilet as she watched. It was humiliating having her watch me but for some reason it turned me on. After I shot my load in the loo I was soft enough to fit inside my cage and once inside and locked away Eve put the key on a chain and I helped clasp it around her neck.

 We left for our parties at the same time but once I got to my brothers party I found out how uncomfortable an erection  became while confined to a plastic tube. As soon as I could I left the party eager to get myself free but when I got home Eve was still out. I must have fallen asleep because I awoke to Eve turning the light on and then undressing. I could tell she had been drinking and I hoped she didn't drive home. She looked at me and saw I was awake,
"Oh Baby, I'm so glad you're awake, I need you."
I started to say I needed her to unlock me but before I said a word she pushed me down and sat her pussy in my face. She was grinding on me and I worked hard to give her some satisfaction. Seeing her so wet and horny made me think that she got turned on at her party as well as I did. I was so excited when she came because I knew I would be next but instead she rolled off of me and went to sleep. I had to get that cage off but when I reached for the chain around her neck it wasn't there.

The next day I received an email at work warning me it was NSW, I thought it was from my bachelor party but when I opened it it was a strong muscular man and he was standing over Eve who was on her back and holding her legs in the air and he was fucking her like a porn star. I stared in shock but then I noticed something bouncing on his chest, it was the key to my cage and this strange man was wearing it.

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DenverBilly said...

I have had a reoccurring dream that my wife gave the key to my chastity belt to some stud for safe keeping.

Gtreat posting. Keep sharing.