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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Photo from our Wedding Day

The bride thanks the ushers
Darell, don't tell me you forgot gifts for the ushers. You were responsible for so little and yet you forget this. Get them on the phone right now and invite them to our room, I have just the thing to give them. If you want to know where I, the groom is in this picture, I'm the one taking the picture. The only gift I got was a sniff of her soiled orange panties you see lying on the bed.


Sharon said...

Thought for a minute you were the bride.

Alamo Preacher said...

Whats the cap from?

Herboitoy said...

Ushers are usually escorts for the bridesmaids and help to seat the guests. Traditionally the groom buys them a thank you gift.

Anonymous said...

Sucking the soiled orange panties would be a treat... :)

Even after the wedding, things won't be any better!! Enjoy

Herboitoy said...

Dear Sometimes, thanks for the link I know just how this poor hubby feels