A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, December 21, 2012

His Desent into Submission

Not bad for a boy
To her, you doing her nails is fun and she thinks it 'cute' but to you it is almost as erotic as having sex with her. Of course, you're not even man enough to admit to her that you wish you could worship her toes by sucking on each, one at a time. You silly boy, don't you think she can see your raging erection as you lean down to blow dry her wet nails. Oh yeah she knows she has you right where she wants you and when you become her personal servant you both will be happy


Paul said...

Always submit to a superior women and all women that I know are superior.

Herboitoy said...

I agree Paul, we men are inferior to all women

Anonymous said...

I fell right into this from the first day we married. She was ten years older than I at age 38. She enjoyed my youth and oral skills. She wanted more when it came to intercourse. As the years went on she demanded that I attend to her needs more. I felt less of a man but I notice I was more aroused from it. She soon introduced me to her bull and is proud of my oral skills. She has gone on to share me with her bff and her sister.

Anonymous said...

Not long after i moved in with my Girlfriend I was allowed to do her toenails, cleaned them, filed and painted them. I wore a (mens) thong as i sat on the floor and attended to her feet.I was Leaking profusely by the time i had finished. There was no intercourse that night as i just was allowed to snuggle against her horny as i'd ever been in my life.
2 years later She receives a foot massage every evening. Sometimes with an absent minded tease, all the while my predicament is nearly ignored by her, she just puts her perfect feet on my lap and i do my appointed task without question or hesitation....She's not into "femdom" at all, but she's the boss.
I'm also not ever allowed to pursue anykind of sex, i am to wait until asked or as usual, am told. There's a lot more to this but another time.