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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping the Marriage Interesting

 From the Locked Cock for Tiffany's Tumblr blog, I swear each one makes me tingle 'down there':

Here are suggestions for some less intense ways of pushing a submissive man’s buttons. Most of these undoubtedly are not original as there’s really nothing new under the sun, and FemDom is no exception. Some of these may work for some folks and not for others. All personalities, likes and dislikes vary.

1.      Send him emails in which you mention his submissive behavior or address him as your sub, slave, knight, servant, boytoy or whatever. Or send text messages.

2.      Have him wear panties to work, preferably yours and preferably dirty. Not every day: it’ll become too routine. Ask him what his coworkers would think if they knew he was wearing your panties.

3.      Give him an allowance and require he account for his expenditures.

4.      Tell him to buy a chastity device. No negotiation, no discussion.

5.      Lock him up periodically. Leave it on for a day or two or seven, or however long you wish, so he never knows how long he’ll be locked up. Always be the one to lock and unlock the device. Make a point of inspecting it daily and teasing him about being at your mercy. Be sure to have him service you while wearing it.

6.      Have him keep a journal in which he records his thoughts and submissive feelings. Read it once a week while he kneels naked at your feet.

7.      Make a habit of sliding your hand (or foot) into his crotch and saying something like, “Getting to be a horny sub are we?” Or, “Since Mr. Willy belongs only to me, I can fondle him whenever I wish?but you may not.” Or say nothing at all: just smile and give him a kiss on the cheek or a pat on the head.

8.      Have him kneel before you and kiss your feet.

9.      Have him give you foot massages and pedicures.

10.  Have him lick and suck your toes.

11.  Send a picture of your pussy to his cell phone with a message like, “This is the center of your world. Don’t forget it.”

12.  Insist he read some of your “women’s magazines” and romance novels if you read them.

13.  Have him kneel naked before you and profess his devotion to you as his Goddess. “Hold Court” so to speak and do this several times a week.

14.  Have him wear a collar around the house.

15.  Attach a leash to this collar and lead him anywhere you wish.

16.  Have him perform household chores in the nude while you are clothed.

17.  Have him give you full body massages.

18.  Have him insert a butt plug just before company arrives or before you both go out for an evening. Smile at him whenever he sits down.

19.  Don’t “ask” him to do something. Tell him. “Make me a cup of tea.” “I want you to paint the den this weekend.” “I expect you in the bedroom, naked and on your knees in 3 minutes.”

20.  Ask for explanations. “Why haven’t you made our bed yet?” “Why don’t you have dinner ready?”

21.  Beckon him with your finger.

22.  Take every opportunity to flash him.

23.  Wear especially sexy or revealing outfits.

24.  Have him go shopping with you to carry your purse and packages.

25.  Always pay the check when you go out to eat.

26.  Insist he thank you for disciplining him.

27.  Queen him.

28.  Develop a tone of voice when requiring something of him or expressing your displeasure over something. It’ll be your “domme voice.”

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segaiolo said...

i was ve r y submissive to my superior,promisquos wife during all my marriage. the more casual sex she had the more daily solo sessions i had. she knew what i needed. verbally abusing and humiliating me in front of her sisters and her lovers. it was an aphrodisiac for this beta sicko. increasing my addiction to solo s ex. segaiolo john rossetti