A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making him a Cuckold (the wife's side)

I know that I loved him at one time but that was so long ago it is hardly a memory any more. I do remember it all started as innocent role play in our marriage bed. We played many games but in the end our favorite was me as a lofty queen or mistress and him as my servant. I was amazed how hard he got as I ordered him to do different things, oh, and me as well, I would get so wet as I watched him suck on my toes through my dirty stockings. Of course his oral was by far the best for me and he happily lapped at my pussy for as long as I would let him. After a couple of orgasms to get the edge off I would have him bring me a glass of wine and then I would relax with my book as he continued to lick me.I've always loved romantic novels as pure escapism and as I got into the story I would completely forget about my husband and his tongue but then something in the story would send a small signal to my womb and suddenly I was cumming on his face yet again.

As for Roger he always wanted more, from servant to personal salve and what woman wouldn't want a man who would not only bath her and rub her with lotions and creams but also take over the chore of landscaping her body. He would sit on the floor of our shower with my foot balanced on his shoulder while he would shave my legs and crotch. His cock hard as iron would jut out and I loved to tease him with my toes as he tried to concentrate on his chore.He became quite adept at nail polishing  and when he did my toes he would kneel at my feet blowing on my toes to dry the polish as I used my vibrator to pass the time. After begging me to allow him to launder my panties I agreed but only if he would do all the laundry. From the washing it wasn't long until I had him doing all the housework while I relaxed.

One evening as I sat astride his face, a position I love because I can see the excitement in his eyes as he pleasures me, I asked him what would he do if I went out and got a  lover on the side. I heard the moan and when I turned around to glance at him I saw that he came on his belly. I squeezed his head between my thighs,
"Who gave you permission to cum, if you can't control yourself maybe I should get a man who can give pleasure to a lady."
My orgasm came as a thunderbolt in a storm and left my clit so energized I had to pull it from my husbands lips.He looked up to me from between my thighs, the excitement still showing in his face.
"Yes my Goddess, you deserve a real man to satisfy your needs."

After then every time we made love, Roger would mention me taking a lover. I warned him that if this game became a reality there would be no going back. I remember he said he wanted me to make him a cuckold, it was the first time I'd ever heard that word. The more I thought about it the more interested I became, after all I had already cheated on Roger earlier in our marriage but ended the affair because of guilt. If I could have my husband's blessing why shouldn't I have another one and I began to bring a plan into action. With no warning I left him a voice mail saying I was going out after work and for him not to wait up. I went to a bar close to work and easily picked up a man much younger than me. The excitement was fantastic but the sex was sub par as even in a rubber he only lasted a few seconds and I threw away his number before I even got into my car. Once I got home Roger almost tore my clothes as he wanted a taste of my lover, I sat on his face as I lied about the prowess of my new man and when we fucked it was fantastic and even I came as my husband fucked me.

It all came apart when I met Reggie, ah Reggie a real man, someone who can play a woman's body like a musical instrument. It was when I began to compare my husband to my lover that my marriage began to fall apart but that is another story for another day.


Vanessa Chaland said...

Nicely stated. I enjoyed reading this. :)

robbiann said...

How can this be construed as anything other than a tragedy

Unknown said...

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Herboitoy said...

Robbiann is right it can only end in hubby's sorrow but it will be erotic as well. Hubby will have many memories to masturbate to as he sits alone

Unknown said...

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