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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Modern way to Milk him

What's a woman gotta do to keep his balls from turning blue?
Ladies are you growing tired of the constant pegging of hubby just to keep him milked? Well we thought so and we have just the tool for you
The future of prostrate milking
Introducing the 'Prostrate Bump', with our new marital devise you can cut down milking to half the time. Our tool is set at that perfect angle to nudge his backdoor love button to make him ooze out that nasty boy-juice quick as a wink. A milking so fast, you'll have plenty of time to put him back in his cage and him concentrating on your pleasures as it should be. Made of polished chrome and with such  beautiful design many women leave it out in plain sight  as an Object de' Art.


billyjo-42@hotmail.com said...

mmmmmm wife would like that thing..she doesnt much care for sticking her hand up there..

Herboitoy said...

It is truly a handy implement for the modern family

Anonymous said...

i will order one for my mistress for sure

substephen said...

Where can this device be purchased? A link would be handy.


Herboitoy said...

I saw it in an ad from a company called Wolf but now I can't find the link. If I come across it I will post it in a comment here

Herboitoy said...

Here is the link to where they sell this sexy implement