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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Her Boss has his way with her

He made her wet with desire
She invited her boss to a BBQ and a swim but the only thing that got wet was her quim. He began taking liberties with her as soon as he walked in the front door with a big kiss on the lips. As for her, she was like a school girl around him blushing and all smiles, even taking her top off when he told her to. When she lay back in the chaise he began to fondle her even pulling her suit to the side to ogle her privates.
"Roger, You're a very lucky man your wife has a fantastic cunt, look at these fat lips, I bet you love to put your face in."
I sat there mesmerized by this display and by the look of pleasure on my wife's face.
"Do you mind if I take Criss inside and fuck her?"
He stood up and took her by the hand to walk inside without waiting for my answer, as for me I came in my bathing suit.

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J Apsley said...

He has gentle fingers on her nicely shaved cunt. She will be keen to spread her legs apart, for him to mount her inside the house........we will just masturbate each other waiting outside the door, listening to her breeding!