A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Naive Husband

Honey, are you gaining weight?
It started on our wedding night as I took off my clothes I could think of nothing else but the consummation of our marriage. My wife however started to cry as she confessed to me that she thought the male sex organ was so disgusting she couldn't even look at it and there was no way she could allow me to put it in her body. I being a dutiful husband put on my pajamas and lay down beside her to try to sooth and calm her down. After awhile she said she wouldn't mind if I kissed her 'down there' and of course I gladly did it until she climaxed. This has become our sex life, me lying between her legs with my face in her sex as she has multiple orgasms, then after she is sated and falls asleep, then I sneak off into the bathroom to seek my relief by abusing myself. This is not how I dreamed our sex life would be like but I love her so much I have accepted my roll in our marriage.

So you could imagine the shock I received after walking in on her just getting out of the shower and seeing for my own eyes that she was pregnant. I mean I knew she was gaining weight but when I saw her belly I instantly knew she was with child.
 "Emily, how can this be, you know I've never even touched you with my penis."
She confessed that one day she saw our neighbor lying in the sun naked and from a distance his sex did not look so disgusting and in fact she became fascinated by it. Suddenly he began to stroke it and she could feel herself getting wet as he he became hard. She found she had a strong desire to touch it and brazenly walked next door, into his yard and as they say the rest is history.

She not only wasn't sorry, she even wanted to keep our sex life as it was and said she was going to continue to enjoy our neighbor as well. She told me she liked the feeling it gave her to cuckold me, a word she learned from our neighbor. You might think I'm in a bad situation but to be honest for some strange reason I find all it very erotic and I keep up the hope that someday she will allow me the same pleasures she gives her neighbor.


Mistress L's Servant said...

Dear Herboitoy
I too crave and love when my wife is out with her boyfriend and I am left home to toil for her. She rewards me after her date bynletting lick her feet clean

Servant rob

jellybean said...

I don't think that I would be happy at all, if my wife did this. I too, have spent many weeks with nothing but "sexual pleasure for her" and nothing for me except my hand, but this is really the way it should be. The woman has the right because she is the MISTRESS and I and you are the subbieboy. My wife usually lets me "in"
every month or so which I love her for this.

Herboitoy said...

I enjoy an orgasm as much as any man but my wife's pleasure comes before mine and if she got off on not letting me cum I would gladly endure it

Herboitoy said...

I posted this lovely picture not only to go along with the fantasy but also because I think pregnant women look so sexy. When my wife was pregers I pestered her almost non stop for sex or even just to pose for me. She hated how she looked and wouldn't believe me when I kept telling her how beautiful she was.