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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cuckolded by your Rival

He not only makes you look bad at work but now in the bed room as well
Your beautiful hotwife…your wedding ring….she skipped work and is spending the day with the young, hung stud that works in your department.…(he got a day off by beating your sales record this month)…..you are at your office an just got this picture and text…..
hi hon….Dan insisted that I wear this outfit and had me take off my panties too…It’s been a great day….I’ve never been fucked this good..…Dan is not only huge but he sure knows how to use it……he can fuck for hours, he has fucked me at three times this afternoon….….he is sooo much better than you and now I probably won’t be able to feel you little dick for a while ……….
btw, we are headed to your favorite after-work hangout place for drinks…..he said it would turn you on and humiliate you immensely knowing that your friends and coworkers will see me in my sexy hotwife attire accompanied by a young, handsome stud, which also happens to be your rival…
he loves showing me off….you and your friends will probably get an eyeful……we will have a few drinks with you and your coworkers ….. then I will leave with him, back to his place…
I hope you are enjoying this cause I certainly am….thanks for begging me to be your hotwife…I Love it!…….See you soon..Love you…
The Modern American Marriage….she is your hotwife…..just like you wanted…Enjoy! (Thanks to the Hot Wife Wedding Rings blog for this)


Emma Kelly said...

Hi HH,

This is a particularly potent fantasy that lives so deep inside me I have trouble giving voice to it.

When I was about twelve a girl that I was smitten with invited me to be her "date" at her birthday party and then betrayed me to an older much more physical boy and both of them ridiculed me and a laughed at me in front of everyone. I think that hurt has somehow been redressed through my cuckolding by my wife. She loves me and wouldn't truly hurt me but she would lead me into revisiting that wound in order to desensitize it and assure me that it won't hurt me again and that I can trust her even though she appears to be turning away from me. That process has taken some unexpected turns over the years and now I think it would be highly erotic if she developed feelings for someone who who wanted a real piece of her.

Spot on.

Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Herboitoy said...

This happened to me as well as a man I worked with bragged he could sleep with my wife. I scoffed at him and told him no way but I was so wrong. The humiliation of knowing that he bragged to every one at my work on how he cuckolded me was almost too much to take.

jellybean said...

No one, but NO ONE would be able to sleep with my wife.

She is an "old fashioned" woman, "bless her pee-picken-heart" but no....ME ONLY!!!!

Herboitoy said...

I hear what you're saying Jellybean but is it a good thing or a bad thing that she won't sleep around?

Jerry OX said...

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