A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Much Bigger than yours

White wife's fantasy, white hubby's nightmare
“You said he made you suck it?”
“No dear I said he made me beg him to suck it.”


Eric M said...

Definitely a white wifes fantasy, but for a submissive husband who knows who he is and his place in life and his his marriage, its not a nightmare, it is a dream. Yes it will physically ruin your wife for your pleasure, but lets face it, if you are a sub, your not getting it anyway, so why not enjoy the pleasure of your wife getting stuffed, and let her enjoy the pleasure of being fucked. and if you are lucky he may let you suck it also when she is done! Not to mention, any guy has to admit, sub or not, kinky or vanilla, THAT IS A GORGEOUS COCK!

Herboitoy said...

Yes Eric, not only is it very tasty looking just imagine how much cum those giant balls hold.

Eric M said...

Yes Herboitoy, I can only imagine how much cum is waiting to explode from that sack. Surely more than my little sack can produce in one release! I think my favorite thing about this gif, is the way she is making sure to pay attention to the big black balls at the same time that she sucks! She must be a dom to her sub hub, because that looks similar to my wife squeezing on my balls!

Marco said...

Black men rule

Herboitoy said...

Marco is right, The Black MAN makes our wives wet with anticipation and we hubbie's little dicks shrivel in fear