A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The First Time

Yes I know it was my idea, hell, I begged her to do it. it was so damn erotic to picture her with another man. It pissed her off, she screamed that I no longer loved her but slowly with erotic stories whispered in
her ear as we made love she began to come around. When she started to become involved in our fantasies with suggestions of her own I knew we were on our way.

Then one night after we'd both cum and were lying together naked and sweaty, she asked me if I thought I could go through with her sleeping with another man. My limp penis becoming firm between the cheeks of her ass was answer enough for her.
"Roger, you realize that even if I did make love with someone else I would never allow you to do the same."
I told her she was the only woman for me and I only wanted her to do it to broaden our own sex life. She leaned forward and my erection slipped between her folds into her slit already wet from my earlier orgasm.
"Would you want sloppy seconds like this when I came home?"
I told her I wanted to be there to watch and then to enjoy my sloppy seconds.
"NO, you couldn't be there I would never do it in front of you."
"That's fine baby what ever you want, this is for you I want you to enjoy your experience."
I felt her finger slip in beside my member, then turning her head to face me she slipped her finger into my mouth.
"How does my lover's cum taste?
I came inside her as she face fucked me with her digit.

The next day she told me there was man at her work that kept coming on to her and that she had decided to accept his offer to go for drinks after work. I watched her as she took extra care to get ready for work,
we showered together and she let me help with landscaping her heavy bush and to check with my tongue the job she did on her legs. She wore the sexy panties I once bought her for Valentine' Day and she put on
stockings, something she never does for work. Her last words to me were, 'don't wait up,' as she practically danced out the door. As soon as she left I jacked off into the bathroom sink and although it relieved the
pressure I felt in my balls it did nothing to relieve the excitement I felt.

After work I got a burger to have for dinner and went home to wait for my wife to return from her adventure. As soon as I got home I jacked off as my burger got cold, it was alright I didn't feel like eating anyway.
I tried to watch the game on TV but I couldn't keep my mind on it and it was the same with the TV show I switched to so I jacked off again. That last orgasm finally took the edge off all the excitement and I began to
look at what was happening with my big head instead of my little one. What if this guy was bigger than me, or a better lover, what if after fucking this guy she found she was falling in love with him? I began to
picture her coming home and packing to leave me for him and I could feel this stone of self doubt growing in my stomach. I wanted her home right now, I had to know that I was the one she still wanted, I called her
cell only to have it go right to voice mail. I began to stare at the clock, each second took an eternity as the night got later and later. At midnight I went to bed only to lie there staring at the ceiling, I was so unnerved I felt sick to my stomach in fact I thought I might barf.

I must have finally falling asleep because I awoke to the light on and something cold and wet on my face. I opened my eyes to see Eve rubbing her panties on my lips and a smile on her face that almost looked evil.
She climbed on the bed and strattling my head she let her dress fall over me. As I tasted another man's cum for the first tme Eve told me of her adventure.

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