A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Sister Interrupts us (part 1)

It had started as a typical night for us, I naked except for my cock
cage on my knees in front of my seated wife. She was relaxing after work
with a glass of wine as I massaged her stocking covered feet. I put her
toes to my lips to taste that hint of sweat and the pheromones of her
scent was causing my member to ache inside its confinement.

Suddenly our front door opened and I heard my sister call out in
greeting. I was sure I had locked the door but maybe I had forgotten. I
started to jump up to hide my nakedness from sis but the look from my
wife froze me in place. Eve called out that we were in the den and to
come on back, my look of panic only caused her to smile. I was
completely humiliated but I knew not dare defy Eve's wishes and so I
remained where I was but now with my cheeks turning pinker by the

As it turned out this evening had been planned, after Eve told my sis
about how she dominated our marriage she expressed an interest in seeing
for herself. "Roger go get your sister a glass of wine and refill mine
as well." When I returned I found them in a deep embrace and kissing
with passion. They ignored me as I stood there with the two glasses of
wine in my hand. When they broke their kiss I was instructed to give
Mary a foot massage so I took off her boots and when I started to peel
off her heavy white socks Eve told me to leave the socks on her feet.
The socks were very damp and the aroma of sweat was strong but I did as
I was told. "Eve did he ever tell you that he used to steal my panties
from the hamper when he lived at home?" "Is that true Roger? My wife
asked me and I could only nod, "If he does a good job on your feet
maybe you could reward him with another sniff of your panties."

They continued to talk to each other as I was ignored si I continued
rubbing their feet. Finally bored with me, Eve pushed me away by
putting her foot in my face. My sister stood and Eve reached up her
skirt and soon I saw her panties sliding down her thighs. Eve picked up
Mary's panties and placed them on my face so my nose and mouth were
tight against the crotch and then she wrapped the leg holes around my
ears to keep them in place. They then went hand in hand to our bedroom
as I was left caged and aroused with the remembered scent of my sister's
panties in my nostrils.

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