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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Man's Story (by Slicknjrk)

Hard as it is to say, my ex-wife was really hot. She exercised all the time, and it kept her in shape. At 5'7", brown eyes, great , firm tits and a round, muscular ass, she always turned heads. The thing is, when they looked, I'd get turned on....

Trina wasn't the brightest girl in the world. She liked to drink and flirt (which is how we met). When she got drunk, she'd do whatever I asked her to. The next day, it was like I'd been with a different women - she'd recall nothing.

I finally started asking her to try it with another guy. I told her how hot it was, how it was my hottest fantasy, how much I'd love her to do it, etc. She thought it was "funny" but said "no".
One night we were at Chili's on vacation. She'd been drinking Margarettas. I brought it up again. 3 black guys, obviously barely 21, walked into the bar. We were 26 at the time. I told her just to go flirt with them. To my surprise, she got up, pulled up a bar stool, and joined them.

For the next hout and a half, she talked, laughed, and drank with them. She completely ignored me. They had a few rounds of shots. After a while, without as much as a glance towards me, they all left. I watched as they went to an older SUV on the dark side of the parking lot. 2 of the guys got into the front. Trina and one of the black guys got into the back. The car did not start. I watched from my seat for a while. Nothing... Finally, I paid the bill and walked outside. I got into out car and pulled within a few spaces and acted like I was talking on the phone. Glancing to the left, I saw the guy who had climbed into the back with her was now in the driver's seat. In the back, I could see her feet, one resting on the drivers seat the other against the window as she lay on the back seat. I could her her familiar moaning, mumbling, and occasional laughing. After around 20 minutes, the guy in the back switched places with the guy in the passenger seat. Trina moaned even louder. Music came on after a while of her loud screams. After another half an our or so, the back door opened. I saw one of the guys buckling his pants as the door opened. Trina got out, her hair messed, and her clothes disheveled. She waved as they drove away.

I was so hard as she got in the car. I think she was afraid to tell me what it was like at first, claiming it was "OK" After much begging she went into detail, describing these 3 guys pushing into her, with no protection, pounding her like they were afraid they'd get caught, and squirting inside. I couldn't wait to eat her pussy - and I did, for hours. Eventually she fell asleep with my face buried in her pussy.

We eventually had problems and went out ways, but that was one fo a few fun nights.

I think that wives should be encouraged to "let themselves go" with anyone they want. Anyway they want. I went on the share a few of my girlfriends after this. I even got involved myself. It opened new doors to me.

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