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Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Careful What you Wish for. Part2

A Caged Husband
This is the second part of a letter I received from a woeful humiliated husband (the first is posted under this):

As I look back and think of all the changes in our lives since that fateful night it's hard to believe it was only a few short weeks ago. To our adult children and the outside world we appeared as husband and wife but behind closed doors I was treated more as her lackey than mate. I was sure she had a lover but she would not discuss it, she came and went as she pleased and  I never knew if she'd be home or not when I got there. The only sex I was having was giving her oral and this was usually after she came home late. As I worked my tongue into the folds of her sex I kept trying to determine if there was residue from a lover coating her womb, but I could not say for sure. When she felt sated, she would get off me and go shower, leaving me aroused but unsatisfied.

I decided to do some investigating and I started with her dirty clothes hamper. I found a pair of underwear near the top and took them out for closer inspection. The gusset was crusted with a thick white stain, so heavy it cracked when I bent them in my hand. Was this cum, I just didn't know and I brought them closer to my face. I put my nose right in the middle but nothing and then in a rare bit of bravado I put my tongue to the thick coating. There was no taste but the thought of what I was doing aroused me and soon I had my penis out and I was abusing it like a teenager. As I neared my destination I wrapped my self in the gauzy material and then I heard my wife scream what are you doing? Just like that my orgasm, my erection, even my arousal were gone to be replaced with abject embarrassment. She went to our bedroom and slammed the door and I knew it was another night on the hide-abed for me.

The next day she came home from work late again and when she woke me up she was holding a box in her hand. Robert I have been studying your perversions on line and I think I've found the answer for our problem. She opened the box to show me a devise I'd only seen on some of the porn sites I'd found on the internet. Robert I've been concerned that since I've stop doing my wifely duties with you (she said with me, did that mean she was doing them with someone else)  I'm worried about your fidelity and after catching you... and with my good panties, I knew what I had to do. You will wear this and I will keep the key with me until further notice. Stop I don't want to hear about I have already decided, now put this on as I watch, I'm not sure I can trust you to do it right by yourself. But Marie I have an erection, it won't fit, can we do something to relieve the pressure first. OK I'll see what I can do, you get undressed while I get something. As I took off my clothes I was actually happy for now I was going to get some kind of sex from Marie but when I looked up I saw her standing there with a bowl of ice in her hand. I was instructed to place my member in the bowl and then she covered me with ice, the shock wilting my erection quickly.

Now that I've been locked up I think my wife is trying to torment me, she seems to always be partially undressed around me or sitting across from me with her legs spread just a little, sometimes she'll lean over to tell me something, giving me a peek down her blouse. I have no idea how long she will keep me caged and when I ask her about it she just says that's it's up to me. 

My question to your dear sir is, now that I have the wife of my fantasies I am receiving no satisfaction from it. I am assuming my wife is cuckolding me and yet she won't share any of the details. I serve my wife as if she's a queen but I receive no sexual favors from her. Do you have any advice on how I can change that around?

As for my answer, I told him to start a blog like I did

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