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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Careful What you Wish for.

A letter from one of our readers:
Dear Mr. Boitoy, I am writing to you out of sheer desperation, and I can think of no one else who might understand me.

My marriage to Marie had been great if not perfect but then a few years ago our sex life  became stale. We made love as more of a household duty, such as cleaning the bathroom or cutting the lawn. We had long ago given up trying to get my wife to climax as I penetrated her, and now we always begin with me giving Marie oral sex while she sat on my face. After she was satisfied she would slide down my body and then mount me until I achieved orgasm. On many occasions, Marie would give up and then mount me as if she were bored with the whole thing. I couldn't help but think she was blaming me for her not orgasming.

As for me, I always came but only after thinking of some sexual fantasy. The more I did this the more I had to stretch my imagination to achieve my goal. I soon found myself in a number of scenarios involving my wife humiliating me in some form or another. My most erotic was  my wife make love to another man as I watched.  

One night after another of our one sided acts of sex I asked Marie if she ever thought about sexy things while I tried to orally please her. She told me never and then asked if I ever did, when I said yes, she of course, wanted to know what I thought about. Thinking I was about to reach that next sexual level I told her I fantasized about her with another man. The look on her face showed me I had made a big mistake, then as mad as I'd ever seen her she asked me what kind of a man would want his wife to cheat on him. I tried to tell her that if I knew about it then it wouldn't be cheating. She got out of bed and as she headed towards the bathroom she told me that I'd better spend the night in the guest room.

I had a terrible night as all the thoughts and fears running through my head combined with the terrible mattress on our hide-abed sofa and I hardly slept at all. I awoke late and Marie had already left for work, I called her cell but it went right to voice mail. I went to work with the worry of losing my wife sitting in my stomach like a rock.  That night I came home to an empty house and a note on the dinning room table. I was sure she was leaving me but instead it simply said, I'll be home late. At ten, too tired to worry I went to bed, our bed and fell asleep instantly. I awoke to the overhead light going on and through eyes half blinded by the glaring light watched Marie take her dress off and sit on the bed beside me. She said, be a dear and take my shoes off, like it was a request but it sounded to me more like an order. I got out of bed and on my knees before her, to be like this gave me such a sexual rush and after taking her shoes off I began to massage her feet. She told me it felt good and I looked up to her to see her actually smile at me but as I started to look back at her feet I noticed a wet spot in the crotch of her panties. 

Showing more boldness than I thought I possessed I stood up and sat next to her I said, Marie we have to talk. She pushed me down and then climbed on my face pushing her sodden panties onto my lips. Was my wife filled  with the cum of another man, I couldn't be certain but then what else could it be. She leaned back a little to look me in the eyes I took this chance to free my mouth from her sex and to ask her if she's been with someone else. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back into her sex, then she told me that what she did was none of my business and then she had a thunderous orgasm.

Robert I no longer consider you man enough to be my husband but after thinking on it today I've decided to keep you around more like, for want of a better word, a servant than a husband. That was when I came in my pajamas.

Note from boitoy: Because of the length of this letter I have broken it up into two parts. Tune in next time for part two

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