A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The White boy's Curse

I'm not sure what was more embarrassing, her diagnosis of my man hood or the throbbing erection it gave me


Anonymous said...


her toy

J Apsley said...

They love to let us know our "shortfalls" to humiliate.......that they want more......more man.....more cock.....
We should fight back.....form a masturbation club for cuckolds!

bambie said...

My rock hard cock measures two inches. My wife won't have sex with me but last April 1 She did attempt to suck me off. As She was sucking, my skin got caught in between her front lower teeth. It hurt and i pulled out but something popped inside and i started to get swelling of blood inside my clit. She called the doctor and She sent me over to him. i first had to strip down and explain the problem. i told the nurse that i got it caught in my zipper. When the doctor came in, i started all over again, even though the nurse was standing there. When i told him i got it caught in my zipper, he said, "No way. Your penis doesn't stick out past your zipper, it's too small." i looked over at the nurse and saw her holding back a smile. He took my penis in his hands, now i was hard, and looked closer. He said it looked like teeth marks but not from a zipper. He asked me if i was participating in beastiality. i told him what really happened. He told the nurse to put ice on and it will go away. He walked out and She gave me an ice pack. She said, "I knew the first story was not true. Sorry you are so small. I have never seen one that small. You must feel humiliated. I'm sorry." she said with a big smile. You can get dressed now. And out she went.
When i went out to pay, she was there with two other nurses and they were laughing. They stopped when i walked up to the counter to check out. The nurses were looking at me and smiling. i was rock hard.

Herboitoy said...

Poor Bambie, it must be sooo humiliating to have your 'little' problem exposed to other people. We males (there is no way we can call ourselves men) who are cursed with tiny pee-pees have to learn to live with the laughter of the people we are exposed to. Now be honest here, weren't you turned on by this embarrassment? I know as much as I would hate it I still would be excited by the ordeal

bambie said...

Oh yes i was competely turned on. As soon as i got back to my car i relieved myself.
I love being humiliated. My wife says that's all it is good for.