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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Breath of Pleasure

A Breath of Pleasure
She made me pleasure myself as she watched
Slap, slap I could feel the pain in my cheeks as I heard the noise and from somewhere far away I could hear my wife's voice.
"Oh honey, wake up, that one was the best yet. You are getting so good at this."
As I slowly recovered, I smiled at her compliment to me for her pleasure is what I live for and in fact, the way she has been lately, for her pleasure might be how I die.

My wife has always ruled my life, I am grateful to her for that, and when it comes to sex, whatever she desires is what we do. When she told me she no longer wanted intercourse with me, I was crushed and humiliated. Now by my wife's decree our only sex is her making me masturbate as she watches. She really gets off seeing my cum spurt and at first she would finger herself as I jacked off timing our climaxes to arrive at the same time.

I remember the first time she made me do it in front of her I found it extremely humiliating. As a lad I had been caught abusing myself by my mother, she told me it was a perversion and if I didn't stop, I would go to hell. Of course, I never stopped but I was always afraid of the consequences. I wonder if seeing the embarrassment it caused me to do it in front of her was a turn on for her. She made sure I understood it was for her pleasure as she ordered me on how to perform for her. After I came, I was never allowed to clean up my mess until it dried. Sometime she even ran her fingers through my slime and then she would make streaks on my face.

After that sport got old, she began to sit on my face backwards and as I sucked her clit, I would toss myself off as well. To keep my cock lubed, every so often she would lean forward, spit on me, and then lean back on my face. Then one time she moved back a little further than normal and my nose ended up in her ass. To me this was very sexy as I felt that I was actually giving fucking her in the ass with my nose. She was enjoying this as well and she pushed her body into my face even harder than usual. I was so excited I didn't realize my wife had cut off all my oxygen and as I began to pass I came as I'd never had before.

This has become not only our normal way of sex, this has become our only way of having sex. We began with both my nose and mouth covered by her sexy body, with the only time I get to breathe is while she leans forward to lube my cock with her saliva. She gives me instructions as to the speed of my masturbation to keep me in time with her own orgasm. She says she loves the sense of power she has over not only my climaxes but the very breath of life as well. This makes her orgasms more intense, she calls them thunderbolts.

If I cum just before I pass out the euphoria of the climax is unbelievable and I can feel it from the top of my head all the way to my toes. If I am just on the edge and I pass out, often I still ejaculate, but I feel nothing. It is very disappointing to wake up with no memory of cumming and still finding sperm all over my belly. Lucky for me my wife's favorite is watching me whack away, so she can tell when I've lost consciousness when my hand stops moving.

 You might ask what I get from these dances with death that we perform. We do this, first because this is what she wishes but also I do get pleasure from it as well. If I am true to my beliefs, that woman should not only rule the family but the world as well then it is my duty as a husband to please my wife in the bedroom. She is getting so much pleasure from our little tightrope act that she has begun to wonder how far we can go. She says if she can get a thunderbolt of an orgasm by me passing out as I cum, then if I were to expire just as we came it would have to be the most pleasurable of all sex acts. Now don't get me wrong I have no desire to die but now the thought is out there and I already know I can never refuse my wife anything she wants.


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Thank you sir, I only write about what makes me hard