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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Trip to See The Goddess

As soon as I saw her name on my phone I got a tingle in the end of my dick. The message was simply, 'come over I have something for you.' This was not a request, The Goddess had no concern with what was happening in my trivial life and as she had no patience I dare not be tardy. My routine was always the same I would arrive at her back door where I would take off my clothes and once naked I would knock once and wait on bended knees for my audience.

As I raced across town I wondered what awaited me, always a surprise and always erotic to me, her humble slave. One time I waited in the cold as she had her bull service her, I only knew this because as he left he laughed at me kneeling in the cold. Once inside I bowed before her as she sat, she spread her legs I knew this to be my invitation for worship to my Goddess. Her altar was full of the spunk from her lover but as I knew not to tarry I put my tongue deep in her womb and cleansed her of his slime. Another time as an amusement to her I was commanded to suck her bulls huge manhood. While she toyed with his manly chest and pinched his nipples I gave my first blow job to her man. My jaw ached from being stretched so wide and the choking, wrenching sounds coming from my throat seemed to amuse them both. The only relief I had was that his cock was so far down my throat I didn't taste his slime as he pumped it inside me.

My last visit had begun with me between her thighs, my favorite place in the world. If she was in the mood she could have me lick her for hours, having more orgasms than I could count. My tongue sore from her use of me was never allowed a rest as I dared not ask for a break. But that is not what she had in mind last time, as I worshiped I felt someone playing with my anus but when I jumped The Goddess held my head in place with her strong fleshy thighs. I felt something cold and wet being applied and I knew I was in for another first. At the feel of his cock at my back door I knew it had to be her bull. This man was too big for my mouth, how would he ever fit in my behind yet it was to be. As I willed my sphincter to relax he violated me and in so doing took my cherry. My reward was The Goddess telling me she enjoyed watching me and that I was a good boytoy. Her voice, so sexy could give me an erection just by reading a grocery list and to hear her praise almost made me climax.

This time I didn't wait long but I almost came when she opened the door. She stood before me dressed only in a leather bustier, black nylons and a pair of tall shinny black high heels, from my kneeling position I was staring at her hairy bush. In her special room sat a stool with some unusual trappings addoring it but I soon found out what they were for. Under the stool was a harness for my head and as I lie down on it my wrists were now put under restraint by the straps attached to the stool. As I looked up The Goddess lowered her bottom to my face and I thought to myself what more could any man wish for and that I could now die a happy man. Little did I know how close to the truth that thought was. The Goddess spread her massive cheeks apart as she sat and as my nose pressed against her little rosebud my mouth was now inside her vulva. I worked at violating The Goddess's orifices with my tongue and my nose. At first my enjoyment was so immense that I hadn't noticed I could not breathe but as my body screamed for air my mind finally realized that I was in trouble. With my wrists secured I was helpless and at the mercy of The Goddess. I knew my only chance for survival was to give The Goddess an orgasm and I willed myself to forget about oxygen and concentrate on the job at hand.

I must have passed out for when I came to The Goddess was now off my face and I could breathe again. She was toying with my worm, as she calls it with her stiletto heels. "Slave that was the best I've ever had, I like that you used your last breath for my enjoyment. Ah yes I think we will be using my new Queening Chair a lot. You were so good that I'm going to give you a reward."
The Goddess sat back down on my face and proceeded to feed me her golden nectar. I drank her in with a thirst previously unknown, not daring to spill a drop of her holy elixir. As I swallowed the warm salty flow I climaxed.

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