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Monday, April 25, 2011

How to make your small dick more useful!

Don't think that just because your wife now hasa lover with a big cock nothing's left for you.
  • Encourage her to degrade your tiny dick. Small penis humiliation is a form of femdom. Some people like to be tied up and have hot wax poured over their privates. During sex you like to have your manhood ridiculed. Believe me, it can be very arousing!
  • Help her have sex with her hung bull. That means anything from prepping her by helping her get ready for her date (including painting her toenails, if that's what she wants), to guiding her bull's rock-hard penis straight into her vagina. You might just cum right then and there!
  • Fuck her afterwards. The feel of a just-fucked pussy is out of this world! It's soft, creamy, and cavernous. Sloppy-seconds after your wife has just had a bigger man is indescribably hot-hot-hot!
  • Stick your small dick in her ass. Or have her suck you off while she's impaled by her big-dick lover. Or try some double-penetration. Endless possibilities!
  • Use your tongue and fingers. You may have a small little pee pee, but your fingers and tongue still function, right? Kneel down in front of her naked body and lick her pink clit until she has an orgasm. Masturbate and cum on her feet. Talk about an incredible turn-on!

So there you have it. Just because your penis is the size of a baby carrot doesn't mean your wife has to suffer. She deserves to be ravished by a man with a man-sized cock. Though she may not always say it, she'll be grateful to you for the pleasure the cuckold lifestyle brings.
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Beautifully reasoned and well written but what impresses me the most is the respect with which you address the concerns of this parent. Well done!