A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cuckold Threeway

I sat naked on the floor watching my wife and her new lover get acquainted. I knew I was only allowed in the room with them was so my wife could show him off to me. I was told to undress and then they both had a laugh at my inequities in the manhood department. This new love of her life big and strong with a big fat cock to match. Once they were undressed I was ordered to lubricate her with my tongue which I gladly did slurping as much saliva as I could produce into her slit. When I stopped for a breather she pushed me away as she would a pet once she tired of petting it.
Her he-man picked her up and as she wrapped her thighs around plunged his cock balls deep inside her. He walked around the room as they fucked showing off his prowess to me and my wife. When he finally sat down she turned around on his cock to allow me to see how full she was. I could not believe she was not split in half from his monster but it was easy to see she was not in pain but in  an orgasmic heaven.I had lost count of her climaxes but I wouldn't be surprised if it was in double digits and as for me I already was sitting in a pool of my own cum and was hard again. I looked at his balls large and full of his juice, it was easy to see that when he went off the volume would be remarkable.

I looked up to her and saw that evil smile that always means something erotic is about to happen to me. She crooked her finger to me and I crawled over to her being careful not to touch or disturb him. She grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me to her clit, I needed no instructions for I knew what she wanted and put my lips to her clit. Her moans soon turned to screams as her lover fucked her she fucked my face with her clit matching her thrusts with his. I was so close to him that when he came I could see his balls throb but as I tried to back away she only held me tighter. As his cock finally softened and slipped out I was left with a face full of his seed and although this was a new humiliation to me I didn't fight it. As I cleaned out his issue I found it thick and gelatinous, I had to force myself not to wretch. I looked up to see them kissing in what could only be called an apres-sexual cuddle. I have to say watching them kiss so lovingly hurt my pride much more that watching them fuck because it meant they not only fucked they made love.   

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