A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Fantasy to Reality

From Fantasy to Reality
Could I handle the real thing?
I sat on the floor of the shower the water cascading over my head as my wife leaned against the wall with her foot planted in my chest. I was shaving her legs and, this is a special treat for me, and I was enjoying it with relish. When I finished with her lower legs, she raised her foot to my shoulder and this movement spread the lips of her pussy wide-open just inches from my face. I tried to lean in to kiss her clit but she playfully swatted my head and told me to stick to my business.

Only after I had shaved her smooth and then tested for missed hairs with my tongue, did she allow me to pleasure her to orgasm not once but twice. My cock was throbbing and I wanted to fuck but she was enjoying this too much to allow me any pleasure just yet.
"Roger, you make me feel so naughty; I want you to shave all off my muff. I want you to lick a naked pussy."
As horny as I was this was much too exciting to pass up and I grabbed the shaving gel and began lathering up her bush, her pussy, and then she turned around and spread her ass cheeks apart for shaving as well. I spent so much time we used all the hot water before I even had a chance to wash myself, let alone have my own orgasm.

After drying off, we went to the bedroom and I volunteered to rub lotion on her freshly shaved parts. I squirted a big glob on her belly and watched it run down onto her pussy.
"God Gwen that cream in you pussy looks just like cum,you look as if you've just been fucked."
"Well it couldn't have been you sweetie, look your still hard as a rock."
She reached over and grabbed my throbbing erection and I was afraid I would cum in her hand.
"It's my lovers cum; does it look sexy to see your wife full of another man's juice?"
This is a game we often play as we pretend she has taken a lover and she knows this turns me on.
"Would you like to have sloppy seconds with your wife?"
I was so excited I couldn't talk and I mounted her, lasting only a few seconds.
After, I lie beside her and I told her, how excited she'd made me. As I talked I watched her lazily play with her freshly fucked pussy,running her finger through my cum and rubbing it on her clit.
"Gwen I wish you had a real lover; I would go crazy watching you make love with another man."
"Oh I'd never let you watch me you would have to settle for me coming home and telling you about it. Roger, do you think you could handle me taking a lover?"
"Just to think about it turns me on so much, who would you like to pick? How about our neighbor Frank, I remember when he went nuts over you at the Christmas party."
"No, not him if I were to take a lover I'd want someone different, I think I would pick a black man."
I was shocked at this, as she had never mentioned anything about being interested about anyone black. As I thought about it, the idea excited me and I told her.
"Then it's decided if I take a lover he will be black."

The very next Friday I came home to an empty house, I found a note that said,
 "I am out fulfilling our fantasy; I'll give you all the juicy details when I get home. Love,G"
At first, I was in shock as I'd thought we were still in a role-playing phase and I wondered who her new lover could be, as a name was never mentioned. As I daydreamed about her pale white body naked lying against some unknown Black man my cock began to tingle and as I held it through my trousers it began to grow and soon it was throbbing and begging for release. I unzipped and pulled it out, then jacked off until I came, spraying my seed over her note.

She was home around midnight and all excited to tell me about Marcus, the man who turned me into a cuckold. I found out they worked together and the sexual tension had been building between them for a long time.Gwen told me he kept teasing her to dump her white hubby and try a Black Man. She said that she couldn't depend on a player like Marcus to support her, so he said she should keep her husband and take him for her lover. Apparently, this is exactly what she did and somehow I was maneuvered into thinking it was my idea.

I put my hand between her legs and felt her panties they were wet and sodden with whatI knew  had to be his cum. She smiled shyly,
"Marcus says he never uses condoms so I let him do me bareback. God Rog, he came so much I've been leaking ever since we did it. Pull my panties off so you can see what my lover did to your wife."
Her panties had smeared his discharge all over her vulva and I could see the semen still oozing from her slit. I knew right then I had to have her and to put my dick where his had been. I ripped my clothes off and mounted her and we fucked in a frenzy.

She had been right about Marcus for after he had my wife he was no longer interested in her. She had her one time with him and she brought this experience to our bed and we used it to broaden our role-play with enough realism to make it even more exciting. Gwen seemed no longer interested in going outside our marriage for satisfaction and I didn't push it either.

Our life began to change when she realized she had missed her period and by the time she had told me, she had already taken three home pregnancy tests. We both knew the baby couldn't be mine as I have a very low sperm count and all the time we had been married we'd never used any protection. We decided not to tell anyone and just hope for the best.

Now the future is here, Gwen is almost nine months and she is so happy to be having this baby. As for me, all I could see was the fact that it would be like a sign around my neck telling the world that I was a cuckold. When I brought this fact up to Gwen, she agreed I was right but that it would be a godsend for her. When I asked her what she meant she said that Marcus told her that once she was seen with a black baby all the black men would know she likes fucking real men. He told her they would be hitting on her everywhere she went.
"Gwen, surely that's not something you would want."
"Oh that's where you're wrong oh hubby of mine, that's where you're wrong."