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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Tutorial from The Dark Master

This post from The Dark Master shows he understands not only our wives but we cuckolds as well. Any of us would be lucky to have The Dark Master turn us into cuckolds:

I've been aware of and interested in bdsm since my early twenties.
> I've been an active Dom for couples and women for more than 17 years now.
> I was familiar with the fantasy of sharing one's wife when I first had
> the opportunity to be the other man for a neighbor of mine. He asked
> me if I thought his wife was cute... or sexy... This line of conversation took the three of us on a nearly year-long journey of sexual adventure.
> I'm very experienced introducing this lifestyle to wives/couples and
> in helping them understand each others' motivations and needs in this
> process.
> I firmly believe that a beautiful, sexy woman should never be limited
> to just one lover. The sexier she is - the more men should be able to
> enjoy (safely), what nature blessed her with.
> I also believe that 'slut' is a beautiful word - it was coined in an
> age where a woman who showed any appreciation for - or enjoyment of -
> sex, was branded a 'slut' ...and the label was very negative. In
> today's age it's become accepted fact that women have sexual desires
> as strong, if not stronger than men, but all too often, women allow
> themsleves to be 'programmed' by society, religion, and family
> beliefs, and deny themselves the pleasures of their own sexuality.
> I am a Dom but I don't use labels like 'bi' or 'straight' as they
> don't really apply in this lifestyle. Many husbands who have sucked
> cock suddenly thought they must be gay.. or bi.. when in fact, they
> are still straight... and expressing their submission, not a change in
> orientation. I have enjoyed the mouth of a wimp hubby licking my cock
> my balls and even my ass - especialy when his wife is getting off on
> it! The sadist in me enjoys manipulating, punishing, teasing and/or
> handling the mostly miniature toys between their legs.
> I have a lot of experience helping couples learn about this lifestyle
> and with 'convincing' hesitant spouses. Many of the couples on the web
> were only wannabes before speaking to me. Done properly, this is a
> lifestyle that will bring couples even closer and make a good
> relationship even better.
> I refer to the formation and continuation of my relationship with a
> couple as 'training' them... If You/you are interested to learn more
> about my methods for training cuckold couples continue reading.
> it's all about applying some imagination....
> Preparing her for me
> I require the husband to help his wife get ready for their evening
> with me.. or for her night out with me. I make it his job to trim her
> curls as I like it done and to make sure she's perfectly smooth around
> her pussy for me.
> I teach him to use the head of his cock to make sure she's perfectly
> smooth for me. Of course.. he can't enter her.. she's mine for the
> night...
> Dressing her for an evening out.
> I want her pussy smooth so I can feel it while we're out.
> I may ask her to open her legs while we're eating dinner together and
> let others see the cute pussy I have to enjoy.
> "See how nicely those gorgeous breasts are displayed for me? She
> wouldn't wear this for her husband but he bought it".
> Dressing her for an afternoon with me.
> When she's my girlfriend, I want to see those pretty breasts all the
> time and know that when she's not with me... men around her are free
> to enjoy looking at them. This cami top is simple, semi-sheer, and
> shows off her breasts and nipples like magic.
> Others need to see and feel how sexy she is.
> I share my dates with close friends and others at times as well.
> It's always hot to be the first to train a wife for black cock as well.
> Expanding her horizons.
> By surrendering her body to me and being bound, her entire body
> becomes an errogenous zone for me to lick, nibble, pinch and rub.
> Cherished for being my slut.
> Seeing their expression as they orgasm for the first time with their
> breasts bound and pussy being lightly slapped is more rewarding than
> the sex itself... and assures she'll want to offer more of herself to
> me...
> Still interested...? then continue to learn more about my methods for
> training the submissive husband.
> I enjoys hubby too
> On my leash.
> I like having hubby's cock on a leash. If not one like this, then a
> simple one of rope or a harness with a dog leash will do. He must wear
> it whenever I am in the house.
> Constant ache for her.
> I teach wives the most effective ways to keep you aroused without
> relief for hours on end with a combination of their dress, physical
> teasing and verbal teasing. I might even have her put a condom on you
> to collect your eager drippings as proof of her teasing you for me...
> and of your desire for her.
> What's good for the goose is twice for the gander.
> Often when I'm dating a wife... I and my friends become her primary
> source of cock. Usually because you are too small, too wimpy - or
> both. The only thing left to do with your penis and balls is tease and
> torment them.
> Punishment sucks .
> I design my punishments around the person and their personality. I
> might have your ass whipped and balls swatted by her while I watch
> (which you might usually enjoy) but then leave you there, preventing
> one of your greatest pleasures. Watching.
> Donations gladly accepted.
> After making my deposit, I've not met the wife yet who didnt want
> hubby down there, cleaning her up while we lay together.
> Be a good boy for us.
> She will be instructed to ride your face while your pantied penis
> betrays your real feelings....

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