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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wife's Night Out

Eve did tell me she was going out after work, she said it was something she deserved after a long week. I wanted her home, after all I had a long week as well but of course I just said to have a good time. Well it was now after midnight and I began to worry so I called her. She answered, "What," in a very harsh tone.
"Honey, is everything OK, I'm was beginning to worry?"
She answered that she was fine and would be home later. She sounded a little drunk and I warned her not to drive and that I could come get her if she needed a drive home.
"Oh don't worry about it I'll find someone to drive me home."
I worried about her being in a bar and by the loud noises in the back ground it sounded pretty wild. I could feel my fears in the pit of my stomach growing by the minute and making me nauseous.

A car driving off woke me and I looked up to see Eve walk into our bedroom. She was a mess, her lipstick smeared and her hair and clothes disarrayed. When I asked what had happened she got a far off look on her face and she even smiled,
"I got a ride home from a man I met in the bar, we had to stop by his place first. Once I got inside he just had his way with me."
"You mean he raped you? We should call the police he can't..."
"No Roger he didn't rape me I let him."
"What do you mean, you let him?"
"I'm sorry Roger but he was so forceful and it felt so good to be just taken and satisfied by a real man with a real cock."
"You don't think I'm a real man don't I satisfied you?"
She came over and sat down beside me, she put her hand inside my PJs and began to stroke me. As I hardened in her hand she said,
"Roger you're my husband and I love you and when we make love it is very comforting to me, but Sean and I didn't make love, he fucked me hard and long. He made me cum so hard I was screaming. Tell me Roger have you ever made me scream?"
"Are you saying I don't make you cum?"
"No sweetie that's not what I'm saying, I love how you make me cum with your tongue, it's the best but every so often a woman needs a real man to give her a real orgasm."

She kept rubbing me until my dick was throbbing and for some strange reason I kept thinking about my wife being fucked by this stranger. I put my hand between her legs to feel her pussy and found it wet and messy. When asked her if he wore a rubber, she answered no and it made me throb some more. Since I was still in her hand she noticed this and said,
"Would you like to see mummy's messy pussy?"
Strange, I had never called her that but somehow it seemed to fit in with this bizarre evening so I answered by a nod of my head.

She stood and lifted her skirt but instructed me to pull her panties down. I got off the bed to do this and once I had them off her hips, she sat down. Her panties were just wet on the outside but inside they were full of this man's slime and her bush was coated in it as well.
"Oh Roger I couldn't believe how much he came and he was deep inside me I could feel it squirt against me. Look and see how messy I am."
She spread her self apart with her fingers and I could see a big dollop just starting to ooze out. She put a finger inside herself and I watched as she brought it to her lips. I moaned and this made her smile,
"Oh sweetie do you want a taste?"
She redipped her finger, this time putting it in my mouth and without thinking I sucked it like a little penis.
"Finish taking Mummy's panties off and I'll give you some more."
Once I done my task I now was on my knees and between her legs.
"Oh you are such a good boy, would you like to clean Mummy out now? That's right come closer you know what Mummy wants."
She gently guided my head to her slit and my first taste was the spunk that was beginning to leak out. That drop taken care I pushed my tongue inside her looking for more. After licking up all I could find she had me lie down and then straddled my face. Hovering over me I could see her working her kagel muscles coaxing out more of his issue. Once she was cleansed she moved down to where her clit was now between my lips and I as I played with myself I licked and sucked until we both came.

She got up to freshen up as I lie there with my face coated with both her and her lovers juices and my PJs cover in my own sperm. Eve was right how could a real man eat another man's sperm and even worse become aroused by it. When Eve came back to bed she saw the look on my face. When she asked me what was wrong I couldn't tell her the truth so I told her I was worried about losing her.
"Honey I love you and I love your dick, it's OK that it's small, I think it's cute and I love to put you in my mouth."
Here she picked me up and licked me up and down, of course, I had just cum and I stayed soft so she just gave it a little kiss on the tip and let it go.
"Roger I know you're worried but don't be you're my husband and I wouldn't trade you for anybody. But now that I've had Sean I finally know what has been missing from our sex life and I guarantee you I will see him again."
"What, what if I took you like a man, rough and hard what if..."
I was interrupted by her laughter.

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