A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, April 29, 2011

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The Blog of a Goddess

Be sure and check out the Life of a Cuckold and Goddess blog. The goddess fills her blog with erotic pics and stories.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Breath of Pleasure

A Breath of Pleasure
She made me pleasure myself as she watched
Slap, slap I could feel the pain in my cheeks as I heard the noise and from somewhere far away I could hear my wife's voice.
"Oh honey, wake up, that one was the best yet. You are getting so good at this."
As I slowly recovered, I smiled at her compliment to me for her pleasure is what I live for and in fact, the way she has been lately, for her pleasure might be how I die.

My wife has always ruled my life, I am grateful to her for that, and when it comes to sex, whatever she desires is what we do. When she told me she no longer wanted intercourse with me, I was crushed and humiliated. Now by my wife's decree our only sex is her making me masturbate as she watches. She really gets off seeing my cum spurt and at first she would finger herself as I jacked off timing our climaxes to arrive at the same time.

I remember the first time she made me do it in front of her I found it extremely humiliating. As a lad I had been caught abusing myself by my mother, she told me it was a perversion and if I didn't stop, I would go to hell. Of course, I never stopped but I was always afraid of the consequences. I wonder if seeing the embarrassment it caused me to do it in front of her was a turn on for her. She made sure I understood it was for her pleasure as she ordered me on how to perform for her. After I came, I was never allowed to clean up my mess until it dried. Sometime she even ran her fingers through my slime and then she would make streaks on my face.

After that sport got old, she began to sit on my face backwards and as I sucked her clit, I would toss myself off as well. To keep my cock lubed, every so often she would lean forward, spit on me, and then lean back on my face. Then one time she moved back a little further than normal and my nose ended up in her ass. To me this was very sexy as I felt that I was actually giving fucking her in the ass with my nose. She was enjoying this as well and she pushed her body into my face even harder than usual. I was so excited I didn't realize my wife had cut off all my oxygen and as I began to pass I came as I'd never had before.

This has become not only our normal way of sex, this has become our only way of having sex. We began with both my nose and mouth covered by her sexy body, with the only time I get to breathe is while she leans forward to lube my cock with her saliva. She gives me instructions as to the speed of my masturbation to keep me in time with her own orgasm. She says she loves the sense of power she has over not only my climaxes but the very breath of life as well. This makes her orgasms more intense, she calls them thunderbolts.

If I cum just before I pass out the euphoria of the climax is unbelievable and I can feel it from the top of my head all the way to my toes. If I am just on the edge and I pass out, often I still ejaculate, but I feel nothing. It is very disappointing to wake up with no memory of cumming and still finding sperm all over my belly. Lucky for me my wife's favorite is watching me whack away, so she can tell when I've lost consciousness when my hand stops moving.

 You might ask what I get from these dances with death that we perform. We do this, first because this is what she wishes but also I do get pleasure from it as well. If I am true to my beliefs, that woman should not only rule the family but the world as well then it is my duty as a husband to please my wife in the bedroom. She is getting so much pleasure from our little tightrope act that she has begun to wonder how far we can go. She says if she can get a thunderbolt of an orgasm by me passing out as I cum, then if I were to expire just as we came it would have to be the most pleasurable of all sex acts. Now don't get me wrong I have no desire to die but now the thought is out there and I already know I can never refuse my wife anything she wants.

A Buttered Muffin for Breakfast

 Wife shares the pool man's cum with hubby and then he returns the favor


Monday, April 25, 2011

How to make your small dick more useful!

Don't think that just because your wife now hasa lover with a big cock nothing's left for you.
  • Encourage her to degrade your tiny dick. Small penis humiliation is a form of femdom. Some people like to be tied up and have hot wax poured over their privates. During sex you like to have your manhood ridiculed. Believe me, it can be very arousing!
  • Help her have sex with her hung bull. That means anything from prepping her by helping her get ready for her date (including painting her toenails, if that's what she wants), to guiding her bull's rock-hard penis straight into her vagina. You might just cum right then and there!
  • Fuck her afterwards. The feel of a just-fucked pussy is out of this world! It's soft, creamy, and cavernous. Sloppy-seconds after your wife has just had a bigger man is indescribably hot-hot-hot!
  • Stick your small dick in her ass. Or have her suck you off while she's impaled by her big-dick lover. Or try some double-penetration. Endless possibilities!
  • Use your tongue and fingers. You may have a small little pee pee, but your fingers and tongue still function, right? Kneel down in front of her naked body and lick her pink clit until she has an orgasm. Masturbate and cum on her feet. Talk about an incredible turn-on!

So there you have it. Just because your penis is the size of a baby carrot doesn't mean your wife has to suffer. She deserves to be ravished by a man with a man-sized cock. Though she may not always say it, she'll be grateful to you for the pleasure the cuckold lifestyle brings.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Trip to See The Goddess

As soon as I saw her name on my phone I got a tingle in the end of my dick. The message was simply, 'come over I have something for you.' This was not a request, The Goddess had no concern with what was happening in my trivial life and as she had no patience I dare not be tardy. My routine was always the same I would arrive at her back door where I would take off my clothes and once naked I would knock once and wait on bended knees for my audience.

As I raced across town I wondered what awaited me, always a surprise and always erotic to me, her humble slave. One time I waited in the cold as she had her bull service her, I only knew this because as he left he laughed at me kneeling in the cold. Once inside I bowed before her as she sat, she spread her legs I knew this to be my invitation for worship to my Goddess. Her altar was full of the spunk from her lover but as I knew not to tarry I put my tongue deep in her womb and cleansed her of his slime. Another time as an amusement to her I was commanded to suck her bulls huge manhood. While she toyed with his manly chest and pinched his nipples I gave my first blow job to her man. My jaw ached from being stretched so wide and the choking, wrenching sounds coming from my throat seemed to amuse them both. The only relief I had was that his cock was so far down my throat I didn't taste his slime as he pumped it inside me.

My last visit had begun with me between her thighs, my favorite place in the world. If she was in the mood she could have me lick her for hours, having more orgasms than I could count. My tongue sore from her use of me was never allowed a rest as I dared not ask for a break. But that is not what she had in mind last time, as I worshiped I felt someone playing with my anus but when I jumped The Goddess held my head in place with her strong fleshy thighs. I felt something cold and wet being applied and I knew I was in for another first. At the feel of his cock at my back door I knew it had to be her bull. This man was too big for my mouth, how would he ever fit in my behind yet it was to be. As I willed my sphincter to relax he violated me and in so doing took my cherry. My reward was The Goddess telling me she enjoyed watching me and that I was a good boytoy. Her voice, so sexy could give me an erection just by reading a grocery list and to hear her praise almost made me climax.

This time I didn't wait long but I almost came when she opened the door. She stood before me dressed only in a leather bustier, black nylons and a pair of tall shinny black high heels, from my kneeling position I was staring at her hairy bush. In her special room sat a stool with some unusual trappings addoring it but I soon found out what they were for. Under the stool was a harness for my head and as I lie down on it my wrists were now put under restraint by the straps attached to the stool. As I looked up The Goddess lowered her bottom to my face and I thought to myself what more could any man wish for and that I could now die a happy man. Little did I know how close to the truth that thought was. The Goddess spread her massive cheeks apart as she sat and as my nose pressed against her little rosebud my mouth was now inside her vulva. I worked at violating The Goddess's orifices with my tongue and my nose. At first my enjoyment was so immense that I hadn't noticed I could not breathe but as my body screamed for air my mind finally realized that I was in trouble. With my wrists secured I was helpless and at the mercy of The Goddess. I knew my only chance for survival was to give The Goddess an orgasm and I willed myself to forget about oxygen and concentrate on the job at hand.

I must have passed out for when I came to The Goddess was now off my face and I could breathe again. She was toying with my worm, as she calls it with her stiletto heels. "Slave that was the best I've ever had, I like that you used your last breath for my enjoyment. Ah yes I think we will be using my new Queening Chair a lot. You were so good that I'm going to give you a reward."
The Goddess sat back down on my face and proceeded to feed me her golden nectar. I drank her in with a thirst previously unknown, not daring to spill a drop of her holy elixir. As I swallowed the warm salty flow I climaxed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wife's Night Out

Eve did tell me she was going out after work, she said it was something she deserved after a long week. I wanted her home, after all I had a long week as well but of course I just said to have a good time. Well it was now after midnight and I began to worry so I called her. She answered, "What," in a very harsh tone.
"Honey, is everything OK, I'm was beginning to worry?"
She answered that she was fine and would be home later. She sounded a little drunk and I warned her not to drive and that I could come get her if she needed a drive home.
"Oh don't worry about it I'll find someone to drive me home."
I worried about her being in a bar and by the loud noises in the back ground it sounded pretty wild. I could feel my fears in the pit of my stomach growing by the minute and making me nauseous.

A car driving off woke me and I looked up to see Eve walk into our bedroom. She was a mess, her lipstick smeared and her hair and clothes disarrayed. When I asked what had happened she got a far off look on her face and she even smiled,
"I got a ride home from a man I met in the bar, we had to stop by his place first. Once I got inside he just had his way with me."
"You mean he raped you? We should call the police he can't..."
"No Roger he didn't rape me I let him."
"What do you mean, you let him?"
"I'm sorry Roger but he was so forceful and it felt so good to be just taken and satisfied by a real man with a real cock."
"You don't think I'm a real man don't I satisfied you?"
She came over and sat down beside me, she put her hand inside my PJs and began to stroke me. As I hardened in her hand she said,
"Roger you're my husband and I love you and when we make love it is very comforting to me, but Sean and I didn't make love, he fucked me hard and long. He made me cum so hard I was screaming. Tell me Roger have you ever made me scream?"
"Are you saying I don't make you cum?"
"No sweetie that's not what I'm saying, I love how you make me cum with your tongue, it's the best but every so often a woman needs a real man to give her a real orgasm."

She kept rubbing me until my dick was throbbing and for some strange reason I kept thinking about my wife being fucked by this stranger. I put my hand between her legs to feel her pussy and found it wet and messy. When asked her if he wore a rubber, she answered no and it made me throb some more. Since I was still in her hand she noticed this and said,
"Would you like to see mummy's messy pussy?"
Strange, I had never called her that but somehow it seemed to fit in with this bizarre evening so I answered by a nod of my head.

She stood and lifted her skirt but instructed me to pull her panties down. I got off the bed to do this and once I had them off her hips, she sat down. Her panties were just wet on the outside but inside they were full of this man's slime and her bush was coated in it as well.
"Oh Roger I couldn't believe how much he came and he was deep inside me I could feel it squirt against me. Look and see how messy I am."
She spread her self apart with her fingers and I could see a big dollop just starting to ooze out. She put a finger inside herself and I watched as she brought it to her lips. I moaned and this made her smile,
"Oh sweetie do you want a taste?"
She redipped her finger, this time putting it in my mouth and without thinking I sucked it like a little penis.
"Finish taking Mummy's panties off and I'll give you some more."
Once I done my task I now was on my knees and between her legs.
"Oh you are such a good boy, would you like to clean Mummy out now? That's right come closer you know what Mummy wants."
She gently guided my head to her slit and my first taste was the spunk that was beginning to leak out. That drop taken care I pushed my tongue inside her looking for more. After licking up all I could find she had me lie down and then straddled my face. Hovering over me I could see her working her kagel muscles coaxing out more of his issue. Once she was cleansed she moved down to where her clit was now between my lips and I as I played with myself I licked and sucked until we both came.

She got up to freshen up as I lie there with my face coated with both her and her lovers juices and my PJs cover in my own sperm. Eve was right how could a real man eat another man's sperm and even worse become aroused by it. When Eve came back to bed she saw the look on my face. When she asked me what was wrong I couldn't tell her the truth so I told her I was worried about losing her.
"Honey I love you and I love your dick, it's OK that it's small, I think it's cute and I love to put you in my mouth."
Here she picked me up and licked me up and down, of course, I had just cum and I stayed soft so she just gave it a little kiss on the tip and let it go.
"Roger I know you're worried but don't be you're my husband and I wouldn't trade you for anybody. But now that I've had Sean I finally know what has been missing from our sex life and I guarantee you I will see him again."
"What, what if I took you like a man, rough and hard what if..."
I was interrupted by her laughter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New German Ad


Hubby Films his Wife

This is such a hot video. Watch the wife turn her hubby into a cuck as he films it. It is plain to see that her enjoyment makes it all worth while. There are so many of us who want their wives to cuckold them and yet so many wives don't have the same desire. India is a wife who wants it and as you see she gets whats she wants

Friday, April 15, 2011

Is there anything more pathetic that a husband who gets off watching his wife being pleasured by another man. Yeah it turns me on too.
 Do you want to take bets on who cums first? My money is on the cuck who is by far the most excited person in the room. The wife can't believe her new lover has the strength to just pick her up and carry her around the room as he fucks her. Hubby gets too tired to finish when they do it missionary so she always has to be on top.
Do you see the look of passion on her face, she looks over to you just to make sure you are watching as she almost ready to have her first orgasm of the night. She has already made up her mind that you will never fuck her again.
 When you aren't man enough to please your wife she seeks satisfaction outside her marriage and now you only enjoyment is looking of pictures of her as you jack off.
 This may be humiliating to you but you have to admit it is the most excited you've ever been. You know your tongue is now where her lover's cock was but you don't care.
 You watch your wife suck the biggest cock you have ever seen and it is embarrassing to think how you measure up to a real man. She can hold him with two hands but you she has to hold with her fingers.
Chained up like an animal but just seeing the satisfied look on her face shows you it's not going to ever be the same again

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cuckold Threeway

I sat naked on the floor watching my wife and her new lover get acquainted. I knew I was only allowed in the room with them was so my wife could show him off to me. I was told to undress and then they both had a laugh at my inequities in the manhood department. This new love of her life big and strong with a big fat cock to match. Once they were undressed I was ordered to lubricate her with my tongue which I gladly did slurping as much saliva as I could produce into her slit. When I stopped for a breather she pushed me away as she would a pet once she tired of petting it.
Her he-man picked her up and as she wrapped her thighs around plunged his cock balls deep inside her. He walked around the room as they fucked showing off his prowess to me and my wife. When he finally sat down she turned around on his cock to allow me to see how full she was. I could not believe she was not split in half from his monster but it was easy to see she was not in pain but in  an orgasmic heaven.I had lost count of her climaxes but I wouldn't be surprised if it was in double digits and as for me I already was sitting in a pool of my own cum and was hard again. I looked at his balls large and full of his juice, it was easy to see that when he went off the volume would be remarkable.

I looked up to her and saw that evil smile that always means something erotic is about to happen to me. She crooked her finger to me and I crawled over to her being careful not to touch or disturb him. She grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me to her clit, I needed no instructions for I knew what she wanted and put my lips to her clit. Her moans soon turned to screams as her lover fucked her she fucked my face with her clit matching her thrusts with his. I was so close to him that when he came I could see his balls throb but as I tried to back away she only held me tighter. As his cock finally softened and slipped out I was left with a face full of his seed and although this was a new humiliation to me I didn't fight it. As I cleaned out his issue I found it thick and gelatinous, I had to force myself not to wretch. I looked up to see them kissing in what could only be called an apres-sexual cuddle. I have to say watching them kiss so lovingly hurt my pride much more that watching them fuck because it meant they not only fucked they made love.   

Cuckolding 101- lessons from Jinxypie

The sweetest little Cuckoldressgives us lessons in the art of cuckoldry.


A humiliated Husband: A Tutorial from The Dark Master

A humiliated Husband: A Tutorial from The Dark Master

A Tutorial from The Dark Master

This post from The Dark Master shows he understands not only our wives but we cuckolds as well. Any of us would be lucky to have The Dark Master turn us into cuckolds:

I've been aware of and interested in bdsm since my early twenties.
> I've been an active Dom for couples and women for more than 17 years now.
> I was familiar with the fantasy of sharing one's wife when I first had
> the opportunity to be the other man for a neighbor of mine. He asked
> me if I thought his wife was cute... or sexy... This line of conversation took the three of us on a nearly year-long journey of sexual adventure.
> I'm very experienced introducing this lifestyle to wives/couples and
> in helping them understand each others' motivations and needs in this
> process.
> I firmly believe that a beautiful, sexy woman should never be limited
> to just one lover. The sexier she is - the more men should be able to
> enjoy (safely), what nature blessed her with.
> I also believe that 'slut' is a beautiful word - it was coined in an
> age where a woman who showed any appreciation for - or enjoyment of -
> sex, was branded a 'slut' ...and the label was very negative. In
> today's age it's become accepted fact that women have sexual desires
> as strong, if not stronger than men, but all too often, women allow
> themsleves to be 'programmed' by society, religion, and family
> beliefs, and deny themselves the pleasures of their own sexuality.
> I am a Dom but I don't use labels like 'bi' or 'straight' as they
> don't really apply in this lifestyle. Many husbands who have sucked
> cock suddenly thought they must be gay.. or bi.. when in fact, they
> are still straight... and expressing their submission, not a change in
> orientation. I have enjoyed the mouth of a wimp hubby licking my cock
> my balls and even my ass - especialy when his wife is getting off on
> it! The sadist in me enjoys manipulating, punishing, teasing and/or
> handling the mostly miniature toys between their legs.
> I have a lot of experience helping couples learn about this lifestyle
> and with 'convincing' hesitant spouses. Many of the couples on the web
> were only wannabes before speaking to me. Done properly, this is a
> lifestyle that will bring couples even closer and make a good
> relationship even better.
> I refer to the formation and continuation of my relationship with a
> couple as 'training' them... If You/you are interested to learn more
> about my methods for training cuckold couples continue reading.
> it's all about applying some imagination....
> Preparing her for me
> I require the husband to help his wife get ready for their evening
> with me.. or for her night out with me. I make it his job to trim her
> curls as I like it done and to make sure she's perfectly smooth around
> her pussy for me.
> I teach him to use the head of his cock to make sure she's perfectly
> smooth for me. Of course.. he can't enter her.. she's mine for the
> night...
> Dressing her for an evening out.
> I want her pussy smooth so I can feel it while we're out.
> I may ask her to open her legs while we're eating dinner together and
> let others see the cute pussy I have to enjoy.
> "See how nicely those gorgeous breasts are displayed for me? She
> wouldn't wear this for her husband but he bought it".
> Dressing her for an afternoon with me.
> When she's my girlfriend, I want to see those pretty breasts all the
> time and know that when she's not with me... men around her are free
> to enjoy looking at them. This cami top is simple, semi-sheer, and
> shows off her breasts and nipples like magic.
> Others need to see and feel how sexy she is.
> I share my dates with close friends and others at times as well.
> It's always hot to be the first to train a wife for black cock as well.
> Expanding her horizons.
> By surrendering her body to me and being bound, her entire body
> becomes an errogenous zone for me to lick, nibble, pinch and rub.
> Cherished for being my slut.
> Seeing their expression as they orgasm for the first time with their
> breasts bound and pussy being lightly slapped is more rewarding than
> the sex itself... and assures she'll want to offer more of herself to
> me...
> Still interested...? then continue to learn more about my methods for
> training the submissive husband.
> I enjoys hubby too
> On my leash.
> I like having hubby's cock on a leash. If not one like this, then a
> simple one of rope or a harness with a dog leash will do. He must wear
> it whenever I am in the house.
> Constant ache for her.
> I teach wives the most effective ways to keep you aroused without
> relief for hours on end with a combination of their dress, physical
> teasing and verbal teasing. I might even have her put a condom on you
> to collect your eager drippings as proof of her teasing you for me...
> and of your desire for her.
> What's good for the goose is twice for the gander.
> Often when I'm dating a wife... I and my friends become her primary
> source of cock. Usually because you are too small, too wimpy - or
> both. The only thing left to do with your penis and balls is tease and
> torment them.
> Punishment sucks .
> I design my punishments around the person and their personality. I
> might have your ass whipped and balls swatted by her while I watch
> (which you might usually enjoy) but then leave you there, preventing
> one of your greatest pleasures. Watching.
> Donations gladly accepted.
> After making my deposit, I've not met the wife yet who didnt want
> hubby down there, cleaning her up while we lay together.
> Be a good boy for us.
> She will be instructed to ride your face while your pantied penis
> betrays your real feelings....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Fantasy to Reality

From Fantasy to Reality
Could I handle the real thing?
I sat on the floor of the shower the water cascading over my head as my wife leaned against the wall with her foot planted in my chest. I was shaving her legs and, this is a special treat for me, and I was enjoying it with relish. When I finished with her lower legs, she raised her foot to my shoulder and this movement spread the lips of her pussy wide-open just inches from my face. I tried to lean in to kiss her clit but she playfully swatted my head and told me to stick to my business.

Only after I had shaved her smooth and then tested for missed hairs with my tongue, did she allow me to pleasure her to orgasm not once but twice. My cock was throbbing and I wanted to fuck but she was enjoying this too much to allow me any pleasure just yet.
"Roger, you make me feel so naughty; I want you to shave all off my muff. I want you to lick a naked pussy."
As horny as I was this was much too exciting to pass up and I grabbed the shaving gel and began lathering up her bush, her pussy, and then she turned around and spread her ass cheeks apart for shaving as well. I spent so much time we used all the hot water before I even had a chance to wash myself, let alone have my own orgasm.

After drying off, we went to the bedroom and I volunteered to rub lotion on her freshly shaved parts. I squirted a big glob on her belly and watched it run down onto her pussy.
"God Gwen that cream in you pussy looks just like cum,you look as if you've just been fucked."
"Well it couldn't have been you sweetie, look your still hard as a rock."
She reached over and grabbed my throbbing erection and I was afraid I would cum in her hand.
"It's my lovers cum; does it look sexy to see your wife full of another man's juice?"
This is a game we often play as we pretend she has taken a lover and she knows this turns me on.
"Would you like to have sloppy seconds with your wife?"
I was so excited I couldn't talk and I mounted her, lasting only a few seconds.
After, I lie beside her and I told her, how excited she'd made me. As I talked I watched her lazily play with her freshly fucked pussy,running her finger through my cum and rubbing it on her clit.
"Gwen I wish you had a real lover; I would go crazy watching you make love with another man."
"Oh I'd never let you watch me you would have to settle for me coming home and telling you about it. Roger, do you think you could handle me taking a lover?"
"Just to think about it turns me on so much, who would you like to pick? How about our neighbor Frank, I remember when he went nuts over you at the Christmas party."
"No, not him if I were to take a lover I'd want someone different, I think I would pick a black man."
I was shocked at this, as she had never mentioned anything about being interested about anyone black. As I thought about it, the idea excited me and I told her.
"Then it's decided if I take a lover he will be black."

The very next Friday I came home to an empty house, I found a note that said,
 "I am out fulfilling our fantasy; I'll give you all the juicy details when I get home. Love,G"
At first, I was in shock as I'd thought we were still in a role-playing phase and I wondered who her new lover could be, as a name was never mentioned. As I daydreamed about her pale white body naked lying against some unknown Black man my cock began to tingle and as I held it through my trousers it began to grow and soon it was throbbing and begging for release. I unzipped and pulled it out, then jacked off until I came, spraying my seed over her note.

She was home around midnight and all excited to tell me about Marcus, the man who turned me into a cuckold. I found out they worked together and the sexual tension had been building between them for a long time.Gwen told me he kept teasing her to dump her white hubby and try a Black Man. She said that she couldn't depend on a player like Marcus to support her, so he said she should keep her husband and take him for her lover. Apparently, this is exactly what she did and somehow I was maneuvered into thinking it was my idea.

I put my hand between her legs and felt her panties they were wet and sodden with whatI knew  had to be his cum. She smiled shyly,
"Marcus says he never uses condoms so I let him do me bareback. God Rog, he came so much I've been leaking ever since we did it. Pull my panties off so you can see what my lover did to your wife."
Her panties had smeared his discharge all over her vulva and I could see the semen still oozing from her slit. I knew right then I had to have her and to put my dick where his had been. I ripped my clothes off and mounted her and we fucked in a frenzy.

She had been right about Marcus for after he had my wife he was no longer interested in her. She had her one time with him and she brought this experience to our bed and we used it to broaden our role-play with enough realism to make it even more exciting. Gwen seemed no longer interested in going outside our marriage for satisfaction and I didn't push it either.

Our life began to change when she realized she had missed her period and by the time she had told me, she had already taken three home pregnancy tests. We both knew the baby couldn't be mine as I have a very low sperm count and all the time we had been married we'd never used any protection. We decided not to tell anyone and just hope for the best.

Now the future is here, Gwen is almost nine months and she is so happy to be having this baby. As for me, all I could see was the fact that it would be like a sign around my neck telling the world that I was a cuckold. When I brought this fact up to Gwen, she agreed I was right but that it would be a godsend for her. When I asked her what she meant she said that Marcus told her that once she was seen with a black baby all the black men would know she likes fucking real men. He told her they would be hitting on her everywhere she went.
"Gwen, surely that's not something you would want."
"Oh that's where you're wrong oh hubby of mine, that's where you're wrong."

Does this turn you wimp bastards on as much as it did me?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hubbys Don't try this at home

Pussy Whipped and Happy About it

I'm sure this is how many men feel as they wait to say I do at the altar. I never thought of myself as pussy whipped but my wife had started her training of me long before we married. She knew her power over me was absolute and that I would do anything for just the chance to worship that source of power between her legs.

Rather than nag me to get me to do her bidding she uses her sexuality to control me. She is really good at getting me aroused by either a touch of her hand or a 'accidental' peek up her skirt or down her blouse. Once she has my attention she will mention something that she would like me to accomplish before we could have sex. Suddenly that little something becomes the most important thing in the world that I want to do.

To those men just getting into a relationship you may seem to be in control but it is merely you woman toying with you. and the sooner you learn to bow to her desires the sooner you will have a good relationship. As a man married for many years now I have not only learned to accept my role of servant husband but to actually relish it. For years I put up a brave front to keep my fragile ego in tact but it was when I realized I was fantasizing about going to a female-dominant for sex that I realized I was already married to one. With a little bed side role playing and apres-sex confessions my wife realized I got off by her being in charge. In real life we are still a vanilla couple but as our bedroom play becomes more kinky my wife has come to enjoy having a servant to do her bidding and who knows where all this will end up.