A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Married to a Bitch


Watch as she torments hubby and keeps his manhood(?) locked up for weeks. The wife then makes him look up and pay for a male escort to satisfy her urges while she forces him to watch. This bitch completely emasculates her husband and yet I found myself jealous of him and wishing I could trade places with him. How about you, don't you wish your vanilla wife would treat you like the worm you really are?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Decision

"Look Roger the decision is yours to make, you know I don't want you to go watch a bunch of skanks take their clothes off and parade around in front of you naked." 
"But Eve, it's my brother's bachelor party I have to go..."
"That's fine, if your orgy is more important than me go on, but  I won't be here when you get home."

 I begged Eve to understand the predicament I was in, how embarrassing it would be for me not to show up, besides wasn't she going to the bachelorette party. She told me what she did had nothing to do with me and for some reason that made sense to me. I was instructed to sleep on the couch as she slammed the bedroom door on me.

As I left for work the next day the door was still closed and I already knew I was headed for a chilly reception when I got home. I walked in to see her in a chair dressed only in some fancy unders and a sly smile on her face.
"Ive decided to let you go but only on one condition..."
"Anything," I interrupted.
"No, now hear me out before you make any decisions. I'll be fine if you go wearing this."
  She leaned over to the side table and picked up something I'd only seen in pictures. It was a chastity cage, I wondered where she got from but didn't ask.
"You wear this to your party and I'll wear the key around my neck to my party, that way I'll feel at ease and then I can have a good time."
I told her if it would make her happy I'd do it but when we tried to put it on me I had an erection so I didn't fit inside. Eve grabbed my hard-on and using it as a leash drug me into the bathroom where she had me jack-off into the toilet as she watched. It was humiliating having her watch me but for some reason it turned me on. After I shot my load in the loo I was soft enough to fit inside my cage and once inside and locked away Eve put the key on a chain and I helped clasp it around her neck.

 We left for our parties at the same time but once I got to my brothers party I found out how uncomfortable an erection  became while confined to a plastic tube. As soon as I could I left the party eager to get myself free but when I got home Eve was still out. I must have fallen asleep because I awoke to Eve turning the light on and then undressing. I could tell she had been drinking and I hoped she didn't drive home. She looked at me and saw I was awake,
"Oh Baby, I'm so glad you're awake, I need you."
I started to say I needed her to unlock me but before I said a word she pushed me down and sat her pussy in my face. She was grinding on me and I worked hard to give her some satisfaction. Seeing her so wet and horny made me think that she got turned on at her party as well as I did. I was so excited when she came because I knew I would be next but instead she rolled off of me and went to sleep. I had to get that cage off but when I reached for the chain around her neck it wasn't there.

The next day I received an email at work warning me it was NSW, I thought it was from my bachelor party but when I opened it it was a strong muscular man and he was standing over Eve who was on her back and holding her legs in the air and he was fucking her like a porn star. I stared in shock but then I noticed something bouncing on his chest, it was the key to my cage and this strange man was wearing it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Exquisite Torture

I would love to endure this torture, I think I could last for hours.
 PS. If you click on the site that has this vid you will see it is loaded with interesting material.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kylee's Birthday Present

Hubby films his wife enjoying her Birthday present, notice how she keeps looking over at him to make sure he is watching her enjoy herself.


Some white boi Humiliation

Here is a parade of Black Cock to further humiliate us teeny white bois:
Black Cock is like crack, one lick of the tip is too much but 1000 loads of cum in her belly is not enough 

You cum one spurt and you're done for the night. He splatters jizz all over her chest and yet he is still rock hard. Your wife loves this almost as much as his huge size

 5$ Footlong:  Maybe you've heard his Subway ad, your wife likes hers with extra sauce and by the smile on her face you know he will make her happy 

  Not only a man sized cock but a man's body as well. So tell me hubby does your muscles look like his, I won't even bother to ask how your dicklet looks next to his

Finally a hubby who admits what we all want, a cream pie served fresh from the pump

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Her Hot Wet Pussy


This is such a turn on to watch, I just want to stick my face right in the middle of her sopping wet pussy (be sure to click on the link not the picture to enjoy this wild woman).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wife Talks on the Phone

I think this is hot, the wife is talking to her friend on the phone as if noting is happening while hubby titty-fucks her only putting the phone down when he blasts her with cum.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there in cyber-land

Hey dad how about some pie for Fathers Day?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Pictures That Turn me on

Which is more humiliating, that she makes you suck her lover's cock or that it turns you on? It's a choice, cuckold or queer, or maybe it's what ever your wife wants you to be. He came so much its running out your mouth and down your chin where it will dry, and how about you little man, is your little dick throbbing, do you dare cum before your wife allows it? I didn't think so

"Now suck my clit," she tells you. You tell her you don't want to, but your little dick sticking out proves that you're a liar. "First start with his balls, then get his shaft good and wet and then finish with your lips around my clit. Now hurry honey I'm almost cumming."

You will never be man enough to fuck but just maybe if you can get her to orgasm with your tongue she'll keep you around. And really, wouldn't rather just eat her pussy anyway?

Friday, June 10, 2011

She Worships Black Cock (warning short ad in front of vid)

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One evening after her boyfriend goes out with his buddies, there’s a knock on her door.
Outside stands a strong and powerful Black man that tells her to get down on her knees.
Everything she has ever dream about is about to come true

How Can hubby Compete?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Her Black Master

You are the one who asked her to be with a Black Man and now that she has she has no interest in you. I guess you can file this under "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making my Wife Cum

When we made love, no matter how hard I tried I would finish before my wife would climax. I kept asking what I could do that would make her cum but she said she didn't know what would help. It was after I told her that I would do anything that it took that she admitted that she found me too small to make her orgasm. Of course, this crushed me and when she saw the look of devastation on my face she tried to make me feel better by saying I could make her feel good other ways.

   One day we came home to find a box addressed to her, she told me she found an interesting web site called Sex Toy Fun .com and that she bought some toys she thought might help with our sexual problem. Inside the box was a harness-like devise, a very large dildo and a contraption that I didn't recognize. She took the box and me into our bedroom where we made love and as usual I came too fast. She picked up the toy, telling me it was a male chastity devise and after reading the instructions began installing it on my by now wilted penis. I then was told to step into the harness after she had placed the dildo in it. It looked so strange to me to see this gigantic phallic member protruding from  my groin.

She pushed me on the bed and then straddled me, ridding me like a cowgirl on a bronco. Hard and fast, I could see the look of pleasure on her face and the sweat beading between her breasts flapping up and down. When she came she screamed and then collapsed on top of me, sated and out of breath. After less than a minute she began anew and then I realized that this was to be the way of sex for us from now on. Now when we make love my wife has at least three orgasms before any thought is given to my satisfaction and in fact many times she is too exhausted to worry about me and after taking off my cage I am instructed to go jack off in the toilet.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cuckold Gets his Share

Its so hot to hear his wife brag about her lover as hubby licks the cum out of her ass. Face it for we cuckolds this is as good as it gets

Wednesday, June 1, 2011