A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, December 12, 2014

While Hubby's Away

I have the perfect wife, a lady in the parlor but a slut in the bedroom. We have fucked like rabbits and she loves to play make believe sex games with me. But when I told her I'd love for her to fuck another man she said no way but she did include this scenario into our bedroom antics. Sometimes when we were out she  would pick out a handsome guy and ask me if I would like to watch her fuck him.

One night when I as out of town on business I called her to say hello, she said,
"Oh Roger I've been so naughty while you've been gone."
Yet after telling me this she refused to say what she meant, no matter how much I begged, finally she said she would send me a hint and hung up. A minute later my phoned chirped to say I had a message..

This picture appeared on my phone with the message, 'I wish you were here to help clean up this mess.'

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pussy-Whipped hubbies

You see guys like this and wonder how they could be allowed to be so pussy-whipped in public

Of course if you could see him at home you'd understand

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Wife Shows me Off

More Humiliation for my teeny peeny
After my waxing the lady couldn't help but ask my wife how she ever had sex with such a little man. She said step into our bedroom and I'll show.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

True Love for a 'Little' Man

He wanted to hide his worm in her dense bush
She truly loved him, even enough to be seen in public with his tiny manhood on display. Of course, she would need a real man to satisfy her needs but as long as he was alright with that they could be happy

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cuckold's Delight

Hubby's point of view
OK, so maybe he is the one who gets to fuck your wife but you're the one who gets the sexy view. Here's hoping you also get to clean up afterwards

Monday, October 20, 2014

Doing it for Her

Come on baby, just give it a kiss
I know, I know, you're not gay but would you do it if she asked you to?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Anal 3-Sum

Do you think she will make me lick his balls
This is as close to giving anal as I've ever been and it made my wife caum like a race horse

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Wife Gives Head

Are you watching hubby?
Does your wife really enjoy giving this man oral (god knows she won't even kiss your dick) or does she just like that he's taping it to send to you?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Stayting True to Her Vows

She saves her pussy for hubby
My wife says it's not cheating as long as nothing enters her pussy. What do I say about it, well it really doesn't matter what I think

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Watching the Wife get Rogered

At least she lets me watch
It takes a sick fuck to get off watching his wife get her jolly's like this but I just can't help it

Thursday, September 18, 2014

She ate the first load then took the second to go
So sweet, she thinks of hubby and brings him home a treat

Put your face in it baby, I made it just for you
This is how it looks as she serves it up to him

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

She Likes it Rough

He sends her home sore and full of cum
 It doesn't matter if  it's her lover's cock or...

When she's done with hubby his face is rubbed raw and cum coated
Or her husband's face, she likes it hard and fast

A shout out and special thanks to my favorite sissy Ms. Leeanne, for the pics from her blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Bride Takes a Groom

His credentials were in his pants
I guess you would say our wedding was unusual but it was what my bride wanted and in many ways it was typical. The preacher was from The Church of the Black Cock and therefore dressed casual.

I kissed her toe after the ring
I knelt and gave her jewelry

She said this now belongs to me
She knelt and gave me jewelry

It was such a delight to kiss my bride
I was instructed to worship my new wife

They must have been praying as I kept hearing her scream 'Oh god'
After the service I waited for what seemed like forever as my new bride personally thanked the preacher in his study

A luscious treat from my wife
Later as our guests ate cake I was fed a freshly made cream-pie

As She took my cherry I happily came fort her
On our honeymoon our marriage was consummated in a most unusual matter

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Size Doesn't Matter (said no women ever)

Useless to his wife

Her dream lover in soft plaastic
They are always saying that size doesn't matter but you never see an extra large size chastity cage or a tiny little dildo

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Cuckold's Delima

Hubby better get busy
So who should I clean first? Is it ladies first or should I start with our guest. And another thing how can that man cum so much, it looks like I've got a quart of jizz to eat

Monday, September 1, 2014

My Sister Interrupts us: part 2

I had always dreamed about incest with my sister, just not this way

  With my sister's panties still on my face I watched her and my wife walk
together hand in hand down the hall to our bedroom. My poor penis ached
from its confinement as a rush of erotic thoughts went through my head
but I knew I dare not try to follow them. I put the crotch of Mary's
panties to my lips hopping for just a taste of her essence, just as I
had done so many times when we lived together at home. At least back
then I could masturbate as I fantasized on that special place between
her thighs. I was ever alert and on the lookout for a sneak peak of her
privates and so many times it seemed I would just miss as she covered
herself just before I looked. I wondered now, was she just teasing me,
because in all those years I never saw my sister naked.

I was brought back to the present when I heard our bedroom door open and
I looked out to see Eve walk out naked. Could it finally come to pass
that I'd get to see my sister dressed the same. My wife took her place
before me and leaned in close. "Do you know what we were doing back
there? I was eating your sister's pussy, would you like to taste your
sister, I bet you would you pervert." My mouth was dry, so dry I could
not speak so I merely nodded, would this be the night my dream came
true. Eve leaned forward and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth,
I could just catch the aroma on her lips and my hunger grew as did the
pain in my cage.

When Eve broke our kiss I looked up to see my sis standing there naked
but instead of seeing her woman-hood I saw my wife's strap-on dildo. "I
invited you sister to try my little toy on you, and she graciously
accepted. Now go get the lube unless you want her to dry fuck you."
I went to the kitchen and got the olive oil Eve likes to use when she
violates me, when I returned I knelt before my sister who stood there
with this monster obscenely protruding from her groin. As I slathered
oil on it I noticed little tendrils of pubic hair curling around the
edges of the harness and again with that long remembered scent.

Eve got on our couch on her arms and knees her derrière sticking up
for me, next I was bent over the arm, Eve reaching back grabbed my hair
and pulled me into the crack of her rump. I knew what to do for after
all I have spent many hours worshiping my wife's behind. I next felt the
oily monster poking at my crack and then I felt sis plunge it deep
inside my bowels. Mary violated me without remorse and as she abused me
she repeatedly slapped my butt cheeks.

I was used like this, at their mercy until they became bored with their
game and pulled away from me. Too sore to stand I just slid down to my
knees and it was then that we all saw that I had released my issue all
over our leather couch. My sister laughed at my discretion but my wife
was infuriated and slapped my face hard. She grabbed my head by the hair
and put my face in the middle of my own mess. "Lick this up you piece of
shit," and as I obeyed my mistress wife the two laughed at me. So I
still haven't seen my sister naked but at least now I know she doesn't
shave her bush.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Wife Makes me Jealous

Doesn't his boner look delicious?
I kept telling myself I couldn't be jealous, I mean this is what I wanted, what I begged her to do and yet I could feel those pangs of jealousy rising up out of the pit of my stomach. Then suddenly it hit me, I wasn't jealous because she was sucking his cock instead of mine I was jealous because I wanted to be the one who was sucking his cock.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Even a Chubby Wife Deserves Worship

I find the view from my knees to be quite erotic
OK, so maybe my wife has let herself go but it just means there is that much more to worship. The only sex I'm allowed is my tongue between the folds of her labia but believe me I am required to perform a lot of oral on her.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wife is Hooked on Black Cock

She loves the taste of chocolate cock
Yes I admit it was my idea, more of a fantasy, I never thought she'd go through with it. But now it's too late, she can't get enough. Just look at her face, I've never seen her  look more satisfied.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forced to Eat His Cum

It was most humiliating to hear them laugh at my predicament
The choice is yours, you can either swallow it or push it in my pussy but if I get preggers it's all on you sweetie.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Cuckold 3-Sum

Dripping down, right in hubby's face
This is my dream 3-sum, my wife, a aman with a big, preferably black, cock, and me under them slurping her clit. Then all that cum, on my face a in my mouth.
"Please sir, I"d be delighted to clean you off if you'd like,"

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Cuckold Watches

Watching a real man satisfy your wife
You thought your wife was too fat to fuck but now that you see Jerome doing her you're thinking how wrong you were. Of course after he's done with her she'll never let you fuck her again,you'll be lucky if she lets you do clean-up

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Wife Gets a Promotion

No longer free
"Hush Roger, I don't want to hear about it, the cage stays on. With you not working, we need for me to get this promotion or we may even lose our house."
So why does me being locked up in a cock cage have to do with my wife's hopes for a new position? Well you see, her boss Ms Haversham , is a man hating femnazi of a bitch who I think wants to get into my wife's panties. After hearing Her boss wonder how a woman could control a company if she couldn't control her husband she came up with a plan. So as she left to go to dinner with her boss she left me locked up and took the key with her.

She got home very late and even avoided my hello kiss until after she took a shower. I was so horny I wanted my dick to be free and to have some loving.

I think my begging turns her on
"Yes I know honey you want  your little dickie free but not tonight, all I want is your magical tongue, will you do that for me?"

The only fucking I gave her was with my nose
"Oh yes this is what I nee, keep going. Rog, the dinner went great I think I've almost got the job. When Ms. Haversham said she wouldn't promote a woman who couldn't control her husband I merely pulled out your key and told her about the condition I left you in, she was very impressed. God I'm cumming again, yes, yes."
After she came like a million times she got off my face and said she'd rather cuddle than make love. When I begged to at least be set free, she giggled and said she thought I looked 'cute' that way and that was that.

Showing off her power over me
The next day she came home so excited,
"Roger I've got the promotion if I can prove that I run things in our household."
"Sweetie you are in charge, you always have been so what's to prove?"
See wants to see and interview you tomorrow...
My cage exposed to her boss
"Yes Peggy, I have to say this proves to me that you're in control. Just one more little test for hubby here."
 She leaned close to my wife and whispered in her hear and it looked like maybe she kissed her as well. She then handed here a shirt.
"Roger Ms. Haversham and I are going into her office I want you to put on this shirt and wait here with you cage exposed until I get back. If anyone comes in just tell them you are my husband and that the boss and I are in conference and not to be disturbed.
A husband's humiliation
The shirt told it all, not only was I now a cuckold but I was being cuckoled by my wife's lesbian boss. Totally beaten and humiliated I just stood there like the loser I had become.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Her First Large Cock

After seeing him she didn't care if I was there or not
My old buddy stopped by for a visit and after a night of partying we were sitting around my front room. After teasing him about everey one calling him The Big Bopper my wife insisted on seeing it. I said go ahead show her and after exposing himself to my wife I think she lost all self control. Right there as I watched she pulled down her panties and impaled herself on his monster. After that night I became her cuckold as she broadened her search for larch cocks.

Her Afternoon Delight

She tells you about it as you clean-up
Sure I'll tell you about my afternoon, well you can tell from the mess inside me it was great.  I think Johnnie's the one, he's an animal. I lost count of how many times I came from feeling his huge cock inside me and he sure knows how to fuck. I mean I like how gentle you are or I mean were when we use to make love but god, Johnnie fucks me rough and hard like a man, it really gets me off. Oh I'm gonna need a lot more of him. Roger did you just cum all over my floor? Lick it up you filthy pervert god you can't do anything right

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Face Riding Wife

My poor throbbing erection goes untouched
She loves oral and I want to make her happy so this is now how we have sex, on my face for as long as she wishes. After she is sated I sneak off to the bathroom for a wank

Friday, July 25, 2014


Face fucked
That's right hubby, suck my lover's cock. I want you to find out what a real man's cum tastes like.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Love Story Told in 5 Pictures

I met her at work
You're a good boy I think I'll take you home

I learned to serve
I felt so comfortable doing what she asked

She taught me to like it
She said she liked to finger fuck me

Her taste makes me throb
Now most nights are spent with my dick in a cage and my face in her pussy

These belong to me
I learned quickly not to play with her toys

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hubby gets to Watch, then Clean

A freshly fucked wife
His cock made a plopping sound as he pulled it from my wife,  they had fucked for so long and yet it was still hard. I watched his cum start to ooze out and I knew I had to have a taste.

Hubby gets a chance at sloppy seconds
Come on baby you want a turn, of course I don't know if I'll be able to even feel you.

The best part of being a cuckold
I think she knew what I really wanted and as I felt his cum coat my face I got my first taste of another man's issue. The humiliation of him watching me clean up after him made me cum on my belly.