A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, September 30, 2011

No wonder Friday is my wife's favorite day of the week

The Ball Drainer

How to properly drain a man's balls. Watch as she makes sure all his nasty boy juice is expelled

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embarrassing by Brian Houlihan


He wasn't sure if he could stop the humiliation from his fiancĂ©e or if he wanted it to stop. Click on the above link to read an erotic story from Femdom Destiny written by Brian Houlihan  

Wife Bakes at Home

Hubby holds the camera as he hears his wife moan with pleasure. She is finally getting a real fucking from a real man that leaves her pussy gaped and full of hot cum. Click on above link to enjoy the show along with hubby 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hubby's Sex Organ

http://tumblr.com/xku4tg1ye3This is a homemade video showing the proper use of hubby's face, it is kind of dark but god is it erotic. Click on above link to watch her cum and cum.   

Police Squad

This is one episode of Cops that will never make it on TV. Click on the above link to read about a day in the life of 2 perverted cops in a perverted town.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Honesty is the Key

Their marriage improved immensely after John admitted he preferred handjobs, and Alice admitted she preferred fucking other guys.

Cuckold's Reward


Wife takes huge load of cum from her Black lover so hubby has to clean up. Click on link above to watch her cover his face with it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

That Ultimate Humiliation

The more humiliation hubby takes from his bride the more she dishes out. How far could she take this? You will have to click on the above link and read for yourself to find out.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goldie Hawn Cuckoled her hubby, (and the wimp couldn't handle it)

Who could blame their wife for sleeping with Warren Beatty

Kate Hudson's real father has claimed her mother Goldie Hawn had several affairs while they were married - including with Hollywood heavyweight Warren Beatty.
Bill Hudson makes the allegations in his explosive new memoir Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family in which he also labels his A-list daughter a 'spoiled brat'.
The former musician divorced the actress when Kate and her brother Oliver were children and has not been in contact with them for years.
Kate, 32, has said she sees her mother's long-time partner Kurt Russell as her father.
Bill claimed Goldie, 65, once admitted cheating on him with Warren, her co-star from the 1975 comedy Shampoo.
He also claimed she owned up to another affair with French actor Yves Renier, and begged him for an open relationship, which he refused.
Bill also recounted an apparent conversation where Goldie told him she was seeing a Swedish man called Bruno, and had arranged for him to come and visit her while she was shooting a movie.
He claims she told him: 'I’ve been seeing this guy in Sweden. His name is Bruno, and he’s coming to the States on Monday.
'He’s going to stay here for a couple of weeks before I leave to start shooting the movie in Denver with George Segal.'
Bill added: 'My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know how to respond. Wait, weren’t we just saying how much we love each other? Didn’t we just make love for days on end? And now you tell me this guy is coming here and staying with you? Are you going to tell him about us?’
'She glared at me but didn’t say a word. That was all the answer I needed. "When you are finished with Bruno, you can call me. You have my number." And I left.'
After she had apparently met her lover, Bill claimed that she came back to him and begged his forgiveness.
She sobbed and told him: 'I’m in love with you. You’re my soul mate. I know it in my heart.
‘It’s just that I’ve always believed in an open marriage.’
Bill was a member of the successful 1970s band The Hudson Brothers when he met Goldie.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keeping hubby's face Covered

At first I was forced to clean her after she peed but now that I'm allowed to continue to suck her clit I consider it a reward 
One of her rules is that I don't breathe until she cums 
This was so humiliating, my wife offered this stranger my face to sit on right in the middle of Union Plaza 

Monday, September 19, 2011

A woman's Pleasure


We men are so ill equipped to bring a woman to a proper orgasm and as this video proves they can bring them selfs off more times and with greater intensity with just their two fingers than we ever could. Click on the link above to watch this young lady play her body like an instrument.  

Stanley Does the Babysitter

The Bitch wife comes home to catch the babysitter playing with herself, as punishment she forces her wimp husband Stanley to fuck her and then  straps on her dildo to join in. This diffidently is Stans lucky day and he makes sure he enjoys it fully. Click on the above link to see this poor young girls worst nightmare, fucking old people.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Torture

This young lady is really enjoying the torture she is putting this loser through. Click on the above link to watch her at work, be sure to leave the volume on to here her little girly voice 

But I'm not Gay

I keep telling myself,as long as it is my wife making me suck her lover's cock I'm not gay. I do it because she asks me to and I always obey my wife, don't you. The problem is I've been thinking a lot about it lately and I find that I miss it when I don't blow him. In the shower I think about feeling his hardness slide between my lips and how much fun it is to tease that hard ring around his tip with my tongue. I've grown so use to the taste of his cum and how it feels like velvet sliding down my throat, that now I've been eating my own cum when I play with myself in the shower (please don't tell my wife what I do, I'm not allowed to abuse her dick). I wish I could cum as much as he does, I can hardly taste my little spurt.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cum Dump Wife

She turns into a Black Cum dump as her hubby and his friends watch in the back ground. The whites were too embarrassed to pull their dicks out in front of the brothers so they missed out. Click on the link above to be amazed by how much cum wifey can hold in her mouth

Honeymoon of a Lifetime

Bride joins the Girls Gone Wild club on her honeymoon. Once she got a taste of a huge cock, she found she couldn't get enough, oh BTW hubby is the one holding the camera. Click on the link above to enjoy her uncontrollable urges.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Concerns are not her Problem

I am sorry honey but I just can't stop cuckolding you. I just love all the cock I've been getting. Now first put your nose to the floor and sniff my messy panties, then get your face in my pussy while I tell you what a naughty girl you wife has been. Go ahead, I'll allow you to play with your little wiener as you clean me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Hidden Camera

You hid a camera in your bedroom to spy on your wife but you were shocked by what you found. The problem watching it excited you so much you left it hidden and didn't say a word to her. You truly are a cuckold pervert (welcome to the club) click on the above link to see what hubby saw.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The First Time

Yes I know it was my idea, hell, I begged her to do it. it was so damn erotic to picture her with another man. It pissed her off, she screamed that I no longer loved her but slowly with erotic stories whispered in
her ear as we made love she began to come around. When she started to become involved in our fantasies with suggestions of her own I knew we were on our way.

Then one night after we'd both cum and were lying together naked and sweaty, she asked me if I thought I could go through with her sleeping with another man. My limp penis becoming firm between the cheeks of her ass was answer enough for her.
"Roger, you realize that even if I did make love with someone else I would never allow you to do the same."
I told her she was the only woman for me and I only wanted her to do it to broaden our own sex life. She leaned forward and my erection slipped between her folds into her slit already wet from my earlier orgasm.
"Would you want sloppy seconds like this when I came home?"
I told her I wanted to be there to watch and then to enjoy my sloppy seconds.
"NO, you couldn't be there I would never do it in front of you."
"That's fine baby what ever you want, this is for you I want you to enjoy your experience."
I felt her finger slip in beside my member, then turning her head to face me she slipped her finger into my mouth.
"How does my lover's cum taste?
I came inside her as she face fucked me with her digit.

The next day she told me there was man at her work that kept coming on to her and that she had decided to accept his offer to go for drinks after work. I watched her as she took extra care to get ready for work,
we showered together and she let me help with landscaping her heavy bush and to check with my tongue the job she did on her legs. She wore the sexy panties I once bought her for Valentine' Day and she put on
stockings, something she never does for work. Her last words to me were, 'don't wait up,' as she practically danced out the door. As soon as she left I jacked off into the bathroom sink and although it relieved the
pressure I felt in my balls it did nothing to relieve the excitement I felt.

After work I got a burger to have for dinner and went home to wait for my wife to return from her adventure. As soon as I got home I jacked off as my burger got cold, it was alright I didn't feel like eating anyway.
I tried to watch the game on TV but I couldn't keep my mind on it and it was the same with the TV show I switched to so I jacked off again. That last orgasm finally took the edge off all the excitement and I began to
look at what was happening with my big head instead of my little one. What if this guy was bigger than me, or a better lover, what if after fucking this guy she found she was falling in love with him? I began to
picture her coming home and packing to leave me for him and I could feel this stone of self doubt growing in my stomach. I wanted her home right now, I had to know that I was the one she still wanted, I called her
cell only to have it go right to voice mail. I began to stare at the clock, each second took an eternity as the night got later and later. At midnight I went to bed only to lie there staring at the ceiling, I was so unnerved I felt sick to my stomach in fact I thought I might barf.

I must have finally falling asleep because I awoke to the light on and something cold and wet on my face. I opened my eyes to see Eve rubbing her panties on my lips and a smile on her face that almost looked evil.
She climbed on the bed and strattling my head she let her dress fall over me. As I tasted another man's cum for the first tme Eve told me of her adventure.

Performing your husbandly duties

You notice an odd taste after returning from her night out with the girls  
There is no doubt what you're tasting this time 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

She know what hubby's face is good for and rides it hard to achieve her orgasmic satisfaction. Click on the above link to watch his wife in action.

A couple of poor bastards

Some men are just born to be cuckoled
Sorry Charlie, all the muscles in thew world won't help you with the ladies

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Man's Story (by Slicknjrk)

Hard as it is to say, my ex-wife was really hot. She exercised all the time, and it kept her in shape. At 5'7", brown eyes, great , firm tits and a round, muscular ass, she always turned heads. The thing is, when they looked, I'd get turned on....

Trina wasn't the brightest girl in the world. She liked to drink and flirt (which is how we met). When she got drunk, she'd do whatever I asked her to. The next day, it was like I'd been with a different women - she'd recall nothing.

I finally started asking her to try it with another guy. I told her how hot it was, how it was my hottest fantasy, how much I'd love her to do it, etc. She thought it was "funny" but said "no".
One night we were at Chili's on vacation. She'd been drinking Margarettas. I brought it up again. 3 black guys, obviously barely 21, walked into the bar. We were 26 at the time. I told her just to go flirt with them. To my surprise, she got up, pulled up a bar stool, and joined them.

For the next hout and a half, she talked, laughed, and drank with them. She completely ignored me. They had a few rounds of shots. After a while, without as much as a glance towards me, they all left. I watched as they went to an older SUV on the dark side of the parking lot. 2 of the guys got into the front. Trina and one of the black guys got into the back. The car did not start. I watched from my seat for a while. Nothing... Finally, I paid the bill and walked outside. I got into out car and pulled within a few spaces and acted like I was talking on the phone. Glancing to the left, I saw the guy who had climbed into the back with her was now in the driver's seat. In the back, I could see her feet, one resting on the drivers seat the other against the window as she lay on the back seat. I could her her familiar moaning, mumbling, and occasional laughing. After around 20 minutes, the guy in the back switched places with the guy in the passenger seat. Trina moaned even louder. Music came on after a while of her loud screams. After another half an our or so, the back door opened. I saw one of the guys buckling his pants as the door opened. Trina got out, her hair messed, and her clothes disheveled. She waved as they drove away.

I was so hard as she got in the car. I think she was afraid to tell me what it was like at first, claiming it was "OK" After much begging she went into detail, describing these 3 guys pushing into her, with no protection, pounding her like they were afraid they'd get caught, and squirting inside. I couldn't wait to eat her pussy - and I did, for hours. Eventually she fell asleep with my face buried in her pussy.

We eventually had problems and went out ways, but that was one fo a few fun nights.

I think that wives should be encouraged to "let themselves go" with anyone they want. Anyway they want. I went on the share a few of my girlfriends after this. I even got involved myself. It opened new doors to me.

The Birthday Present

Hubby told his wife that she could have anything she wanted for her birthday. Click on link above to see what she asked for

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Sister Interrupts us (part 1)

It had started as a typical night for us, I naked except for my cock
cage on my knees in front of my seated wife. She was relaxing after work
with a glass of wine as I massaged her stocking covered feet. I put her
toes to my lips to taste that hint of sweat and the pheromones of her
scent was causing my member to ache inside its confinement.

Suddenly our front door opened and I heard my sister call out in
greeting. I was sure I had locked the door but maybe I had forgotten. I
started to jump up to hide my nakedness from sis but the look from my
wife froze me in place. Eve called out that we were in the den and to
come on back, my look of panic only caused her to smile. I was
completely humiliated but I knew not dare defy Eve's wishes and so I
remained where I was but now with my cheeks turning pinker by the

As it turned out this evening had been planned, after Eve told my sis
about how she dominated our marriage she expressed an interest in seeing
for herself. "Roger go get your sister a glass of wine and refill mine
as well." When I returned I found them in a deep embrace and kissing
with passion. They ignored me as I stood there with the two glasses of
wine in my hand. When they broke their kiss I was instructed to give
Mary a foot massage so I took off her boots and when I started to peel
off her heavy white socks Eve told me to leave the socks on her feet.
The socks were very damp and the aroma of sweat was strong but I did as
I was told. "Eve did he ever tell you that he used to steal my panties
from the hamper when he lived at home?" "Is that true Roger? My wife
asked me and I could only nod, "If he does a good job on your feet
maybe you could reward him with another sniff of your panties."

They continued to talk to each other as I was ignored si I continued
rubbing their feet. Finally bored with me, Eve pushed me away by
putting her foot in my face. My sister stood and Eve reached up her
skirt and soon I saw her panties sliding down her thighs. Eve picked up
Mary's panties and placed them on my face so my nose and mouth were
tight against the crotch and then she wrapped the leg holes around my
ears to keep them in place. They then went hand in hand to our bedroom
as I was left caged and aroused with the remembered scent of my sister's
panties in my nostrils.

My Sister Interrupts us (part 2)

With my sister's panties still on my face I watched her and my wife walk
together hand in hand down the hall to our bedroom. My poor penis ached
from its confinement as a rush of erotic thoughts went through my head
but I knew I dare not try to follow them. I put the crotch of Mary's
panties to my lips hopping for just a taste of her essence, just as I
had done so many times when we lived together at home. At least back
then I could masturbate as I fantasized on that special place between
her thighs. I was ever alert and on the lookout for a sneak peak of her
privates and so many times it seemed I would just miss as she covered
herself just before I looked. I wondered now, was she just teasing me,
because in all those years I never saw my sister naked.

I was brought back to the present when I heard our bedroom door open and
I looked out to see Eve walk out naked. Could it finally come to pass
that I'd get to see my sister dressed the same. My wife took her place
before me and leaned in close. "Do you know what we were doing back
there? I was eating your sister's pussy, would you like to taste your
sister, I bet you would you pervert." My mouth was dry, so dry I could
not speak so I merely nodded, would this be the night my dream came
true. Eve leaned forward and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth,
I could just catch the aroma on her lips and my hunger grew as did the
pain in my cage.

When Eve broke our kiss I looked up to see my sis standing there naked
but instead of seeing her woman-hood I saw my wife's strap-on dildo. "I
invited you sister to try my little toy on you, and she graciously
accepted. Now go get the lube unless you want her to dry fuck you."
I went to the kitchen and got the olive oil Eve likes to use when she
violates me, when I returned I knelt before my sister who stood there
with this monster obscenely protruding from her groin. As I slathered
oil on it I noticed little tendrils of pubic hair curling around the
edges of the harness and again with that long remembered scent.

Eve got on our couch on her arms and knees her derri�re sticking up
for me, next I was bent over the arm, Eve reaching back grabbed my hair
and pulled me into the crack of her rump. I knew what to do for after
all I have spent many hours worshiping my wife's behind. I next felt the
oily monster poking at my crack and then I felt sis plunge it deep
inside my bowels. Mary violated me without remorse and as she abused me
she repeatedly slapped my butt cheeks.

I was used like this, at their mercy until they became bored with their
game and pulled away from me. Too sore to stand I just slid down to my
knees and it was then that we all saw that I had released my issue all
over our leather couch. My sister laughed at my discretion but my wife
was infuriated and slapped my face hard. She grabbed my head by the hair
and put my face in the middle of my own mess. "Lick this up you piece of
shit," and as I obeyed my mistress wife the two laughed at me but I couldn't
help but wonder how I could cum without any relief to my throbbing balls.

So I still haven't seen my sister naked but at least now I know she doesn't
shave her bush. If only I could get my wife to let me watch the two of them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Face Sitting Arobics

This lovely young lass got tired of catching this pervert peeking at all the women as they exercised so she gave him a view up close and personal. Click on the link above to see how well this loser's nose fits inside her asshole