A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Caged but Hopeful

I hope I can bring you home a messy treat
We will discuss taking your cage off when I get back from clubbing tonight, that is, if I get lucky then you mas as well. Of course, you better have this house clean, the laundry done and the ironing as well or you may never get out of that thing

The View from your Knees

That's right pussy-boy take a good look because that is all you will get
I think that maybe the best part of being a pussy-whipped husband is the view you get from your knees

When She Comes Home

Sweetie I'm all messy
This is the very best part, she has returned from him and my fears are eased. She says nothing as I watch her take off her dress, then she points to the bed and I lie down as the anticipation builds inside me. When she begins to sit on my face I can see her pubes are matted with His dried spunk and inside her slit it is still oozing so much a drop falls upon my face. Then my face is covered and my tongue is deep inside her, I've done this so much now the taste doesn't bother me at all.
 "would you like me to tell you about my evening with Johnny?" And that is when I came all over my belly

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Husband Milking

It's just like milking a cow
Actually she found milking her husband disgusting but she knew that if she wanted to keep him caged it had to be done and besides she would never let him have the pleasure of doing it himself. She use to drain him onto a plate but now she likes to make him lick up his mess off the floor

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pink Bows and Tiny Penises

High heel,s pink bows, and tiny pee-pees just seem to go together
When hubby has such a tiny little pecker humiliation is about all you can do with him

Fun with Cum

Hope you're hungry, he came a ton
She use to hate even touching the yucky stuff but now that she's feeding it to her hubby she finds that cum is fun to play with

Friday Night Jerk-Off Races

I think the one on the left wants to win
Friday night jerk-off races, first to cum has to finish off the other. Humiliating their husbands is such a turn-on to these two, that often they retire into the bedroom to please each other.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hubby Joins in

I would gladly suck his cock to be included into their sex, although I don't think I could hold out as long as she wanted me to. Her peg in your bum, her hand on your dick, and His cock down your throat what else could a cuckold wish for?

Husband Training

Learning the pleasures of having a femdom wife
Although this video is only 12 minutes long it is still longer than it needs to be and yet the way Shannon humiliates this pathetic loser makes for an enjoyable watch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something for hubby While he Waits

I can't believe how wet he makes me
Here you can play with these while Johnnie and me go to our bedroom

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Forced Blow-Job

Come on baby let hubby suck you a while
She talked her boyfriend into allowing me to suck his cock. She told him I begged her to but really it was just to humiliate me in front of him. To tell the truth, it did turn me on to have him in my mouth and now that I have tasted his cum I hope he'll let me do it again sometime

The Life of a Cuckold

Getting ready to be with Him
My sweet wife allows me to jack-off as I watch her get ready to be with Him.
"Now remember to get the kids fed and bathed, then I expect the house to be cleaned before I get back."
"yes Dear, of course, I hope you'll tell me all about your evening when you get home."
"OK, if your a good boy, I just may do that."

A Lil Something for hubby While he Waits

Ty doesn't want her wearing any when she is with Him
As we pulled up to His hotel she got out, then pulled off her panties,
"Here you can use these for entertainment while I'm upstairs."

Cuckold Sex

Honey you just can't believe how good a real cock feels to me
What else could we cuckolds ask for? To us this is better than sex as the humiliation of having our face where her lover's cock had been more than makes up for the fact that she will no longer allow us actual intercourse

Friday, October 12, 2012

Doing what she wants

When he cums, just hold it in your mouth so I can see it
No honey it doesn’t make you gay if I make you suck him, it just proves you're a pussy whipped husband who will do anything I tell you to.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Shame of the Cuckold

We cuckolds know that we are not real men and have learned to accept any humiliations bestowed on us

Helping her get Ready

Would you hurry, he is waiting
One of the cuckolds pleasures is helping his wife dress for her evening out with Him. She lets him choose her outfit and lingerie as another way to humiliate him.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Last and Final Surrender

The sound of that lock clicking echoes through your soul
You told her you wanted her to take charge, well now she has. You will both soon see how much power she has over you when she controls your orgasms. There will not be anything you won't do just for the hope of release but believe me relief will be rare and humiliation will become a lifestyle for you

Taken for the first Time

It is more like a milking than actual sex
It is only after you feel the sperm drizzling from you dick that you began to understand that the dynamic of your marriage is now forever changed. From now on your wife will only have 'sex' with you when she feels the need to dominate you and each time you will be less like a man. But what the hell, I mean really, you were never much of a man anyway so maybe you'll make a better sissy

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cuckolded on your Wedding Day

I'll be back after the service for more
She took her vows with the taste of his cum in her mouth and on her lips. She gladly shared it with you whenyou first kissed your new bride

Her Dream is your Nightmare

Your so much bigger than my husband
It was all fun and games until that big cock of his popped out and then I knew our marriage would never be the same

The Torture and Pleasure of Edging

Look me in the eye and tell me you can hold back
You silly boy, by now you should realize that she is not going to let you cum and yet there is always hope.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Before she Leaves to be with Him

The wife making you cum
Go ahead baby, make it spurt, are you thinking about Johnny seeing me in the sexy lingerie you bought for me. Can you see that I shaved my pussy through these sheer panties? I did it because Johnny told me too, I hope he likes it, how about you sweetheart would you like to see you wife's hairless pussy. Yeah I bet you do but you are just going to have to wait until I get home then you can not only see it without hair but full of Johnny's cum, oh baby you just shot off again my , my you are excited

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NewPanties for hubbie

How can you call yourself a man?
Now I've thrown out all your underwear and bought you these 'big girl panties'. I can't have you wearing my undies, you not only stretch them out of shape you are constantly staining them with your little dickie dribbles.