A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amy Starts the New Year Without Panties


Amy proves she's not wearing panties
Click on the above link to read about a young middle class 'white bread' couple who end up at a swingers New Year's party. This innocent wife soon learns how much fun she had been missing and the couple's sex lives were forever changed. This story makes me wonder on where my sex life might have headed if I had been able to attend such a party with my wife.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Perfect Present for an Ass Licking groom

See dear it is a perfect fit
My bride's wedding present to me was a specialy made throne designed so I can give the hours of anal she expects of me

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to Tame a Husband


Ladies is your husband out of control, won't help with the housework, won't even pick up his underwear? If he would he rather watch sports that take you shopping then maybe he needs the little attitude adjustment that the drug Puericil gives. After his treatments he won't be much of a man but he'll make a great girlfriend. Click on the above link to read about one husbands adventure into femininity

After a few doses hubby will become just a girlfriend with a penis

Hubby gets a BJ for Xmas

Who wouldn't want this present
I know she fucks other men, and much to my humiliation even some of my friends, yet she says she still loves me. Just to prove her love she gave me my present early this year and it was the best I ever had. After finishing me and much to my surprise even swallowing my load she said,
"It's funny, I've always hated giving you oral but after some of the big cocks Ives been sucking on lately your little boner fits real nice in my mouth and even better, that little spurt of cum you have was nothing compared to some of the loads I've taken down my throat. You just might get another for your birthday if you're a nice boy next year."

Friday, December 20, 2013

The cuckold Weds

It was our wedding night and the excitement built as I undressed my bride. On my knees to help with her slippers I looked up with anticipation to that special place between her thighs. As I gazed with lust at her in her new bridal lingerie I was so close I couldn't help but notice a very wet spot.
"Ah dear hubby I see you've noticed, I decided to have the best man consummate our wedding, and I must say he did an excellent job."
She then grabbed my head by my hair and mashed my face into the slime he left inside her. In time I learned to not only appreciate the aroma but the taste as well

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wife Won't Share

Come on baby won't you even let me taste it
Jealous? You're goddamn right I'm jealous, jealous that my wife won't share that big beautiful cum filled cock with  me.

Monday, December 16, 2013

She Wanted a Jamacian Wedding

Instead of a big wedding my fiance suggested we have a small service and use the money we saved to honeymoon in Jamaica. It is a beautiful island but what my new bride found attractive were the big brutes that lived there. I was glad my family wasn't there to watch my humiliation when the preacher said, 'you may now suck the minster first, then kiss your new husband.' To my shock she not only but him in her mouth she reached out to grasp the member of the witness we had to hire. Before she was done they had both erupted down her throat.

Imagine my surprise as I watched her suck off the preacher
I could taste their nasty discharge when once they were finally sated she rose and kissed me on the lips. Even before I could speak to her about what had transpired she told me to wait in the chapel while she went with the minster to his private quarters to pray. Just as I began to wonder if she would ever come back I saw the preacher open his door and zipping up his trousers as he was leaving . 'She is waiting for you', is all he said.

Filled to capacity
I rushed in to see her on a bed and in a delirious state. All her special bridal lingerie was ripped and tossed around the room. My poor bride was flat on her back with her legs splayed wide open and her sex oozing a copious amount of slime. And my reaction, this is so embarrassing, I simply said, 'Darling, how will we ever get all those nasty stains out of your wedding dress?'She looked up to me, rolled over and patted the bed then told me to lay down. The bed was soaked with lord knew what kind of fluids but I did as she said. She then climbed on top of me and said, 'OK Roger open your mouth it is time to consummate this marriage'.

The groom does his duty
As she lowered her sex  to my face, a river of slime poured from her slit to my open mouth. The taste was vile, the act degrading and yet I was so aroused I climaxed in my trousers. It was a week of nonstop sex for her and continual clean-up duty for me and yet when she suggested to return to the island for our anniversary I heartily agreed 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Christmas Party Tale

http://www1.asstr.org/files/Authors/Bakeboss/A Christmas Party Tale.
Not only is poor hubby talked into playing a last minute Santa for her company Christmas party, he learns his wife is cheating on him with her boss. But even Mr. Clause gets a present sometimes and if you click on the above link you can read about how the evening went for this lucky Santa .

Oh Santa I've been very naughty

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A White hubby's Special Talent

Good boy make him hard again for me
My wife says that the only things I can do well in the bedroom are fluff her Black Lover and then clean up her pussy after they are done. I don't mind the act it self but is is degrading to be made to look HIM in the eye and begged to be allowed to suck HIS cock.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Best Present Ever

So erotic, watching how a real man fucks your wife
It was the best anniversary present she could ever give me. First I got to watch HIM pleasing her, and although it hurt my heart to see her enjoying sex far more than ever with me it was still very erotic.

Good boy hubby clean it all out
The best part was when she called me over to do my clean-up duty. Pussy juice and cum may be an aquired taste but once you get use to the smell you got it licked (ha ha). The wife said I was such a good boy she may even let me watch again, now if I can only convince her to let me take off my cage...

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Humiliation of a Cuckold

You feel him cumming with your tongue
Having to lick another man's balls is degrading enough but to do it as he fucks your wife makes your humiliation complete

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hubby Helps out with Her Period

Hubby is now my human kotex
I use to suffer in silence with my period but then I thought, why shouldn't my man share in my monthly discomfort. I now make him  lick me during my 'heavy flow' days, I mean he doesn't have cramps or anything like that but he sure gets sick to his stomach from all the blood I force down his throat. Also, its really the only time of the month that I'm sure he can make me cum. My clit may be more sensitive but really I think it is his look of humiliation  as I smear my red curse all over his face.

You Never Forget your First Taste

How could he have came that much?
I wanted this, I really did but then I wondered what she would think of me after I cleaned up another man's cum. Then it didn't matter if I wanted it or not, she grabbed my hair and my face pulled into her messy slit.

Monday, December 2, 2013

We do Anal

Sure we do anal
Oh baby keep going I like it
Of course it's either my tongue up her ass or...

So this is how balls deep feels
Her peg buried in mine