A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Monday, December 16, 2013

She Wanted a Jamacian Wedding

Instead of a big wedding my fiance suggested we have a small service and use the money we saved to honeymoon in Jamaica. It is a beautiful island but what my new bride found attractive were the big brutes that lived there. I was glad my family wasn't there to watch my humiliation when the preacher said, 'you may now suck the minster first, then kiss your new husband.' To my shock she not only but him in her mouth she reached out to grasp the member of the witness we had to hire. Before she was done they had both erupted down her throat.

Imagine my surprise as I watched her suck off the preacher
I could taste their nasty discharge when once they were finally sated she rose and kissed me on the lips. Even before I could speak to her about what had transpired she told me to wait in the chapel while she went with the minster to his private quarters to pray. Just as I began to wonder if she would ever come back I saw the preacher open his door and zipping up his trousers as he was leaving . 'She is waiting for you', is all he said.

Filled to capacity
I rushed in to see her on a bed and in a delirious state. All her special bridal lingerie was ripped and tossed around the room. My poor bride was flat on her back with her legs splayed wide open and her sex oozing a copious amount of slime. And my reaction, this is so embarrassing, I simply said, 'Darling, how will we ever get all those nasty stains out of your wedding dress?'She looked up to me, rolled over and patted the bed then told me to lay down. The bed was soaked with lord knew what kind of fluids but I did as she said. She then climbed on top of me and said, 'OK Roger open your mouth it is time to consummate this marriage'.

The groom does his duty
As she lowered her sex  to my face, a river of slime poured from her slit to my open mouth. The taste was vile, the act degrading and yet I was so aroused I climaxed in my trousers. It was a week of nonstop sex for her and continual clean-up duty for me and yet when she suggested to return to the island for our anniversary I heartily agreed 

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