A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Wife is Taken for His Pleasure

Watch what a real man does to your wife
Go ahead, tell him, he’s standing right there, tell your husband that he never makes you fell this good.

She has a Real Man for a Lover

I can't wait to see him again
God Henry I wish you could have been there, he just threw across the table, ripped off my panties and buried his cock in me in one push. I had forgotten what it felt like to be fucked by a man, a real man. No sweetie not too hard I’m still a little sore

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Cuckold 3-Sum

So much cum form just one man
In the classic cuckold 3-sum hubby is on the bottom watching his wife getting fucked and then after the lover cums hubby gets his turn as he cleans wify and maybe him too

The Cuckold Three-sum

How can one man cum so much?
You watched them from underneath her as he fucked her like a wild-man. You  were so close you could see his balls contract as they readied to blast their contents into your wife. Now as you busy yourself cleaning him your wife's womb is pushing his sperm out all over your belly. Don't worry hubby there is plenty left for you

In Awe of her Man

You know you want to taste him so bad your poor little dick is throbbing. And why not, there is no way your wife could think less of you but of course you won't. Your not even man enough to be a good fagot

He Takes her in Front of you

We're gonna give your hubby a real show
Damn you have a sexy wife and believe me I don’t mind fucking her in front of you at all. Now crawl up on that bed baby, then just stay on your knees and I'll do the rest

She Dares you to Take Her

 She is humiliating you in front of another man
Go ahead hubby, prove to me that you’re a man. Yeah I didn’t think you could, now leave so I can be with our new friend

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

After hubby fixes her dinner she serves him his favorite, sweet wet pussy served fresh between her legs

Naked in Front of her Class

Yes, this is how he looks hard
My wife decided that I'd be a big help at her women's study group about how to cope with a husband who is under endowed. With me serving snacks and drinks while I'm naked the ladies can see that my wife is very familiar with their problem. She even invites the ladies to fondle me so they can compare me with their husbands. They all got a big laugh when she told them how humiliated I was to be paraded around in front of them naked, one even said that  my wife should be the one who was humiliated.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Friend Joins in

http://www1.asstr.org/files/Authors/Bakeboss/Married to a MILF.txt  

Hubby has a close up view
Click on the above link to read about a man who brings home a young heartbroken guy for his wife to cheer up. In the end they both make him happy

Not Just a househusband

And soon all the day's troubles vanish
As soon as my wife gets home from work I fix her a nice warm orgasm to relax her

Your Wife his Baby

But Honey what will I tell my parents?
"Come on sweetie admit it, don’t you think it’s hot that your wife is pregers with another man’s baby? Oh BTW did I tell you the baby daddy is black"
Some say this is the curse of the husband who is cuckoled by a Black Male, yet other say it is the highlight

She does it for her hubby

My Birthday gift to hubby
She was racking her brain on what to give her husband for his birthday, she wanted something special, something she knew that he'd like. Then it hit her, I know what he likes. And as luck would have it she liked it even more than hubby.
"Happy Birthday sweet heart, I hope what I’m about to do makes you happy."

Monday, August 27, 2012

We Entertain a Houseguest

She just kept saying OMG,OMG
As a dutiful husband I had to agree my wife deserves a man like this, of course, once she saw the size of our guest what I thought on the matter did not concern her.

Its Whats for Dinner

They taste as good as they smell
Tonight I'm serving hubby his favorite dish, my stinky old panties served fresh and damp

Milking hubby

OK baby, cum for mama
Although hubby might not agree, I think this is a lot more fun than sex

Hubby's Just not Man Enough

I'm sorry dear I'm trying, really I am
He failed again and this time she was not about to give him encouragement,
"Look honey I know you feel bad but I can't take this anymore, I need a man to fulfill my needs in the bedroom and right now you,re just not doing that. Listen, there is this guy at work and he's been flirting with me, I think the next time he asks me out for a drink, I'll accept. Wow look at mr. limpy getting all hard does that turn you on. It does turn you on, I'm going to call him right now."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Proud to be an Interracial Cuckold

Not just a fad but a way of life
Face it men, our wives hooking up with a black lover just makes sense. They are bigger, stronger and believe me the size of their cocks is not an urban legend. If we want our wives to be happy it is our duty to encourage them to go Black, and when you see how good they look together you will know you did the right thing. You will also learn to swallow your pride as she parades her new black baby around to all your friends and relatives

Saturday, August 25, 2012

House hubby

And make sure you're wearing a clean apron
I might be bringing a man back home with me this evening, so I want you to make the house look spotless while I'm gone, oh and make sure to put fresh sheets on the bed. You are to be at your usual spot at the door on your knees upon my return, you know how I like to show you off to my friends

Friday, August 24, 2012

From Fantasy to Reality

Every time she begged him for more felt like a punch in the gut
What's a matter hubby, isn't this what you wanted? Haven't you been begging for her to sleep with another man while you watched? I guess you didn't think that she would pick someone who had a real man's penis. Well hubby it's time you found out that the reality is not always the same as your fantasy

Training hubby

Go on baby, just think how good a real one would taste
For some husbands it takes  conditioning for them to accept another man into your bed. Every night I would have him lie naked on the bed while remain fully clothed. I would rub my realistic dildo between his lips as I jerked him off, if he wouldn't open his mouth I would stop rubbing. This worked so well that one time when I came home early I found him jacking-off and sucking my plastic cock. I can't wait to see him suck my lover off

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Humiliated Husband's Primer

Rules Every Man Should Know 

(reposted from the FemDom Hotwife blog)

Rules Every Man Should Know
1.         Men need to accept the simple fact that sexually, most women prefer a man with a big cock. There are some exceptions, but not many.  Exceptions include women who married young, women without a lot of sexual experience, and women who experienced sexual trauma at a young age.
2.         Women prefer men with big cocks even more than men prefer women with large breasts. While some men are particularly attracted to small-breasted women, there are no women who are particularly attracted to men with small penises.
3.          If a man thinks he has a small penis, he’s does. Men with small penises are very sensitive, self-conscious, and embarrassed about it. They are likely to have been teased about by both men (in the locker room) and women (in the bedroom) at some point in their lives. 
4.          A very high percentage of handsome, successful men have small penises. 
5.          If a man’s penis is small while flaccid, it’s almost always going to be smaller than average when erect. Women know and care about this.
6.          Men with small penises usually sit down when they urinate.
7.          Women find large flaccid cocks very sexy, and enjoy looking at them.
8.          Women find a large erect cock extremely erotic.
9.          Women love performing oral sex on big cocks.
10.      According to a recent UCLA study, 63% of women prefer circumcised cocks, 22% prefer uncircumcised cocks, and the rest have no preference.
11.      Big cocks and large testicles provide more vaginal pleasure for women during intercourse.
12.      According to the UCLA study, about 28% of women will stay with a man that they would otherwise want to break up with just because he has a large cock and satisfies her sexually.
13.      About 52% of women will stay with a sexually unsatisfying man just for his money. About 77% of those women will eventually cheat on their husband, and have sex with other men. About 38% of those women will eventually become impregnated by another man. Most of those husbands never find out about their wife’s infidelity, and will unknowingly end up raising another man’s child as their own.
14.      About 73% of women would like their husband or boyfriend to have a larger penis.
15.      About 49% percent of all men have a penis that is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches long.
16.      About 15% percent of all men are born with a small penis, defined as less than 5 inches while erect.
17.      Only 13% of all men have an 8 inch cock, or larger. Among white men it is 11%, among Asian men it is 3%, among Hispanic men it is 8%, and amoung black men it is 23%.
18.      The vaginas of most women will easily stretch to accommodate an 8 inch cock.
19.      If a man’s penis often slips out of a woman’s vagina during intercourse, he has a small penis.
20.      Women find small penises frustrating, boring, unexciting, and embarrassing.
21.      Most women who are married to a man with a small penis are with him for his money, his social status, or because they love him for different reasons. Most of them will still, however, eventually cheat on him and have sex with other men.
22.      Women always notice the bulge in a man’s crotch, and look for it.
23.      Women find big cocks impressive.
24.      Women look up to, admire, and are attracetd to confident, masculine men.
25.      Women are attracted to confident masculine men.
26.      Women consider men with big cocks to be more masculine.
27.      Men with big cocks are generally more confident, more masculine, and project that to others. Women pick up on these signals.
28.      When a woman goes out with a confident masculine man, and discovers that he has a small penis, she finds the experience disappointing, embarrassing, and will usually find an excuse not to see him again.
29.      When a man goes out with a woman, and they end up in bed together, and he calls her the next day wanting to see her again because he thinks the date went well, but finds that she ignores him, and doesn’t return his calls, it’s usually because she found his penis and his sexual performance disappointing.
30.      The idea that women prefer caring, sensitive man regardless of penis size, is a myth (often propagated by highly educated small-penis white men).
31.      Most white women who have never been with a black man are intensely curious about it. By the time they reach the age of 45, over 75% of such women will have indulged their curiosity. In 1960, that percentage was only 5%.
32.      White women find it erotic to watch aggressive black athletes engage in intense physical activity.
33.      Men with big cocks date and have sex with a lot more women than men with small penises.
34.      Men with small penises are very intimidated by beautiful women because they believe (correctly) that beautiful women prefer a man with a big cock.
35.      If a woman is not particularly attracted to a man, because he isn’t handsome, or he’s poor, or unemployed, or not “her type”… but she thinks he has a really big cock… 8 times out of 10 she’ll usually have sex with him anyway, just to find out, and see what it’s like.
36.      Women always brag to other women if their boyfriend or husband has a big cock. This is one of the reasons why it’s very common for women to sleep with their best friend’s boyfriend or husband.
37.      If a woman says that size doesn’t matter, it’s usually because her husband or boyfriend has a small penis, and she’s trying to protect his fragile ego. She doesn’t actually believe that any more than she still believes in the Easter bunny.
38.      A “bad boy” with a big cock is every woman’s idea of the perfect lover. She may not want to marry a man like that, but she wants to fuck him. For women, most “booty calls” fall into this category.
39.      Men with big cocks get dumped by women much less often than men with small penises.
40.      Most women have had a lot more sexual partners than they’re telling you.
41.      Men with small penises tend to masturbate a lot.
42.      Curiously, over-masturbating causes a man’s testicles to grow as the body is called upon to produce more and more semen, which is why so many men with small penises also have large testicles.
43.      If a woman fails to make a comment about the size of a man’s penis, and just doesn’t talk about it, it means she’s not impressed by it.
44.      Women always make favorable, girlishly gushing comments when they discover that their new boyfriend has a big cock.
45.      If you have never heard a woman make favorable comments about your penis, you have a small penis.
46.      Asking a woman if she likes the size of your penis is fraught with danger.
47.      If a woman tells you that your penis is “nice”, it means she thinks it’s small.
48.      If a woman tells you that your penis is “kinda big”, it means she thinks it’s average.
49.      If a woman tells you your penis is “fricken huge”, it means that she’s very satisfied with the size of it, and wants you to fuck her with it.
50.      If a woman lowers your pants, anxiously bites her lower lip, hurriedly takes off her panties, and eagerly reaches out to touch your manhood, chances are you have big cock.
51.      If a woman lowers your pants, and giggles or looks embarrassed, and then pulls your shorts back up, chances are you have a small penis.
52.      If your girlfriend’s previous lover had a really big cock, her vagina will have expanded to accommodate him. If you have a small penis, she will barely be able to feel you inside her. If she stays with you long enough, and has sex with you exclusively, her pussy will eventually contract to its former, tighter size. But… that’s a pretty big “if”.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

She Finds a New Erotic Spot

Licking in just the right place
God you are such a freak, why do you want to lick my feet. This is so gross I don't think I can take any more... Oh my god right there, your tongue feels so good right there, don't stop keep going, I think I might cum.

One Happy Cuckold

You better not be touching yourself
George, are you out there?, I’m running late and I need you to help me get dressed. Be a dear and pick out a sexy dress, I don’t care which one as long as he will like it. What color panties should I wear, oh never mind I think I’ll just go without.
Now while I’m gone I’m expecting you to finish cleaning the house and you better at least start the laundry after you put the kids to bed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hubby gets Anal (kind of)

Hubby can't do anything right
Would you hurry up, Johnny is waiting for me. Roger, I swear if I'm not clean enough there will be hell for you to pay later

The cuckold's Fear

Enjoying sex for maybe the first time
Right about now you're beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to talk your wife into sleeping with another man.

Her House and Her Rules

OMG hubby just came
Alright hubby here’s the way its gonna be, since you lost your job and I’m now the breadwinner your going to be my house-hubby. That’s right I’m taking the Escalade and you’ll be a minivan driving, yes Mam answering pussy whipped wimp and the only sex you’ll be getting is a face full of cream pie pussy delivered by my boss

Are you a Humiliated Husband

This husband knows his place
Do you feel sorry for this husband or are you jealous?

Clean me hubby
If your wife came home like this would you get man or hard?

Take a look at these pictures and answer the questions under them to see if you would qualify to be among the humiliated husbands league. It doesn't matter if either of these scenarios have happened to you just weather the thought of them arouse you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

She should of Done this Years ago

That's right baby suck it all out
This time hubby was so aroused he was beside him self, when I came home with my clothes half torn off. He wanted to taste  my cum filled pussy so bad he couldn't even wait form me to get undressed, he just pushed me up against the wall and clamped his lips to my cunt. Ever since I've been fucking my boss both my work and my home life has been beyond my fondest dreams

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Humiliated in Front of Her Lover

Do you want to fuck me in front of him or shall we go in the other room?
I expected to feel her peg after she tied me up bent over the edge of the bed but I didn't even know he was in the house and I was totally humiliated that she called him in to watch it all.

The Wife is in Charge

Can I just kiss it for you? In your dreams hubby
It’s just not natural that your wife makes you get on your knees and beg for it and then turns you down. No hubby what is not natural is that it turns you on to grovel like this, a real man wouldn't beg he would just take what was his.

The Night She Made you Happy

Just think this use to be only for you
Take a good look hubby for the next time you see my puss it will be all stretched out of shape and full of a real man’s cum. No you can’t kiss it, you just have to wait for that.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Scoring Points With her Boss

She knows just where to put her tongue
God your wife has a nice set of tits, ya wanna watch me cum all over them?” “Yeah sure but have her take off her top first or I’ll never get those cum stains out when I do the wash.”

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time for your Husbandly Duties

This is more cum that you could produce in a week
I'm sorry sweetie but he left me too drained to move, just kneel down and clean up this mess for me. I didn't think he'd ever stop cumming, no baby don't stop, do it for me, I need to feel your soft tongue

He finds a Picture on her Phone

Admit it cucky this pic of your wife turns you on
His wife and her friend went out for drinks after work and didn't come home until morning. She said she had too much to drink and passed out at her friends house. When she went to shower he snooped through her phone and found this picture. Without the nerve to confront her with it, he merely forwarded it to his PC so he could play with himself as he viewed it

Hubby can't Perform

Oh sweetie, he feels so big
It was suppose to be a three-sum but one look at Reggie's monster made your dick go soft and now the only way you can participate is to suckle your wife's breast much as a little child. Don't worry hubby Reggie has a surprise waiting for you, when he is done fucking your wife, he is putting you in charge of clean-up duty on both of them. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's all About Her

a Black male White woman World: What all White Boys should expect:

She only teases hubby
This is what she wants
Click the above link to watch this teasing wife in action. This is something more and more white boys are discovering. Hubby knows her teasing is torture and yet he would beg her not to stop if he had to

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Now it's Their Time

Oh honey I even lost count of how many orgasms he gave me
After she comes home is when we have our quality time. Me on my knees eating his cum from her quim as she tells me of her adventurous night

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Being Taken by my Wife

Come over here and it a kiss
It is so hard to believe what she says about size not mattering when I look at the size of her mighty peg. And another thing even when I'm on top she still in charge

She Likes Rough Sex

Take it bitch
All the girls today are so on edge, so PC. Don't touch me there until I give you permission, who said you could take your shirt off, you know what I I mean, don't ya fellas. Sharon drove me to her place and once inside she pushed me up against the door and kissed me hard. She put her lips to my ear, "Baby I like it rough, how about you do you like it rough?" Oh my god this was the perfect woman I thought but much to my dismay her idea of rough was me on my back with her giant peg buried in my ass as she held her hand over my face so I couldn't breathe.

I guess you can imagine how I reacted, yes that's right we're going out again next weekend

Friday, August 10, 2012

Panties Make the man

But sweetie you look so handsome in red
“Come on baby just try them on, you know you want to. Go on, I think you’ll look cute in them.”
Sometimes you have to take baby steps to sisify your husband

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's a Privilege to Serve Your Wife

I'm telling you he likes it rough like this
No Sil, you’ve got it all wrong my hubby’s  not pussy-whipped. He doesn’t take this abuse and treat me like a queen because I make him, he does it because I let him. Go ahead if you don’t believe me pull that peg from his mouth and ask him yourself.

Your Wife is on Vacation


He was so aggressive on the dance floor it made me wet
Their role-play games turned from fantasy to reality as hubby is forced to stay home and work while his wife goes on vacation to the Bahamas. Click on the above link to read about their adventure into real time interracial cuckolding

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adding a Spark to their Love Life

Sweetie would mind handing me the channel changer?
We were in a rut, you know your marriage is in trouble when even his oral is boring.

But that all changed after I went to a sex toy party

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Very Lucky Cuckold


Hubby helps with both lubrication and clean-up
If after watching this video you don't wish you could trade places with this lucky husband, then maybe you looking at the wrong blog

New Cage has an Added Bonus

I never thought I'd be able to cum from my hubby's penis
Oh yes we just love his new cage, it not only keeps hubby from abusing himself, the new model is small enough to fit his teeny weeny and it also has a nub on the tip that I can use to rub against my clit

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tease and Denial

As close as she let me get
“If you were man enough you’d just push your dick in me without waiting for permission but we both know you don’t have the balls to do it.”
“Please, please let me put in just a little bit.”
“Naw, I’ve changed my mind, go get my vibe.”

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top Ten Reasons You May be a Cuckold

Believe me that little bit of dried sauce on her chin is not ranch dressing
Top Ten Reasons You May be a Cuckold
By Bakeboss with apologies to David Letterman
Please feel free to add to the list

10. Every time you answer the phone someone hangs up

9. At your wedding reception your bride tells you "Here hold my panties I want to find out if the best man is really the Best Man".

8. Your wife says "Until I met Tyrone I didn't realize how small your dick is."
7. You haven't had sex in weeks yet as you are washing your wife panties for her you notice the crotches are all full of dried come (did you taste them to make sure?).

6. Just where did all those hickeys come from?

5. When she comes home from a night out 'with the girls' and climbs on your face demanding that you clean her.

4. She always carries super size condoms in her purse (why would she buy those, she knows I fall out of them).

3. You help her pack for a business trip with her boss and notice she is taking no panties and a box of condoms.

2. She seems to be always losing her panties at work.

And the number 1 reason you might be a cuckold is:
You are white and your wife is white but your baby is black.