A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The House Hubby

Let's see if you can at least do the laundry satisfactorily
As you stay home and do the chores she goes out with her new friends. You're not happy with it but what can you do, every since she put that cage on you, all your manliness seems locked up as well. Maybe tonight if you do a good job she release you when she comes home, that is if she comes home.

Panty Power

Kind sir could you give a lady a hand?

What if you had the power to expose woman's underwear whenever you felt like it? Is it a curse or a gift, click on Bakeboss' link to read about such a man, then you can decide for yourself

The Modern way to Milk him

What's a woman gotta do to keep his balls from turning blue?
Ladies are you growing tired of the constant pegging of hubby just to keep him milked? Well we thought so and we have just the tool for you
The future of prostrate milking
Introducing the 'Prostrate Bump', with our new marital devise you can cut down milking to half the time. Our tool is set at that perfect angle to nudge his backdoor love button to make him ooze out that nasty boy-juice quick as a wink. A milking so fast, you'll have plenty of time to put him back in his cage and him concentrating on your pleasures as it should be. Made of polished chrome and with such  beautiful design many women leave it out in plain sight  as an Object de' Art.

Watching from the Window

But honey it's not my fault, he forced me

I watched through the window as she wiggled her sex in front of him like a bitch in heat. She had to be sopping wet because he plunged his huge cock in to her with no trouble at all. She kept yelling harder, harder, do me like a real man as he used both her holes for his pleasure. To double my humiliation I heard her scream out that she was cumming, something she never did when we made love, as he emptied his seed into her rectum. Afraid to confront this muscular stranger I waited for him to leave before entering our bedroom. The place reeked of sex and my wife lay on the floor with legs splayed and his cum oozing from her onto our new carpet. More aroused than angry I accepted her lies about her new partner, and as I got down next to her to cuddle her and give her comfort I couldn't help but notice the smirk on her face as she cooed, 
"Oh sweetie I hurt so much down there, I really need your soothing tongue to help heal me."
And to clean up all his nasty spew I thought as I began to lap at her sex.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Husband Abuse


Suck it pussy-boy
Some may call it abuse while others would call it the sexiest turn-on they ever had. Click on the above link and decide for your self

A Changed Man

This is the only sex he gets
"I'm telling you Charlene it's like night and day since I put Roger in  his cage. Would like to guess what he doing for me right now. Go ahead Roger tell her what you're doing."
"I, I'm painting her toenails."
"Charlene you would just die if you could see how red his face got when he told you that. No, that's the best part I'm getting the best sex ever, from that hunk that lives across the street, isn't that right sweetie?"
"Yes dear."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

She's the Boss (& you love it)

You're my bitch now
Ellie couldn’t wait to consummate her marriage, and so she took her new groom on the lawn behind the reception hall. Her pegging of the groom aroused her so, that after she went to look for the best man.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's all About Traditions

Oh I cheated on you before, but you can't be a cuckold if we're not married

Wedding Night

Cuckolding should be started early, before the wedding, though some women do prefer the symbolism of waiting until the wedding night.

A Treat for hubby

Why don't you sniff them first
You can wear them or eat them, I don't care

You've Heard them All

You want to believe
It's just a night out with some girlfriends...right.

He's just a guy at work...right.

Size doesn't matter...right.

Lots of guys like wearing panties...right.

Don't worry, you're man enough for me...right.

I must have turned my phone off...right.

He's just a friend...right

It's okay, I've never really had an orgasm when a guy's inside me...right.

What kind of club was this?

Where wives play and husbands pay
You see honey I told you it was the rules of the club. Now stop your whining, you want me to have a good time don't you, besides I'm sure I'll have a nice treat for you at the end of the night

The Hot Bride

Marriage doesn't change everybody
Mother took my new groom aside for 'the talk' as I stayed back to give the groomsmen my own personal thanks

Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Lucky Cuckold


If you look you can see his cock riding on hubby nose
You know he is loving all the abuse his wife is heaping on him, click on the above link to watch the action

A Little Role Play to Add Excitement

Oh baby he made me so messy
As with most couples who've been together a long time, our sex life was becoming mundane. Roger suggested we try some role play in the bedroom and even admitted a fantasy of his that I would dominate him. Of course this didn't surprise me as I had always called the shots, so to speak, making all the important decisions, most without even asking his opinion.

I ordered him to undress and to get on the bed, then I did the same, putting his slender body between my massive thighs. When I told him I could hardly feel his puny dick he moaned with excitement, I said the only way he could ever satisfy me was with his tongue. This sent him over the top and he came, as his little pud shriveled up it slipped out of me. He began to apologize, promising to do better and more to shut him up than anything else I rose up and plopped my cum filled pussy right on his face.

He tried to turn his head but I was too fast for him and now my messy cunt was affixed to his mouth. I grabbed his head and rubbed my pussy all over his face, then I told him I was feeding him another man's cum and that he was now my cuckold. He became a wild man with desire and he lapped up his cum as a kitten to a saucer of milk.

Now when we make love I tell him of my secret lover named 'Steve' and all the dirty things we do together. The best part is, there really is a Steve and unbeknown to my husband we have been fucking for years. Sometimes I wonder if I should tell Roger the truth but then he loves his little fantasy and I love the real thing so why should I rock the boat.

A Little Back Door Lovin, Wife-dom Style

Giving hubby anal

“Wow, my husband got so shit-faced last night.”
“Really drunk huh?”
“What? No, I never let him drink.”

A husband's Place is Between her Legs

Now concentrate on me for once
"Oh my god, Roger you promised tonight would be all about my pleasure and now all you can do is whine about breathing. You are so selfish, I don't think you care about my happiness at all."
"No, sweetie, don't be mad, I can do better, honest, just let me have one more breath and ump..."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another hubby Loses Control

Don't answer just nod your head
Alright hubby here’s the way its gonna be, since you lost your job and I’m now the breadwinner your going to be my house-hubby. That’s right I’m taking the Escalade and you’ll be a minivan driving, yes Mam answering pussy whipped wimp and the only sex you’ll be getting is a face full of cream pie pussy delivered by my boss

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding Night Cuckold

Hurry hubby, get me clean, he's almost ready to go again
This may appear to be an unusual way to start a honeymoon but this hubby new his place long before the marriage ceremony

Monday, May 14, 2012

A husband that Never Misbehaves

No one need ask, do you know where your hubby is
This is one sure way to keep hubby out of trouble while you're out with that new lover

A Dangerous Toy

This behemoth needs a warning label 
This is what she wanted for her birthday but I kept telling her that she'd put her eye out with that monster

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hubby puts his Face into it

You know, I tell him that I feed you his cum
How many times have you masturbated as you imagined licking your wife's cum filled pussy. You couldn't bring yourself to do it after you fucked her, it just didn't sound sexy after you came. Well now all is different because her pussy is filled with another man's cum and because you no longer get to cum until after you lick her clean. Don't think about the slime covering your face, or the foul taste, just remember it's what you wanted.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Cuckold's Hot Wife

Now don't wait up sweetie
Not only is she cuckolding me, I had to pay almost two thou for the outfit she bought to impress him. Then she had the nerve to ask me if I thought HE would think she looked sexy in it. I just let her see the boner in my pants for an answer

Sissy for a Husband

No boners allowed
My wife said that when she was with Reggie, I could play dress up as long as I wore a cage to prevent ‘accidents’. I bet all dressed up,I could make him just as happy as she does if I had the chance

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Her First Time

Baby, if you want I'll make him go wait in the bathroom
What a pathetic excuse for a husband you turned out to be, there you are pulling your little pud as you watch you wife being satisfied by a real man. Whatever respect she still had for you is now gone forever, to be replaced with a life of degrading humiliation. There is no need to guess who in this room will cum first, but hey it's the scene you wanted little man so enjoy it as best you can.
If I may just inject a personal note here, I am so jealous of hubby

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hubby Will be Under Your Thumb

It's fun to make him suffer
Once she controls your orgasms she will control your life and once she realizes this, she will never give the power of your satisfaction back to you

Friday, May 4, 2012

Teasing my Cuckold

One more peek for my honey
My wife gives me one last look before she leaves to go be with HIM. 
"I want you to think of me while I'm gone but I don't want you to wank so I'm leaving your cage on until I get home. I'm sure the next time you see my puss it will be full of his yummy cum and I promise to give you a good long taste of it."
My penis is already throbbing against it confinement and I know I'm in for a long torturous night.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Hubby does as he's Told

Hubby's first
It is such a rush  when you realize you have the power to make your husband do anything, even suck another man's cock. I told him it wouldn't be gay if he did it for me, but I lied