A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Erotica of being in Charge

I said lick harder
Oh don't get me wrong, his tongue is a pleasant diversion but dominating him like this is what really gets me off.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's the Start of a New Lifestyle

Time to earn your keep
Alright hubby here’s the way its gonna be, since you lost your job and I’m now the breadwinner your going to be my house-hubby. That’s right I’m taking the Escalade and you’ll be a minivan driving, yes Mam answering pussy whipped wimp and the only sex you’ll be getting is a face full of cream pie pussy delivered by my boss

Into her Music

Just walking down main street
Giving him a day he'll never forget

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hubby's First Taste

Oh Johnny, I want you to cum in his face
Of course I won't think less of you, that would be impossible. Don't argue about it you silly boy, just lean down and kiss it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Bring Home a Real Man for my Wife

Now it's Miller time
"OK Mr Miller, I'm done with your wife, you can have her back now."
Look at my wife, her cunt is so gaped I could put my fist inside her. She will never be able to feel me again, and all of that cum oozing out and onto our new wooden floors. I know, I know, this is all my fault, when I happened to notice how big George was at the urinal at work I knew he was just the man my wife was looking for so I set this all up.

It's called the cuckold's reward
 "OK hubby now that your friend has had his fun, I want you to beg me to let you clean up his mess. That's right on your knees, start with the floor, no use your tongue."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The First Time

Don't you wish you could be there when I'm doing this?
Do you wonder if the life of a cuckold is for you? As a test I want you to stare at this picture and decide. Would you rather watch your wife doing this to him or would you rather have her doing it to you? Oh I already know your answer I just want to find out if you have come to your senses yet. While I'm out tonight, you keep looking at this picture and imagine it's me in it. If you're a good boy I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

She Takes his Cherry


Hubby's dick is so small his wife has to do the fucking
This is such a hot video I had to borrow it from the 'Slave to Girls' Tumblr blog. Click on the above link to watch hubby not only get his ass fucked by his wife's mighty peg but her constant degrading of him is so erotic he cums untouched.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My First Love

OK, now clean up your mess
I went to the football game alone and when I saw a seat next to a girl I knew named Carol I asked to sit. She said she was saving it for her friend who was in the drill team so I could sit there until halftime was over. We said very little as I was far to intimidated to make small talk with a girl and she seemed uninterested in me. When Mary came up to her seat, she told me not to leave and she sat on my lap. The two girls talked as if I wasn't there, each pointing out good looking boys in the stands to each other. As they talked and laughed and whispered in each other's ear Mary kept rooting herself in my lap and I kept hoping she didn't feel the erection that was growing in my pants. Although they were ignoring me, Mary had her arm around my neck and she kept caressing the back of my neck in what I could only think of as sensual.

They both accepted a ride home with me rather than calling Carol's parents to pick them up but when I dropped off Carol, Mary said she didn't fell like going home yet. When I admitted that I didn't know of a good place to park she directed me to one she knew of close by. I was too shy to make the first move and she led the way as we made out. When I finally got the nerve to put my hand under her sweater I was in heaven. Oh my God I'm finally getting to first base with a girl. Of course, I was too clumsy to get her bra undone so she reached around and unhooked it herself. She directed my mouth to her nipple and as I suckled her, she rubbed her fingers through my hair. "She said, You're a virgin aren't you?" I tried to deny it but she said, "Don't fib to me I can tell when you're fibbing." I admitted that I had never been with a girl before. She seemed to like that, she pulled my head over to her breast again. She started cooing, "That's good baby, you're my little virgin. That's OK I'll teach you to be my special lover. She then said it was time for her to get home so we left. After I drove her home she gave me one more kiss and hopped out of the car and I swear I think she skipped up to her door.

The next day at school when I looked for her I noticed she sat with the A group, 
the people I wouldn't have the nerve to talk to
 unless they talked first.  I don't think she knew who I was at
first and I'm sure she didn't remember my name but she was nice to me.  I
asked her if I could talk to her, she stood and took my hand, and we went
for a walk.  I was holding a girls hand in school and I was sure this meant
she loved me too.  I asked her out for Friday night and she told me she had
to go to the football game.  She said she went to all the games even the
away games like this one.  Then I asked if I could take her to the game,
she said she was already going with a bunch of friends.  I think my face
fell, I know my heart was breaking.  She looked at me, "That's alright Boo
Boo, why don't we go out Saturday Night?" Just like that she restored my
world.  We made a date for Saturday night to go to the drive in.  Ah, the
drive in movies was the teenager's dream date.  It was cheap, if you were
lucky, you could get laid in your back seat, and if not, at least you could
watch the movie.

   She came up to me Friday at school and invited me to her house Saturday
morning.  She said we could be together all day that way.  I was knocking
on her door by 10 in the morning.  She opened the door wearing baby doll
pajamas, oh god did she look sexy.  Well, yeah, her hair was in rollers and
no makeup but I swear I could see her boob through the gauzy material of
her PJ's.  I remember thinking she looked like Giget in her 'Baby Dolls'.
She told me her mother was at work.  She said we could be together after
she did her housework and if I helped, she would be done sooner.  So here I
was on a Saturday doing housework.  This was yet another thing I was a
virgin at, but she would show me what to do and I would do it.  After we
did her chores, she took me to her bedroom and made me a man.  She knew
just what to do.  First, she took off her pajamas and just let me feast on
her body, she seemed to really enjoy this.  She actually posed for me like
a centerfold.  This was not the first live naked girl I had seen but it was
the first one with curves.  Oh my god did she have curves, she was not like
the skinny little girls I grew up with, she had big boobs , a big belly and
a huge butt.  Do you think I cared?  She looked like Marilyn Monroe to me.
Next, she told me to get undressed and I tore off my clothes.  She said
what did I just teach you about folding clothes you fold them right.  I
picked up my clothes and did what she told me.  She told me to lay down on
her little twin bed.  She sat next to me and offered me her breast, as I
nursed her (this is how it felt to me) she started to play with me.  I
pulled off of her nipple and said, no sighed would be a better word, "You
have to stop or I am going to shoot off." She pulled me back to her breast
and said, "That's alright come on my little Boo Boo let me see your little
thing spurt." That was it, I came, and it did just spurt and spurt some
more.  She caught it all in her hand.  "The first thing you have to learn
when you are with me is, when you spurt you have to do your housework, you
have to clean up your mess." And with that she stuck her finger into my cum
and rubbed it on my lips.  " Come on, open up for Mama, and then stuck her
finger in my mouth." I was pissed "I can't do that, I can't eat that." "Oh
yes you can, you listen here if you want to spurt you nasty stuff around me
you have to clean it up." Then she fed me my whole load and even had me
lick her hand clean.  "Now go wash your face so we can kiss again.  Hurry
   When I got back, she was laying on the bed with her legs open.  She
said, "I want to make love to you but I wanted you to last longer so if I
made you spurt first then you will last longer.  Now I will teach you how
to please me, come closer." She took my head and placed at her slit. 
"First kiss right here, this is my button, I like it when you kiss here."
Then she pushed my head down "You may lick me here, that's right, oh Boo
Boo you are doing such a good job.  Now back to my button, go ahead put in
your mouth and suck, gentle not so hard oh yes that's a good boy."

   Let me interrupt my tale to tell you why she called me Boo Boo.  She
caught the name from a cartoon show called 'Yogi Bear' that had a bear
named Boo Boo in it.  She thought he was cute and I think she thought my
ineptness reminded her of Boo Boo.  It was always humiliating to me when
she called me that in front of her friends but that didn't stop her from
doing it.  She even got me a stuffed Boo Boo that she made me carry in my
car.  OK back to her bedroom.

   I don't know how many times she got off (I didn't even know girls got
off) but when she was ready she pulled me up and I started to mount her. 
After a few miscues on my part, she told me to lie down and then she
mounted me.  Hallelujah, that was that, I finally got to put it inside of a
girl.  I still didn't last too long.  She looked down at me, "You did good
Boo Boo, but now you have to do your housework she slid up and put her
pussy right on my mouth.  "You clean all of your nasty stuff out.  I don't
want to get pregnant." Here she was, what I thought was a woman of the
world was just a naive kid like me.  She was sure that oral sex made good
birth control and would clean all of the sperm out of her womb (so it
should come as no surprise she ended up pregnant but that is another
story). When she felt I was done she made me go wash my face again before
she would kiss me. 

   This was how I spent most of my Saturdays during my junior year.  It
seemed like she humiliated me more every week but I didn't care I was
getting sex and I was in heaven.  All of this just instilled in me that
humiliation was a turn on and it has affected me my whole life.

   The summer after my junior year of high school, I got a job.  I was
elated; finally, I would be able to earn some money.  I would be able to
adorn my love, my Princess with gifts.  She was not so happy, "What am I
supposed to do while you're at work?" Then she came up with the idea of
taking me to work so she could have my car while I worked.  What could I
say?  I could never say no to her so it was arranged.  We would be together
during the day.  We would go to the beach or to the park and even better;
if her mother wasn't home we would go to her house and make love.
   When it was time to go to work my love would take me and then pick me up
after work.  She was always late, I would be sitting out front of work
waiting sometimes over a hour.  I would get worried, has she been in a
wreck, is she sick?  What could be taking her so long?  Then she would pull
into the parking lot, my heart would soar and I would be on top of the
world again.

   After about a month of this, I bumped into my friend who lived close to
Mary.  He said.  "I have to tell you, I've  seen your car around with
your girl and Frank R.  When I first saw it, I thought it was you, but with
Frank being so big there was no mistaking it.  The thing I noticed was she
was sitting right next to him.

   My world came crashing down.  I went home, my mom even noticed, what is
wrong she wanted to know.  What could I tell her?  I told my mom everything
was all right and went to bed to stare at the ceiling all night.  The next
morning I called Mary and said I had to see her.  She could tell I was
upset so when I got to her house she came running out to meet me.  She
hoped in and gave me a kiss and I drove to our parking spot

   I told her what I had heard.  All I could say was, "Are you leaving me?"
I was trying not to cry, almost sobbing but still trying to hold it back. 
She smiled at me, "I could never leave you.  You're my little Boo Boo." She
pulled up her sweatshirt and took out her breast I automatically put my
mouth around her nipple.  She ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked.
She said, "I just go with Frank because he excites me.  Do you understand?
I could never let him be my boyfriend like you but he is fun to be with.  Can
you be all right with that?  I hope so because I would hate to lose you but
I am not giving up Frank." I said, "But everybody sees you two in my car
and that is so humiliating" "I know it is but he doesn't have a car.  Do
you want me to take the bus?" She said this with an indignant look on her
face, of course, I said no, and everything went back to the way it was.

   But now that I knew about her other lover she would tell me everything
about what they did together.  The she started having me do Frank's
'housework for him'.  She said, "That mean boy won't clean his nasty stuff
out of me when he done.  Boo Boo won't you do it for me?  It will be just
like you cleaning your own so what is the difference.  " What could I do? I
could never say no to my Princess.  So every night she would pick me up
after work and first thing, we would go to our place and I would lick her
clean.  The thing I didn't understand at the time was all this was so
humiliating yet I would get so turned on while licking the 'nasty stuff' of
another boy out of my Princess.

   I really don't have to end this story you already know the ending.  Yet
maybe some of you are as dense as I was, so I will tell you.  Overall, I
had a wonderful summer, of course, I ended up a cuckold, but back then, I
had never heard of the word let alone know what it meant.  In the end she
left me, (you knew she would) my heart was broken.  My senior year was a
dreary walk through the fog of depression.  I wish now I had looked back on
my first love as a training session as that was what it was.  I loved the
sex, she knew just how to bring me along, first teasing then taunting.  She
taught me 'ladies first' and I have used that lesion well.

   After losing my first love I finally had to look around at my life, I
had ignored everything except her.  Now I was noticing there were more
girls than just her available to me and as I began to date again, I became
the one to show them the ways of enjoyment.
Next installment: My first Marriage

A Cuckold's Place

Get it all, lick up every last drop

A cuckold’s place is down on his knees with his face between his wife’s legs, to service her cunt and clean it up after she’s been with her Bull, to make sure that she never ever goes to bed with a dirty cummy pussy, and to do it with diligence, enthusiasm, and honor.
(via femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial)
I so agree with this, as a husband who is not man enough to satisfy his wife I cannot keep her from finding a man who can fulfill her needs. It is therefore only right that I should clean her upon her return, it is my duty and my pleasure.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Submissive's Life, the Early Years

Forced to kiss her sex

My addiction to humiliation started before I was mature enough to have an emission of cum when I climaxed. I can remember lying in bed with my PJs and little tidy whitys pulled down to my knees and me rutting against the sheets as jacking off was a trick to be learned later. Every night it was the same fantasy, Bonnie from the corner, older and bigger than me, had me on the ground and her knees on my shoulders. She'd put her play-dress over my head and then press that place where she peed on my face. Completely helpless and unable to stop her I had to allow her to rub my face in her pee hole ( I was far to inexperienced to know that there was anything else between a girls legs). I would rub my face in my pillow and my little penis on the sheets until suddenly I would have a dry climax. After, with my passion drained I would feel total embarrassment for allowing myself to be bullied by a girl.

I was raised in a neighborhood of all girls and if I wanted someone to play with I had to follow 'girls rules' and play girls games. Of course I was the odd ball and so they all picked on me, if I retaliated they would tell my mother and she would punish me and tell me that I was a boy and therefore I had to be nice to girls. Where all my friends at school played cowboys and indians or baseball at home, I had no choice but to play house or hopscotch and jump-rope. The one game they liked to play that I did enjoy was doctor. Bonnie's dad built her a playhouse and we all spent a lot of time playing doctor there. She was always the doctor and of course I was always the patient and no matter the ailment, the treatment involved me exposing myself and her examining my genitals. She seemed fascinated by how easy it was to inflect pain by squeezing my testicles, often so hard she would make me cry. She sometimes would make one of the other girls be the patient and would then pull up her dress to expose her panties (in those days little girls always wore dresses). Many times she would  put her hand inside the girls undies but she never pulled them down the way she did to mine. When I begged one of the girls to let me peek, Bonnie said that boys were not allowed to see inside girls panties.

One summer morning I went to Bonnie's playhouse to find her there alone. She gave me an evil smile when she saw me and I remember being frightened that she was going to hurt me. She walked over to me, lifted her dress up, then took my hand and held it to her crotch. I felt my little penis turn to stone in anticipation of what was going to happen. I looked to see her panties turning wet and then my hand as she urinated through her panties and onto my hand. I tried to pull back my hand but she held it in place tightly until she had finished. When she let go I turned around and ran as I heard her laughing behind me.
After that morning, I never went back to Bonnie's house but it seemed that every time I'd see the neighborhood girls they'd look at me then whisper to each other and laugh, so I'm sure that Bonnie told them what happened.

As an adult I'm sure that Bonnie is at least in a D/S relationship or maybe even a professional dominatrix, something I know she would be good at. As for the other girls who were at least as meek as I, two I can see now are lesbians and the other one probably is in a relationship with a strong willed man who just uses her. As for me, my teen and young adult years were totally conflicted as I tried to hide my desire to be humiliated by dating submissive plain Janes while fantasizing about being dominated by a strong woman. Too shy and intimated to try even a kiss I remained a virgin until I met Mary. She took the lead and I followed gladly as she seized my virginity and let me explore all that she had under her panties. Head over heels in what I thought was love I soon asked her to marry me and she excepted.

I will try to explain my stormy marriage in another post


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easy-Anny Finds her Soul Mate

Some men don't have a clue
He was such a fool, I remember the day he got down on his knee to propose his undying love as he asked for my hand in marriage. All I could think about was that I hoped he couldn't see Johnny's cum oozing out of my panties and down my thighs. The thing was, I knew I was pregnant with no idea who the father was, other than it wasn't his. Besides his father owned the towing company he worked for and someday it would be his, so I said yes.

The first time he caught me sleeping with another man he cried like a baby as he begged me not to leave him. I told him not to worry that it was just a fling and he seemed to be relieved at this. That night in bed he snuggled up next to me his erection pressing into my thigh,
"Baby tell me what it was like to be with him, I want to hear."
"Oh honey you don't want me to do that."
"I do, I want to know all the details."
I could tell he was excited by his heavy breathing and the fact that his hard-on was leaking all over my leg.
"But what if I had to tell you that he was bigger than you?"
"Yes, yes, I want to know, was he a better lover, did he make you cum?"

That was the night that everything changed, I went from a wife who cheated on her husband to a wife who cuckolded her husband. The more I did to humiliate him the more aroused he became, even going so far as to make him lick my cunt when  it was filled with another man's cum. I have to admit that it turns me on as well, when I think about leaving him home to clean the house as he babysits the kid that isn't even his, (of course, I never told him this) it makes my panties wet.

I guess it must be true that every woman has a soul mate, for Roger is the perfect husband for me. I never thought it possible that a girl every one called Easy-Anny could ever be happily married and yet here I am. The thing now is that hubby has been begging me to let him watch me with another man but I'm not so sure It's such a good idea. He really wants this and said he'd do anything I asked, if I'd let him watch, I'm thinking that maybe I'll make him wear a cage.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cuckolded by your Rival

He not only makes you look bad at work but now in the bed room as well
Your beautiful hotwife…your wedding ring….she skipped work and is spending the day with the young, hung stud that works in your department.…(he got a day off by beating your sales record this month)…..you are at your office an just got this picture and text…..
hi hon….Dan insisted that I wear this outfit and had me take off my panties too…It’s been a great day….I’ve never been fucked this good..…Dan is not only huge but he sure knows how to use it……he can fuck for hours, he has fucked me at three times this afternoon….….he is sooo much better than you and now I probably won’t be able to feel you little dick for a while ……….
btw, we are headed to your favorite after-work hangout place for drinks…..he said it would turn you on and humiliate you immensely knowing that your friends and coworkers will see me in my sexy hotwife attire accompanied by a young, handsome stud, which also happens to be your rival…
he loves showing me off….you and your friends will probably get an eyeful……we will have a few drinks with you and your coworkers ….. then I will leave with him, back to his place…
I hope you are enjoying this cause I certainly am….thanks for begging me to be your hotwife…I Love it!…….See you soon..Love you…
The Modern American Marriage….she is your hotwife…..just like you wanted…Enjoy! (Thanks to the Hot Wife Wedding Rings blog for this)

Just hubby's Size

Of course, real men don't wear pink. What's that got to do with you?
"I was so happy that the cage people started making the super petite size. And look, it's just a fit, and that pink bow is to die for, don't you think?"

You Too May be a Cuckold

You say cuckold as if it's a bad thing
The first sign is that you're reading this blog
Signs You May be a Cuckold
  • You crave creampies, and not the kind made by you
  • It turns you on to hear all about your wife’s past sexual experiences.
  • Your dick gets hard just thinking of another man fucking your wife.
  • You are a little short in the penis department- with merely an average penis.
  • You find yourself staring at cocks in the shower at the gym, wondering what it would look like going in and out of your wife’s pussy.
  • It excites you to see other men ogling over your hot wife; in fact you prefer she dresses more like a slut wife to get more attention.
  • You would rather watch a big cock fuck your wife than to have sex with her yourself.
  • The ultimate cunnilingus experience revolves around your hotwife telling you about her past lovers while you eat her pussy, with or without the presence of a creampie.
  • You realize your wife is going to stray anyway since you don’t have what it takes to please her, so you might as well get to watch.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Naive Husband

Honey, are you gaining weight?
It started on our wedding night as I took off my clothes I could think of nothing else but the consummation of our marriage. My wife however started to cry as she confessed to me that she thought the male sex organ was so disgusting she couldn't even look at it and there was no way she could allow me to put it in her body. I being a dutiful husband put on my pajamas and lay down beside her to try to sooth and calm her down. After awhile she said she wouldn't mind if I kissed her 'down there' and of course I gladly did it until she climaxed. This has become our sex life, me lying between her legs with my face in her sex as she has multiple orgasms, then after she is sated and falls asleep, then I sneak off into the bathroom to seek my relief by abusing myself. This is not how I dreamed our sex life would be like but I love her so much I have accepted my roll in our marriage.

So you could imagine the shock I received after walking in on her just getting out of the shower and seeing for my own eyes that she was pregnant. I mean I knew she was gaining weight but when I saw her belly I instantly knew she was with child.
 "Emily, how can this be, you know I've never even touched you with my penis."
She confessed that one day she saw our neighbor lying in the sun naked and from a distance his sex did not look so disgusting and in fact she became fascinated by it. Suddenly he began to stroke it and she could feel herself getting wet as he he became hard. She found she had a strong desire to touch it and brazenly walked next door, into his yard and as they say the rest is history.

She not only wasn't sorry, she even wanted to keep our sex life as it was and said she was going to continue to enjoy our neighbor as well. She told me she liked the feeling it gave her to cuckold me, a word she learned from our neighbor. You might think I'm in a bad situation but to be honest for some strange reason I find all it very erotic and I keep up the hope that someday she will allow me the same pleasures she gives her neighbor.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

That First Time

You never forget your first time
It doesn't matter what you want, now stop your whining and assume the position.

For her Pleasure

Hubby finally gives her an orgasm
The best part about the mouth gag dildo is how she can rub her clit over his nose on the down stroke