A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old Roomate Boinks my Wife

Look at the hand printsd he left on my wife's bum
When Johnny and I were room mates in school he was always stealing my girlfriends to fuck. Now all these years later here he was fucking my wife right in front of me. One look of that giant cock of his and she didn't care what I thought about it she had to have him. As for me, I could believe how hot it was to watch, in fact I was the first in the room to cum

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Naughty Wife


Baby can you taste him?
Was his wife just role playing or had she let her boss have his way with her. Either way this 'naughty' wife playfully humiliates her husband as she turns him on and me as well. Click on the above link to read all about it

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hubby Kicked out of his own Bedroom

Looks like hubby is about ready to make a mess in the kitchen
Oh sweetie, I know you wanted to be in the bedroom with us but Johnie didn't feel comfortable with you there. How about I just tell you what he did to me, would that make you feel better? You're so nice and hard, you wanna cum for mama?

Monday, March 24, 2014

From Cuckoled to Cock Sucker

Oh baby can you taste him?
Of course she was kissing me with the same lips that was sucking Jerome but it still just a kiss

I bet my sweetie could do it better
Next she made me watch her sister force her wimp husband suck Jerome as she whispered in my ear that it would be so hot to see me doing it

She made him take the first taste but then he was hooked
The first time she made me do my buddy Reg, I just like obeyed her and took him in my mouth. But then she got mad at me when I wouldn't stop sucking until he came down my throat. She called me a cock sucking fag but I just smiled

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wife Enjoys Humiliating me

Before I was done my face was covered in my own cum
Once your wife controls your orgasms she quickly learns that you will do anything she demands just for some relief no matter how humiliating it is.

The humiliation of sucking the cock of the man that is going to fuck your wife
She pushed my head closer to his cock but I resisted, I knew this was too far. She leaned close and whispered in my ear, "If you ever want to cum again you better take him in your mouth. Good boy, I knew you were a born cock sucker."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wife's Lover Takes my Cherry

Her lover makes hubby's little dick get all firm and everything
Roger says he hates it when I ask John to fuck him in front of me, but you can see his little boner likes it

A Shared Cum Kiss

Even when my wife gives me my birthday BJ I end up humiliated

First the kiss...

Then the share

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Interrical Cuckold

Some call it the white man's curse

I'll never forget the first time I heard it, "but it's so small can't you make it get bigger."
The shame made me wilt like a spring flower in the afternoon sun. Then I met Sharon, of course she said almost the same thing all the other girls said but when she saw the look on my face, added, "Oh don't feel bad, I think he's cute," then she leaned over and gave my penis a kiss. "Besides Sweetie, everyone knows size doesn't matter." Soon we were married and we settled into a life of bliss and all the sex I could handle.

He found pleasure zones she didn't know she had
Well that all changed the night John from work came over with a bottle of cognac and we all got drunk. Sharon, drunk as I'd ever seen her looked John in the eyes and said something about the size of a black man's penis. John stood up, loosened up his  trousers and let them drop to the floor. He had the largest cock I had ever seen and both Sharon and I sat there with our mouths open with amazement.Before any of knew what was happening my wife was naked and ridding his monster with screams of pleasure.

My wife is now addicted and there is nothing I can do about it
My wife claims she still loves me but she says she will never give up John's boner, even going so far as to fall to her knees and beg him to let her worship his manhood not even caring if I heard her. She is still my wife but she now belongs to him and rushes to him when ever he calls.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ask Mr. Sissy

Today we start offering a new service to all our followers her at H.H. Ask Mr. Sissy is an advice column to we males that aren't quite men. Feel free to ask Mr.Sissy anything and he will try and give you an answer that hopefully will help you and your significant other . 

Ask Mr. Sissy
Our first letter is signed Wants to Taste a Boner:
Dear Mr. Sissy, I am a 'straight' married male that keep having fantasizes of sucking cock. Is there any way I could do this and not be considered gay?

Bailey Jay is  the answer to every problem a sissy could have
Dear Boner Taster, just take a look here at Ms. Bailey Jay, she is a beautiful and sexy woman who also happens to possess a gorgeous cock. How in the world could wanting to suck her cock be thought of as gay.

Our next question is signed Cum Taster:
Dear Mr. Sissy, my wife likes me to to eat her pussy after I have cum inside her. I really like the idea until I cum and then just the thought makes me queasy. How can I get past this so I can make her happy?

Once you get use to cleaning up a real man's load your little spurt will be easy to slurp

Dear Taster, this is a no brainer, simply ask her to find someone to fuck her and then feed his jizz to you. Soon you'll learn to love the creamy taste even after you cum. Of course, there may be one drawback once she finds what a real man feels like she may never let you fuck her again, but you did say you wish to make her happy.

Our last entry is singed Can't Keep it up:
Dear Mr. Sissy my wife wants to take me to a swinging party at the neighbors house. I would love to go but I have a little problem with premature ejaculation and I don't want to embarrass my wife in front of her friends. Any clues on what I could do?

I think I made a great sissy sandwich
Dear Up, this is very similar to a problem I had but my wife found a solution to it and everyone had a good evening

If you have any relation questions for Mr. Sissy just ask them in the comment section below or you can e-mail them to herboitoy@gmail.com

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Cuckold's Rationale

There's only one person in this pic that agrees with that statement
Maybe that was true when she 'made' you fluff her Stud but now that you beg her to let you do it that excuse has gone out the window

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Panty Wednesday

Early morning panty check
"Honey what are you talking about, no panty Wednesday?"
"Lighten up George, the boss is just trying to liven up the workplace, it's really not that big of a deal"
"But how would they even know if you wore underwear or not?"
"Oh believe me they'll know, they'll know."

Interacial Pleasures

Oh hubby I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life
I do love to see my wife with a smile on her face and happy even if it meant her fondling another man's huge cock. Of course we all knew this would not be enough for her and soon...

Stretched to her limit
That monster was plunging inside her and sex for me would forever be limited to viewing and clean-up

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Stop Hubby from Asking too Many Questions

Here take care of these
She refused to tell me where she'd been all night but I did notice a strange taste on her panties as I chewed on them

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You're the Daddy but HE's the Father

Her lover leaves a mess
It humiliated me but also turned me on to see his cum all over my wife...
He also made a baby
But seeing his seed turn into a baby inside my wife was even more of a turn-on

She Stayed Home but Not Alone

She's full of their cum so now it's hubby time
Roger come in, I've been waiting for you. See my pussy, yes get closer, see how much cum I've taken, look at it. While you've been out 'with the boys' I been here fucking the boys. I want you to put your face in my messy pussy, I want to smear their cum all over your face, as you lick me clean.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Her Husband Wasn't Man Enough

This wife gets what her husband can't do some where else
Your wife needs domination and if you can't give it to her she will find someone else who can. I am more like her servant than her husband so how can she expect me to be man enough to scratch this itch? Lucky for us her boss was just the type of real man who could satisfy her need.

You Can't be a Cuckold Until you say I do

Cum clean up is a husband's duty, no matter whose cum it is
Although she has fed you many a cream-pie made with another man jizz, this was your first official cuckold cream-pie

Just Another Loser Husband

And what is hubby doing about this all this? That's right looking at this pic and jacking off

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Watching a Real Man do Her

HE was so big I was afraid it wouldn't fit in her
She ordered me to watch and lear how a real man satisfies her and although it was the most humiliating time of my life it made me cum in my trousers

Useless Hubby

Just another chore that hubby does badly

Oh my god, you can't do anything right, your tongue is as boring as your tiny prick. Stop, just stop, go get my vibe, I need a cum and I'm not waiting all night for you to get me off.