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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ask Mr. Sissy

Today we start offering a new service to all our followers her at H.H. Ask Mr. Sissy is an advice column to we males that aren't quite men. Feel free to ask Mr.Sissy anything and he will try and give you an answer that hopefully will help you and your significant other . 

Ask Mr. Sissy
Our first letter is signed Wants to Taste a Boner:
Dear Mr. Sissy, I am a 'straight' married male that keep having fantasizes of sucking cock. Is there any way I could do this and not be considered gay?

Bailey Jay is  the answer to every problem a sissy could have
Dear Boner Taster, just take a look here at Ms. Bailey Jay, she is a beautiful and sexy woman who also happens to possess a gorgeous cock. How in the world could wanting to suck her cock be thought of as gay.

Our next question is signed Cum Taster:
Dear Mr. Sissy, my wife likes me to to eat her pussy after I have cum inside her. I really like the idea until I cum and then just the thought makes me queasy. How can I get past this so I can make her happy?

Once you get use to cleaning up a real man's load your little spurt will be easy to slurp

Dear Taster, this is a no brainer, simply ask her to find someone to fuck her and then feed his jizz to you. Soon you'll learn to love the creamy taste even after you cum. Of course, there may be one drawback once she finds what a real man feels like she may never let you fuck her again, but you did say you wish to make her happy.

Our last entry is singed Can't Keep it up:
Dear Mr. Sissy my wife wants to take me to a swinging party at the neighbors house. I would love to go but I have a little problem with premature ejaculation and I don't want to embarrass my wife in front of her friends. Any clues on what I could do?

I think I made a great sissy sandwich
Dear Up, this is very similar to a problem I had but my wife found a solution to it and everyone had a good evening

If you have any relation questions for Mr. Sissy just ask them in the comment section below or you can e-mail them to herboitoy@gmail.com

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