A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you can't eat pussy what good are you?

She has her legs wrapped around your head and her hands are grabbing handfuls of hair to keep you in place. You can't see but her toes are curling while she screams out HIS name as you are the one giving her an orgasm. Don't feel bad at least she has found something you can do right
She found that you work so much harder on giving her pleasure if she doesn't allow you to breathe before she has had at least five orgasms. You didn't dare answer her when she asked which was more important, her pleasure or you breathing.
"That is just the right spot don't you dare move." As if you could with both her hands holding you in place. "Tell me cucky is there anything more exciting to you than sucking out my lover's cream pie deposit? I didn't think so."
You Can't believe how low she can squat but this way her pussy is spread apart and the cum can trickle into your mouth. She said cum is an acquired taste and therefore she will be feeding you all her lovers jizz until you love it.

"Georgie I wish you could see my hubby slurping up all that cum you left in my pussy, it's just like a cat to a saucer of milk, or maybe I should say cream. Haha ha, it is just too funny I think he gets off on me fucking you more than I do."

Cuckold Three-way

Hubby always thought that a three-way would be fun until his wife forced him to submit to cock sucking with her new lover.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Interview

I needed this job and when she said I would be tested for my ability to follow instructions, I blurted out that I would do anything she asked. Her first order was for me to undress which I did after only a moments hesitation. She told me to come closer then held my penis as it hardened in her hand. 
"The male genitalia are so silly looking and untidy,"
she said as I tried to remain still to her erotic milking of my member. She asked if I would like to cum and I interrupted her to say, "Yes, yes oh god yes."
"Or would you rather have the job? If you like, you may now cum on my stockings, then lick up your mess and then leave my office. But if you'd rather have the job then..."
But it was too late as I spurted all over her nylon covered leg.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clean my Panties

It is always so exciting sitting at home waiting for her to come back from her lovers. You wish she would stay and make love to you but she says you do nothing for her.
Wife brings home cum filled panties for hubby to clean with his tongue. I love her English accent pronouncement of 'panty'. Very short but super sexy to a panty sniffing humiliated hubby.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Big Squirt


No one can cum as hard or as long as girl who can squirt. This young lady reminds me of my first wife who seemed to have the ability to cum for hours

The Naughty Wife

Wife enjoys giving in to her boss
I got home from work late and exhausted; too tired to eat I headed straight for the bedroom. Eve lay on top of the spread with her back against the headboard, reading a magazine. She was naked except for a tiny pair of panties that I didn't remember ever seeing before. Her smallish breasts stood out firm as always and her nipples were erect and hard as the finger of one hand was almost absentmindedly caressing one. She looked up to me then smiled and tired or not I could feel a tingling in my cock.

As I took off my clothes, I asked her about the new panties,
"Yes, they're new, I'll have to tell you about them, but first I have to confess, your wife has been naughty today."
Eve being 'naughty' is a role-play game we play where she tells me a story about either letting men peek up her skirt or maybe meeting her boss at a motel for lunch. Her tales are so realistic, she knows how turned on I get, and it turns her on as well.
"Eve is daddy going to have to give you a spanking tonight?"
Of course, I never give her a real spanking that is just part of our role-play. Now naked I cuddled up next to her with my erection pressing against her thighs.
"OK, I'm ready to hear how naughty you were today..."
"No Roger it wasn't my fault, that mean Mr. Roberson forced himself on me, I mean he was so insistent that I just let him. Do you believe he actually tore my panties taking them off me?"
By now I was actually panting and rutting her leg like some horny dog,
"Wait start at the beginning tell me all about it."
"Just before quitting time he called me into his office and told me I had to work overtime. I said I had to use the restroom first and excused myself. When I came out of the stall in the ladies room Mr. Roberson was standing there leaning against the sink. I was so embarrassed, I know he heard me tinkle and then he told me he saw my panties around my ankles. I think he liked that he'd embarrassed me, then when I began washing my hands, he picked up my dress, and he said he wanted to see how they looked wrapped around my butt. My hands were wet so I couldn't even pull my dress down. He then told me to come to his office when I was done and walked out, leaving me with my dressed hiked up."

She picked up my hard-on, and then leaned over to look at it resting in her hand.
"You know, you're a lot smaller than Mr. Roberson."
"What, where did that come from, how do you know?"
"Well, when I went back into his office he was sitting in his chair with his thingy out and he was stroking it. He looked so strong and sexy I guess I couldn't stop staring at it, I mean him. When or ordered me to come hold it for him I had to do it. Oh god Roger, he was so big I could put both of my hands around it."
This made me look down and I noticed she was stroking me with just two fingers. My cock was throbbing so I asked her what happened next,
"He reached under my dress and began to rub me through my panties. He told me I was a hot bitch and that my cunt was wet, Roger you know how much I hate that word but when he said it, I got even wetter. He tore my panties off and pulled me over his lap and before I knew what, he was inside me. I just went crazy, I don't even know how many times I came, and when he came he was so deep inside me I could feel it shooting up inside me."
I was so turned on I wanted her right that instant and I asked her to climb on top of me. She did as I asked except instead of my dick she sat on my face.
"Honey, I'm just too sore right now, could you be a sweetie and just lick me softly like you do so well."
I began to jack off as I ate her pussy,
"You know you are licking your wife right where her boss used her, can you taste any of his juice, go ahead stick your tongue way up there."
I hesitated, did she taste different, she certainly was wet enough, I just couldn't tell for sure. All this excited me so much, I came all over my belly.
"Roger that feels so good, keep doing it, right there. You know honey it's not my fault I let my boss fuck me, he is just so domineering I couldn't help myself I got so excited I let him use me."
After she came, she cuddled up next to me and as she held my head to her breast, she stroked her hand through my hair while my cum dried on my stomach.
"Gee honey I didn't know you like to be dominated, would you like me to do that to you?"
"Roger, now you're just being silly."  
 I told her this was the best role-play ever; she just smiled and said that we would be playing this game a lot more in the future. Oh, and as for the new panties, she told me her boss took her to Victoria's Secret and bought them for her. One other thing, she asked me if I knew what a cuckold was, I told her I had heard of it but wasn't sure what it meant. I asked her where she had heard it and she said her boss mentioned it. I made a mental note to look it up latter.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Wife Addicted to Black Cock

We use to pretend that she was having sex with someone other than me, it was so erotic to both of us. Then one day she went to lunch and then to bed with her new boss and now all she talks about is his dreamy chocolate cock and how good a lover he is.

He knows my wife is his, to do with as he pleases and so do I. As for me I sit at home, baby sitting and worrying what my wife must think of me.I am a loser cuckolded by a better man and I am so embarrassed by the fact I get off by listening to her telling be about how her lover makes her feel.

She says she was lying when she told me I was a good lover and now  she has found a real man who pleases her more by taking what he wants. She told me that a real man is what has been missing from her love life. She won't even kiss my penis  but when he forces his cock into her mouth and shoots his sperm down her throat she climaxes. She comes home full of his slime, on her face and hair. Her breasts are full of bite marks from his rough treatment and splashed with cum. It is dripping not only from her womb but her rectum as well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trailer for Cum Eating Cuckolds 2

This is just a teaser for the movie Cum Eating Cuckolds but it is full of limp dicked hubby's watching their wives and their big dicked boyfriends doing what we're not allowed to do.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wife has gives him the taste of a real man

 You've always been pussy whipped but now you're a cum lapper as well. You tell her you can't do it but she sees your little hard-on and she knows she has you just where she wants you. This may be the first time but for sure it won't be the last Click on the link to see a short video of how this wife treats her cuckold hubby


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Cuckolds Life, Told in Pictures

Oh, hi honey, we're just finishing up, come here and give me a kiss. You should be mad, the way she brings these men home and yet you feel that throbbing in your trousers. In surrender you lean down to kiss your wife failing to notice that small drip of cum oozing out of her lips.

 You look in awe at the huge cock in her hands and realize there is no way you compare to a real man. Is the smile on her face from the sheer pleasure she is receiving from these men or maybe just the enjoyment she gets from humiliating you in front of her lovers. Even her praise of you oral skills is faint at best when you realize just what you soon will be cleaning up with your tongue. At first you wish you were man enough to prevent her from cuckolding you, but now you just wished that if didn't turn on so.

Do you have any idea how humiliating it is being made to clean up the cum your wife's lover has just spewed all over her pussy and ass? And then to be made to fluff the lover so he can give a replete performance? They both watch and chuckle as your face is covered in spunk, it burns in you eyes and it sticks in clumps in your hair. However, by far the most humiliation comes from the fact that as you do this filthy deed you are more turned on than ever be fore in your life