A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Becoming a Clean-up boi

She looked over at me and simply said, 'you're going to have to clean it up without any help this time.' I stared up at her from between her legs, not knowing what she meant, then I started to get up to go to the bathroom to get some tissue, but she firmly guided my head back down between her legs and pushed my face into her especially wet pussy. I realized too late that this was one of those nights after which she had made me wait for over a week without any sex, so I knew that I had shot what was, for me, an especially big load.
although I didn't like the idea of sucking out my own come, I did appreciate and enjoy, very much, being allowed to do something for her in such an intimate way. I felt good servicing her and cleaning her up and hoped that she was appreciating what I was doing and even enjoying it. This change in procedures quickly became the norm, and whenever she allowed me to shoot off into her, she immediately made me go down on her and suck out all of the fluids. Or she would have me lie on my back so she could sit on my face, something she had never done previously, pressing her big wet pussy against me, urging me to 'suck out all that nasty mess' I had made. In this position, which she seemed to enjoy, she would slide around on my mouth and nose, occasionally even cutting off all my air supply for a few moments, laughing and teasing me, 'oh, does my little man need some air?' then she'd give me time to gasp for a quick breath before planting herself again on my nose and mouth to torture me some more. (A segment from A Dominant Wife by Anon.)

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Double Fisted Teen

This video is so hot, click on the link to watch Bella cum all over her friend's two fists deep inside her front and back doors

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few GIFs to Enjoy

I love to watch sexy GIFs, especially the one that show us men being humiliated.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Makes Our Women Happy

All the muscles in the worlds won't make up for a tiny dick. This is what puts a smile on your wife's face.

Rules Every Man Should Know. Copied from a femdom blog

1. Men need to accept the simple fact that sexually, most women prefer a man with a big cock. There are some exceptions, but not many. Exceptions include women who married young, women without a lot of sexual experience, and women who experienced sexual trauma at a young age.
2. Women prefer men with big cocks even more than men prefer women with large breasts. While some men are particularly attracted to small-breasted women, there are no women who are particularly attracted to men with small penises.
3. If a man thinks he has a small penis, he’s does. Men with small penises are very sensitive, self-conscious, and embarrassed about it. They are likely to have been teased about by both men (in the locker room) and women (in the bedroom) at some point in their lives.
4. A very high percentage of handsome, successful men have small penises.
5. If a man’s penis is small while flaccid, it’s almost always going to be smaller than average when erect. Women know and care about this.
6. Men with small penises usually sit down when they urinate.
7. Women find large flaccid cocks very sexy, and enjoy looking at them.
8. Women find a large erect cock extremely erotic.
9. Women love performing oral sex on big cocks.
10. According to a recent UCLA study, 63% of women prefer circumcised cocks, 22% prefer uncircumcised cocks, and the rest have no preference.
11. Big cocks and large testicles provide more vaginal pleasure for women during intercourse.
12. According to the UCLA study, about 28% of women will stay with a man that they would otherwise want to break up with just because he has a large cock and satisfies her sexually.
13. About 52% of women will stay with a sexually unsatisfying man just for his money. About 77% of those women will eventually cheat on their husband, and have sex with other men. About 38% of those women will eventually become impregnated by another man. Most of those husbands never find out about their wife’s infidelity, and will unknowingly end up raising another man’s child as their own.
14. About 73% of women would like their husband or boyfriend to have a larger penis.
15. About 49% percent of all men have a penis that is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches long.
16. About 15% percent of all men are born with a small penis, defined as less than 5 inches while erect.
17. Only 13% of all men have an 8 inch cock, or larger. Among white men it is 11%, among Asian men it is 3%, among Hispanic men it is 8%, and amoung black men it is 23%.
18. The vaginas of most women will easily stretch to accommodate an 8 inch cock.
19. If a man’s penis often slips out of a woman’s vagina during intercourse, he has a small penis.
20. Women find small penises frustrating, boring, unexciting, and embarrassing.
21. Most women who are married to a man with a small penis are with him for his money, his social status, or because they love him for different reasons. Most of them will still, however, eventually cheat on him and have sex with other men.
22. Women always notice the bulge in a man’s crotch, and look for it.
23. Women find big cocks impressive.
24. Women look up to, admire, and are attracetd to confident, masculine men.
25. Women are attracted to confident masculine men.
26. Women consider men with big cocks to be more masculine.
27. Men with big cocks are generally more confident, more masculine, and project that to others. Women pick up on these signals.
28. When a woman goes out with a confident masculine man, and discovers that he has a small penis, she finds the experience disappointing, embarrassing, and will usually find an excuse not to see him again.
29. When a man goes out with a woman, and they end up in bed together, and he calls her the next day wanting to see her again because he thinks the date went well, but finds that she ignores him, and doesn’t return his calls, it’s usually because she found his penis and his sexual performance disappointing.
30. The idea that women prefer caring, sensitive man regardless of penis size, is a myth (often propagated by highly educated small-penis white men).
31. Most white women who have never been with a black man are intensely curious about it. By the time they reach the age of 45, over 75% of such women will have indulged their curiosity. In 1960, that percentage was only 5%.
32. White women find it erotic to watch aggressive black athletes engage in intense physical activity.
33. Men with big cocks date and have sex with a lot more women than men with small penises.
34. Men with small penises are very intimidated by beautiful women because they believe (correctly) that beautiful women prefer a man with a big cock.
35. If a woman is not particularly attracted to a man, because he isn’t handsome, or he’s poor, or unemployed, or not “her type”… but she thinks he has a really big cock… 8 times out of 10 she’ll usually have sex with him anyway, just to find out, and see what it’s like.
36. Women always brag to other women if their boyfriend or husband has a big cock. This is one of the reasons why it’s very common for women to sleep with their best friend’s boyfriend or husband.
37. If a woman says that size doesn’t matter, it’s usually because her husband or boyfriend has a small penis, and she’s trying to protect his fragile ego. She doesn’t actually believe that any more than she still believes in the Easter bunny.
38. A “bad boy” with a big cock is every woman’s idea of the perfect lover. She may not want to marry a man like that, but she wants to fuck him. For women, most “booty calls” fall into this category.
39. Men with big cocks get dumped by women much less often than men with small penises.
40. Most women have had a lot more sexual partners than they’re telling you.
41. Men with small penises tend to masturbate a lot.
42. Curiously, over-masturbating causes a man’s testicles to grow as the body is called upon to produce more and more semen, which is why so many men with small penises also have large testicles.
43. If a woman fails to make a comment about the size of a man’s penis, and just doesn’t talk about it, it means she’s not impressed by it.
44. Women always make favorable, girlishly gushing comments when they discover that their new boyfriend has a big cock.
45. If you have never heard a woman make favorable comments about your penis, you have a small penis.
46. Asking a woman if she likes the size of your penis is fraught with danger.
47. If a woman tells you that your penis is “nice”, it means she thinks it’s small.
48. If a woman tells you that your penis is “kinda big”, it means she thinks it’s average.
49. If a woman tells you your penis is “fricken huge”, it means that she’s very satisfied with the size of it, and wants you to fuck her with it.
50. If a woman lowers your pants, anxiously bites her lower lip, hurriedly takes off her panties, and eagerly reaches out to touch your manhood, chances are you have big cock.
51. If a woman lowers your pants, and giggles or looks embarrassed, and then pulls your shorts back up, chances are you have a small penis.
52. If your girlfriend’s previous lover had a really big cock, her vagina will have expanded to accommodate him. If you have a small penis, she will barely be able to feel you inside her. If she stays with you long enough, and has sex with you exclusively, her pussy will eventually contract to its former, tighter size. But… that’s a pretty big “if”.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hubby Sent Out to Learn


Wife sends hubby out for further training and humiliation. This rather long video is very entertaining and I found myself wishing my wife had a friend like this man's did. Just click on the link to see him put through several ordeals

Monday, July 11, 2011


I feel that cunnilingus is the humble hubby's ultimate aphrodisiac and many times more erotic to the giver than the receiver. How far would you go to enjoy the pleasure of being between your woman's thighs? Would you be her personal clean up boi after she tinkles, licking those golden drops of nectar from her pussy? If you are a cuckold are treated to a taste of her lovers deposits from deep in her inter folds, and does this humiliate you are turn you on, or both? Then there is that magic spot, that round  little rose bud, her anus, are you allowed to lick her there? I have enclosed a few photos of men(?) being treated to the delights of pussy eating, enjoy and maybe give us some feedback on which is the biggest turn-on.

She kneels down to your face placing your mouth at just the right spot. Once you are aligned she holds your head still. Your comfort is not her concern, she doesn't even care if you are getting enough air. Her only thoughts are on her pleasure and the sooner you can deliver an orgasm to her the sooner you will be allowed to breathe again.

The Standoff- She loves this contest of foreplay, can her need for relief out last your desire to taste her essence? One would think this is no contest, she will have to give in first, but then you know all men are weak and in the end he will be the one who begs first. Of course, this is what she has been waiting for and now she can settle down on your face for an evenings enjoyment, I hope this young lad has been doing his tongue exercises. 

 Your Face as a Marital Aid- Look, we all know she gets far more orgasms from a good vibrator and a fresh set of batteries than you'll ever give her. Therefore it is a real treat when she allows you to assist her favorite sex partner. This lucky bastard here has not only his head locked between her strong thighs, she has a hand full of hair to hold him in just the right spot. It looks like he'd better hope she cums soon before he passes out from lack of oxygen.
Human TP- Why are we so fascinated by her urine, at first we beg to watch her pee and in fact just hearing her spray hit the bowl turns us on. As she allows us to watch we get closer to the action, so close our chin is now on the seat. From here it was a simple lift of her pelvis to put your face in the middle of her dripping vulva. You feel those warm droplets on you lips and you have to taste it. This was how she discovered how much more comfortable you tongue is when compared to toilet paper.

The Cuckold Clean up-        Now this is where pussy eating becomes complicated, oh sure you're still eating your wife's cunt but now it is filled with the cum from her lover. Is she sharing the enjoyment of her lover with you as an act of love or as a show of dominance over you. What if she includes you in act is this more humiliating or more erotic?                                                                            

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Stories for you


If your enjoy reading erotic tales click this link to get my catalog on Literotica. I would love any feedback you have both good and bad, oh and don't forget to add a little lube as you're stroking.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caged and Cucked

Cuckold-Enter-Racial: The final part of these 3 posts...all under 5 mins...
From Cuckold-Enter-Racial, a 3- part selection on a pretty wife finally getting what she wants as he watches.
Although hubby is close to the action he gets no satisfaction as wife keeps him caged while she enjoys a huge black cock. In a further humiliation hubby is the target for the 'money shot'.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Click on the picture to see the fireworks or just look into her eyes to see the real explosions

Friday, July 1, 2011

Drooling Creampies- A Compilation of Cum Dripping Pussies


We hubbies know this is our favorite time, after her MAN is finished with  her. Hurry, she needs your face in there to clean up all that cum.