A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Lesions from The Hot Wife

The Hot Wife shares some of her vast knowledge on controlling hubbies. Once these tip are followed the wife will be surprised at how compliant he will become. 
Frequently milk him from behind, with his penis drawn behind his legs. This position reinforces in his own mind that his male organs are useless, incapable of forward thrusting female penetrating or normal copulation

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tips from The Hot Wife

If a man gets the strap-on frequently, over time his body and brain will adjust to his new circumstance, and all kinds of changes, both physical and psychological, will happen.
His sexual pleasure zone, for example, will slowly start to shift from the head of his penis to his asshole. This change will be accelerated if his penis is locked up 24/7, and the only time he’s allowed to cum is when he’s fucked in the ass. His body and brain will eventually start to associate anal penetration with orgasm.
Over time he will begin to not only enjoy it, he will start to crave it. Such that if you withhold the strap-on for a while, and don’t let him cum, he will miss it, become extremely anxious about it, and will eventually ask you for it. That’s when you know that all your patience training efforts with him have paid off

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wife Takes Control


She may be big and fat but she is in complete control as she rides hubby's face like a real cowgirl. Click on the above link to watch her ride to orgasm

A Play Room Session

 Wife enjoys her new play room and so does hubby although he'll be the one walking funny come Monday. Click on the above link to enjoy this fun session.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cuckolds Delight

His wife serves humiliation for dinner and then fresh cream pie for dessert. Click on the above link to enjoy this dinner scene.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Tease


Watch hubby struggle for relief as the wife teases his pecker with just two fingers. She keeps telling him to cum and you see his dick throb and his balls pulse while his body convulses with the need for satisfaction. Click on the above link to enjoy this display of tease and denial (spoiler alert, it does have a happy ending)

Friday, August 19, 2011

He can't do Anything Right

Annika is displeased with the way hubby gives oral so as she grinds on his face she belittles his ability to carry out his husbandly duties. Click on the above to watch hubby's humiliation

I want to cum

I was told I'd have to earn my orgasms and before thinking I said I'd do anything. It started with housework and as she saw what a terrible job I was doing she began to add another day to my confinement for everything I missed. Next came the laundry starting with her delicates being hand washed. When caught me sniffing the gusset of her panties she gave me another day. Eventually I became capable enough to earn a moment of relief and freedom. She unlocked my cage slowly my excitement almost unbearable. As soon as she took me in her hand I exploded in the most mind numbing orgasm I'd ever had. As I stood before her panting I almost cried as I watched her lock me back up.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making hin a Cuckold (hubby's side)

If I had been using my head, I would be asking myself what I was doing here on my knees in front of my wife as she casually talked to her new lover, Reggie on the phone. But no, I was thinking with my little head and as I massaged her stocking covered foot I found myself hopping she would spread her legs a little more so I could peek up her skirt.
I listened to Eve's side of the conversation,
"But Reggie, I need to see you, I'll come to you, I don't care. Oh god you're making me wet, what, no I don't care about Roger, he's sitting right here rubbing my feet."
I could hear his laugh over the phone but this humiliation only managed to arouse me more. To my surprise and delight, Eve spread her legs and from my position on the floor, I could see how damp her panties were. She put her finger to her clit as she and Reggie had phone sex before me. I started to lean forward to kiss her panty-covered sex but she stopped me by placing her foot in my face. I could smell the sweat in her nylons as I kissed her foot. When she came, she smoothed her skirt back down and then leaned back.

When she hung up I begged her to have sex with me but she said that wasn't going to happen. When I told her I needed, relief she reached under her skirt and took off her panties. I watched as she turned them around in her hand and when she located the wet crotch, she put them to my face.
"Go ahead, jack-off in them, that's as close as you can get."
I unfastened my trousers and let them drop to my knees, then draping my wife's underwear on my pud I pulled it until I exploded in them right in front of my wife.
"Now I want you to lick them clean, go ahead put your face in them. You had better get use to that taste because I just promised Reggie he could do me bareback anytime he wanted."
"But Honey, you're not on birth control anymore..."
"Yes, can't you imagine your wife preggers with Reggie's beautiful black child? That is when the whole world will know what kind of a wimp I married."

What started out as a bedroom fantasy has mushroomed into a real lifestyle and I now have no control over it. The more my wife humiliates me the more aroused I become and now that she knows this she has not only lost all respect for me but also uses it as a control over me. I feel like I'm on a runaway train afraid to look to the future and yet too excited to try to escape inevitable outcome. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making him a Cuckold (the wife's side)

I know that I loved him at one time but that was so long ago it is hardly a memory any more. I do remember it all started as innocent role play in our marriage bed. We played many games but in the end our favorite was me as a lofty queen or mistress and him as my servant. I was amazed how hard he got as I ordered him to do different things, oh, and me as well, I would get so wet as I watched him suck on my toes through my dirty stockings. Of course his oral was by far the best for me and he happily lapped at my pussy for as long as I would let him. After a couple of orgasms to get the edge off I would have him bring me a glass of wine and then I would relax with my book as he continued to lick me.I've always loved romantic novels as pure escapism and as I got into the story I would completely forget about my husband and his tongue but then something in the story would send a small signal to my womb and suddenly I was cumming on his face yet again.

As for Roger he always wanted more, from servant to personal salve and what woman wouldn't want a man who would not only bath her and rub her with lotions and creams but also take over the chore of landscaping her body. He would sit on the floor of our shower with my foot balanced on his shoulder while he would shave my legs and crotch. His cock hard as iron would jut out and I loved to tease him with my toes as he tried to concentrate on his chore.He became quite adept at nail polishing  and when he did my toes he would kneel at my feet blowing on my toes to dry the polish as I used my vibrator to pass the time. After begging me to allow him to launder my panties I agreed but only if he would do all the laundry. From the washing it wasn't long until I had him doing all the housework while I relaxed.

One evening as I sat astride his face, a position I love because I can see the excitement in his eyes as he pleasures me, I asked him what would he do if I went out and got a  lover on the side. I heard the moan and when I turned around to glance at him I saw that he came on his belly. I squeezed his head between my thighs,
"Who gave you permission to cum, if you can't control yourself maybe I should get a man who can give pleasure to a lady."
My orgasm came as a thunderbolt in a storm and left my clit so energized I had to pull it from my husbands lips.He looked up to me from between my thighs, the excitement still showing in his face.
"Yes my Goddess, you deserve a real man to satisfy your needs."

After then every time we made love, Roger would mention me taking a lover. I warned him that if this game became a reality there would be no going back. I remember he said he wanted me to make him a cuckold, it was the first time I'd ever heard that word. The more I thought about it the more interested I became, after all I had already cheated on Roger earlier in our marriage but ended the affair because of guilt. If I could have my husband's blessing why shouldn't I have another one and I began to bring a plan into action. With no warning I left him a voice mail saying I was going out after work and for him not to wait up. I went to a bar close to work and easily picked up a man much younger than me. The excitement was fantastic but the sex was sub par as even in a rubber he only lasted a few seconds and I threw away his number before I even got into my car. Once I got home Roger almost tore my clothes as he wanted a taste of my lover, I sat on his face as I lied about the prowess of my new man and when we fucked it was fantastic and even I came as my husband fucked me.

It all came apart when I met Reggie, ah Reggie a real man, someone who can play a woman's body like a musical instrument. It was when I began to compare my husband to my lover that my marriage began to fall apart but that is another story for another day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The descent of a Cuckold

This was how it all started, how could you deny what she was saying with you erection sticking out like it was. After that night you knew your life would be different.  
 Next she put you in a cage and now you can't even play with yourself. With your dick throbbing inside your confinement and your balls full of cum you find there is nothing else on your mind but the need for some relief.
You know it, she knows it and now even her lover knows it. You are a hopeless cuckold at the mercy of both you wife and the man that has taken your place.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Size Matters

When she tells you that your little dickie is cute it is not a compliment it is the same as telling someone a blind date is really nice.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

To celibate the return of football to America I am reposting this story I wrote a few years ago. To me it was obvious who the quarterback is but I would like to hear your guesses.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Humiliation Combat Style

I watched a TV show called Combat Hospital on ABC the other night where a private on the front lines became a chronic masturbater. His CO sent him to the hospital shrink, a woman officer. They wrap his hands in gauze to keep them off  his pecker and the lady shrink makes him follow her around with his hands held up in the air. In one scene she rushes into the men's latrine to catch him jacking off and in front of her she makes him raise his hands in the air until he goes limp before she lets him pull his pants up. As this is happening another soldier walks into to relieve himself and she make him go in front of her. I kept hopping she would strap a chastity devise on his junk to make him stop but you know TV and all so this didn't happen. All the humiliation heaped on this soldier by this lady officer was giving me a hard-on, where do I sign up?  
 The lady shrink is the one on the far left

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making her Cum


You have to work hard to make her cum but she thinks it's worth it

How to Train a husband

See honey it says right here in Ms Sutton's book that the best way to break you of your awful habit is to first have you spurt your nasty mess in my panties, yes just like this... Now are you done sweetie, good boy, now hold still why I wipe my soiled underwear in you face. No just let it dry on your face while you go wash out my panties.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Man Violated

http://www.alphaporno.com/videos/she-fists-him-and-uses-huge-strapon/First she fists him past her wrist, then she fucks him with her foot and then she uses the largest dildo I've ever seen on him and fucks him like a wild woman. I don't think I could survive such a rectal assault for real but now I have it tucked away in my fantasy file.

Humiliated Cuckold

Wife and her lover humiliate hubby and you can tell he loves it. Click on link above to watch this erotic video.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Almost Like a Boyfriend but More Like a Servant

I know, I like you too. But I don’t need a boyfriend right now.
If you really want to know what I need — do you?
Honestly, I need someone to take care of my boots, and my shoes, to keep them nice. And other duties like that around my house. Could you be that for me?
It would almost be like being my boyfriend. If it goes well, we could even talk about you moving in.

What Does Your Wife do While you're at Work

Kortney is feeling neglected by hubby but not by the plummer. Click on the link above to enjoy this trailer

Banned Ad for Skittles


I always wondered how Skittles were made, just click on the link  above to enjoy this ad

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Would You do for Just a Kiss?

As I knelt before her on my knees she stepped nearer to me. My mouth went dry while I watched her pull up the sheer slip she still was wearing. "You must know that I would never allow someone like you to fuck me but I may let you earn the honor of satisfying me with your mouth. So tell me worm, what would you do for me to be rewarded with a taste of my sweet pussy?' Without hesitation I answered that I would do anything she wished. She reached over my head and took a little box from the mantle, inside was a cage made of steel and pink plastic. "Put this on for starters," was all she said. The snap of the lock made me shudder and that made her smile for the first time. She took the little key I handed her and then left the room with me still on my knees. Her last words were close the door on your way out.

Monday, August 1, 2011

White Wives and Their Love for Black Cock

Of course they're hooked, one taste is all it takes and then they will do anything for that full feeling that only a real man can give them. Click on the link to enjoy this video 

A Cuckold Three-way

Cucky gets to join in on a DP to his wife although he only is allowed to fuck her ass with his tongue as her lover uses his cock on her pussy. Still I think cucky is the lucky one because he gets to do clean-up after they are through. Click on the above link to enjoy this hot video