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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top Ten Reasons You May be a Cuckold

Believe me that little bit of dried sauce on her chin is not ranch dressing
Top Ten Reasons You May be a Cuckold
By Bakeboss with apologies to David Letterman
Please feel free to add to the list

10. Every time you answer the phone someone hangs up

9. At your wedding reception your bride tells you "Here hold my panties I want to find out if the best man is really the Best Man".

8. Your wife says "Until I met Tyrone I didn't realize how small your dick is."
7. You haven't had sex in weeks yet as you are washing your wife panties for her you notice the crotches are all full of dried come (did you taste them to make sure?).

6. Just where did all those hickeys come from?

5. When she comes home from a night out 'with the girls' and climbs on your face demanding that you clean her.

4. She always carries super size condoms in her purse (why would she buy those, she knows I fall out of them).

3. You help her pack for a business trip with her boss and notice she is taking no panties and a box of condoms.

2. She seems to be always losing her panties at work.

And the number 1 reason you might be a cuckold is:
You are white and your wife is white but your baby is black.

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