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Friday, August 8, 2014

A Cuckold Watches

Watching a real man satisfy your wife
You thought your wife was too fat to fuck but now that you see Jerome doing her you're thinking how wrong you were. Of course after he's done with her she'll never let you fuck her again,you'll be lucky if she lets you do clean-up


Leeanne Montgomery said...

As a matter of fact, you will indeed be lucky - very, very lucky - if you are permitted to perform clean up.

Anonymous said...

Jerome b likin' him so HAM !

evesham said...

I was introduced to "licking spunk from her cunt" before I knew what was happening!

I'd love to see *that* cream-pie

Unknown said...

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Throne said...

While you clean her up, Jerome will be kissing her and stroking her tits. They'll ignore you except to laugh at your plight and ask you how his spunk tastes. And then your mouth will give her an orgasm, after which you're not allowed to rinse or to brush your teeth. And for those 'too fat' remarks you used to make, you'll have to worship her ass.

Anonymous said...

prolly have to do some fancy "tongue twirling" while he cleans Jerome's cock & swabs the big black knob up all clean'n'tidy.

prolly be made to fluff up Jerome 'n git'em ready for Round 2 pounding that big white ass in the thunderdome.

Jerome'll have that big'o ass bouncing offa them boxsprings so hard she'll break the bed.

Oyeah, big Jerome pound her tail real real goooooood.

Jerome squirt real good too, Jerome squirt real big. Squirt the baby batter in that white pussy deep, way up in her guts