A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Wife Gets a Promotion

No longer free
"Hush Roger, I don't want to hear about it, the cage stays on. With you not working, we need for me to get this promotion or we may even lose our house."
So why does me being locked up in a cock cage have to do with my wife's hopes for a new position? Well you see, her boss Ms Haversham , is a man hating femnazi of a bitch who I think wants to get into my wife's panties. After hearing Her boss wonder how a woman could control a company if she couldn't control her husband she came up with a plan. So as she left to go to dinner with her boss she left me locked up and took the key with her.

She got home very late and even avoided my hello kiss until after she took a shower. I was so horny I wanted my dick to be free and to have some loving.

I think my begging turns her on
"Yes I know honey you want  your little dickie free but not tonight, all I want is your magical tongue, will you do that for me?"

The only fucking I gave her was with my nose
"Oh yes this is what I nee, keep going. Rog, the dinner went great I think I've almost got the job. When Ms. Haversham said she wouldn't promote a woman who couldn't control her husband I merely pulled out your key and told her about the condition I left you in, she was very impressed. God I'm cumming again, yes, yes."
After she came like a million times she got off my face and said she'd rather cuddle than make love. When I begged to at least be set free, she giggled and said she thought I looked 'cute' that way and that was that.

Showing off her power over me
The next day she came home so excited,
"Roger I've got the promotion if I can prove that I run things in our household."
"Sweetie you are in charge, you always have been so what's to prove?"
See wants to see and interview you tomorrow...
My cage exposed to her boss
"Yes Peggy, I have to say this proves to me that you're in control. Just one more little test for hubby here."
 She leaned close to my wife and whispered in her hear and it looked like maybe she kissed her as well. She then handed here a shirt.
"Roger Ms. Haversham and I are going into her office I want you to put on this shirt and wait here with you cage exposed until I get back. If anyone comes in just tell them you are my husband and that the boss and I are in conference and not to be disturbed.
A husband's humiliation
The shirt told it all, not only was I now a cuckold but I was being cuckoled by my wife's lesbian boss. Totally beaten and humiliated I just stood there like the loser I had become.


Ricardo-DF quero casais said...
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Throne said...

Wait until he finds out that the Boss expects his wife to keep that cage on him for one year... minimum.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it's doubly humiliating...cuckolding is cuckolding, no matter who does it!

evesham said...

Amazon slavery is bliss! Wait till they eat you alive - heaven