A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Monday, September 1, 2014

My Sister Interrupts us: part 2

I had always dreamed about incest with my sister, just not this way

  With my sister's panties still on my face I watched her and my wife walk
together hand in hand down the hall to our bedroom. My poor penis ached
from its confinement as a rush of erotic thoughts went through my head
but I knew I dare not try to follow them. I put the crotch of Mary's
panties to my lips hopping for just a taste of her essence, just as I
had done so many times when we lived together at home. At least back
then I could masturbate as I fantasized on that special place between
her thighs. I was ever alert and on the lookout for a sneak peak of her
privates and so many times it seemed I would just miss as she covered
herself just before I looked. I wondered now, was she just teasing me,
because in all those years I never saw my sister naked.

I was brought back to the present when I heard our bedroom door open and
I looked out to see Eve walk out naked. Could it finally come to pass
that I'd get to see my sister dressed the same. My wife took her place
before me and leaned in close. "Do you know what we were doing back
there? I was eating your sister's pussy, would you like to taste your
sister, I bet you would you pervert." My mouth was dry, so dry I could
not speak so I merely nodded, would this be the night my dream came
true. Eve leaned forward and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth,
I could just catch the aroma on her lips and my hunger grew as did the
pain in my cage.

When Eve broke our kiss I looked up to see my sis standing there naked
but instead of seeing her woman-hood I saw my wife's strap-on dildo. "I
invited you sister to try my little toy on you, and she graciously
accepted. Now go get the lube unless you want her to dry fuck you."
I went to the kitchen and got the olive oil Eve likes to use when she
violates me, when I returned I knelt before my sister who stood there
with this monster obscenely protruding from her groin. As I slathered
oil on it I noticed little tendrils of pubic hair curling around the
edges of the harness and again with that long remembered scent.

Eve got on our couch on her arms and knees her derrière sticking up
for me, next I was bent over the arm, Eve reaching back grabbed my hair
and pulled me into the crack of her rump. I knew what to do for after
all I have spent many hours worshiping my wife's behind. I next felt the
oily monster poking at my crack and then I felt sis plunge it deep
inside my bowels. Mary violated me without remorse and as she abused me
she repeatedly slapped my butt cheeks.

I was used like this, at their mercy until they became bored with their
game and pulled away from me. Too sore to stand I just slid down to my
knees and it was then that we all saw that I had released my issue all
over our leather couch. My sister laughed at my discretion but my wife
was infuriated and slapped my face hard. She grabbed my head by the hair
and put my face in the middle of my own mess. "Lick this up you piece of
shit," and as I obeyed my mistress wife the two laughed at me. So I
still haven't seen my sister naked but at least now I know she doesn't
shave her bush.


evesham said...

What a fantastic dream! (Err, where is Pt1?)

Anonymous said...

that l'il galz fukking him like he's Roger Rabbit :)

Outstanding screwing !!!

What a wife she'll make some lucky Stiffie :)

Anonymous said...

love a good ol'school Butthole daisy chain with sisters at both ends !!!

Anonymous said...

hope to high heaven that sis-in-law lubed his ass up real good before jack hammering off a Big Piece of Tail....talk about Ream-o-Rama.....my goodness gracious....