A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, December 12, 2014

While Hubby's Away

I have the perfect wife, a lady in the parlor but a slut in the bedroom. We have fucked like rabbits and she loves to play make believe sex games with me. But when I told her I'd love for her to fuck another man she said no way but she did include this scenario into our bedroom antics. Sometimes when we were out she  would pick out a handsome guy and ask me if I would like to watch her fuck him.

One night when I as out of town on business I called her to say hello, she said,
"Oh Roger I've been so naughty while you've been gone."
Yet after telling me this she refused to say what she meant, no matter how much I begged, finally she said she would send me a hint and hung up. A minute later my phoned chirped to say I had a message..

This picture appeared on my phone with the message, 'I wish you were here to help clean up this mess.'


sub hub in phx said...

Oh my. How do you feel now that her lawn has actually been mowed by another man?

Sharon said...

I would mind being between her legs and eating that cream out of her.

Florida Dom said...

I assume you love cleaning up a mess like that.


bdenied said...

that is hot and the fact that she did not tell you it was going to happen until it did is even hotter....sounds like she would be into you going down on her with her cunt full of cum too...lucky guy you are

David said...


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