A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Wife Shows me Off

More Humiliation for my teeny peeny
After my waxing the lady couldn't help but ask my wife how she ever had sex with such a little man. She said step into our bedroom and I'll show.


Anonymous said...

And you should be shown off. Nice cage and even nicer strap on. I bet you were bent over after the photo and felt that going deep inside you.

Anonymous said...

Great to see a Wife wearing the Dick in the house.

A femdom wife's dick is always way bigger & stays hard way longer than her puny hubby's.

Marriage is so good when the natural order of life is followed in the home.

Her's is a life of glory & triumphant & Conquest, his is a life of shame & humiliation... Just as it should be

Anonymous said...

It's good when a dinky dicked hubby has a big dicked, well hung wife with a yen for stabbin' :) Bet'cha she keeps his butthole all tore up

Anonymous said...

Think she's trained hubby to be an expert "fluffer". Her big dick is always hard because she makes him suck it good all the time. He's happy to fluff his wife's big pecker so he can be split in two by her big'o Prong. Reckon he loves reverse cowboy mount & ride.

Anonymous said...

Peggy the pegging Pegosaurus & proud Husband of her boi-bride :)

Anonymous said...

A two dick marriage is a happy marriage especially when the wife's is bigger & never ever goes "soft" :)

Unknown said...

can i fuck your wife