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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spanking hubby's Penis

No 1 reason is it's fun

From the Malemanagement blog:
 A few reasons to consider spanking your husband’s horny little peepee include:
  • putting him in his place
  • enhancing his submission
  • displaying dominance
  • showing that you can, and will, do anything with his body that you want to
  • punishment in general (we’ll discuss this)
  • the physical pain/pleasure
  • training and enhancing his acceptance of other bdsm activities
  • subjugation of his manhood, both literal and figurative
  • the conversion of his main source of pleasure into nothing more than a target for your riding crop with complete disdain for its horny throbbing need to ejaculate which you subvert in such a way that he actually looks forward to having his penis spanked simply for the stimulation of it.
  • his orgasm.  yes, you can learn to spank his penis in such a way that will make him cum!  once you learn this art, i recommend you tell him that’s how he’ll be having all his orgasms from now on.  that will cause him to immediately associate your riding crop on his penis with his sexual pleasure.


Anonymous said...

I caught my son jacking so I had to take control before he became addicted. Now every morning before school I put him on the kitchen counter and slap his penis and balls with a variety of spatulas and paddles until he cums. His red sore area is a reminder of his wrong behavior all day long. Every evening before bedtime I put him on the kitchen counter shave his area and rub warm lube on him until he shoots real good. I haven't caught him jacking since. Problem solved.

Herboitoy said...

I wish Anonymous was my Mummy. I'd be proud to shoot off

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for.
You're not my son.
For you...
Shaving? Yes.
Warm lube? No!
Ice treatments?
...of course!
How red can your bum be?

Anonymous said...

i won't spank his penis because I want it. I do spank his ass until it's bright red. I keep him in panties which are at the thighs when he's spanked. But no penis spanking because I want him in me after a spanking

Anonymous said...

I don't spank his penis because I may want it. I use a hairbrush on his bare butt and on his thighs. Usually it's just the two of us, but my next door neighbor walked in one day while he was over the couch. She turned to go but I said now you know so stay. She watched his spanking. Then watched me insert an enema hose in him which he had to hold in without using his hands. I told him I'd fill it up if he touched his ass or the hose.
My neighbor said she got really horny. I'll invite her next time

Anonymous said...

Have you invited her over yet