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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Her Ideal Man

The Ideal submissive man: I believe what a wife wants for a husband is a real man in the parlor and a pussy-boy in the bedroom (of course this isn't me)
  1. Is strong. I like to feel protected, and to know that he can and will stand between me and danger. It is so sexy when my husband subtly inserts himself between me and an unknown man or group of strangers.
  2. Is courageous. He has to have a thick skin to live the life of a sub in this society. He knows that the insults that the greater society throws at submissive men don’t apply to him, and is not demoralized by them.
  3. He listens to me. He does not discount my opinion and my instructions. He does not interrupt, and he doesn’t give me advice unless I ask him for it. Sometimes I just want to be heard.
  4. He is intelligent, thoughtful and expresses himself in an a rational manner. He can describe his feelings and is willing to discuss issues rationally.
  5. He has a sense of humor and can laugh at me as well as himself.
  6. He is friendly and outgoing. He can hold his own in social situations. People like him.
  7. He is honest, clean, has integrity, and is unselfish, not just with me, but with everyone.
  8. He puts me first in all ways. He is devoted to me, my happiness, and is faithful to me.
  9. He takes care of himself. He keeps his body, his finances, and his environment, healthy.
  10. We mesh with our sexual desires.
  11. He is always willing to keep learning. (I think that is the most important factor in a relationship)
  12. He is trustworthy. He does what he says he will, and can be depended upon in an emergency. He looks me in the eye and tells the truth. I have to have complete truth always.
  13. There is NO DRAMA. No jealousy (which implies a lack of trust), no hysterics, no self-pity, no trying to drag others into conflicts.
  14. Can keep his mouth shut. Knows when to speak and when to back off. Can be silent. Can be still.

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