A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a hubby's Duty

HE makes the mess
"Don't be silly, a man like that would never wear a rubber."
"But, but what if you get pregnant?"
"Then you better get busy and clean up his mess."

You clean up the mess
"Mmunm, nummnn."
"Don't talk just eat."

At least now you can have anal, with your tongue
"How could you let him do this, you always refuse when I ask for anal?" 
"It's your fault, you were so worried about him knocking me up so he just took my back door. The thing is I'm so sore I still need your tongue, besides it is what you do best."

1 comment:

Eric M said...

All three of the pics were great. The one of the nice cock blowing its load on her was very enjoyable. There is nothing like the thought of your wife with a cream pie hovering you while you clean her as the second pic showed. In the third pic, I'm not sure if I was imagining eating the cream pie from her ass or how big of a cock it must have taken to get her pussy that loose.

Great post, good narration as well.

Candidate for week 4 photo post of the week! Who knows if I see enough cream-pie posts this week, I might even do a week 4 cream pie medley post like I did with cuckolding last week.