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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Trip to the Islands can Change your Life

My wife loved the scenery at the Jamaican beaches
Our Jamaican vacation changed our life. My wife changed from a shy up-tight house wife to a hot interracial cougar and now that we're home I see that she will never go back to that life style. As for me I am trying to learn how to live my life as a cuckold.


Anonymous said...

Love it,

MH020121 said...

The husband is lucky to help his beloved wife meet people and overcome her shyness.

Unknown said...

She can't keep her eyes off his penis.....and it is growing as she looks at it! She will have it in her before long.

Anonimo said...

E um macho assim que gostava para a minha esposa

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a white woman relaxing at a beach house with her black lover.As her naked and chastity belted white husband humbly and obediently waits on them hand and foot

Edward said...

Absolutely love how in spite of her attemt to play it cool, she still cant prevent herself from stealing a look at his hardening cock.

Unknown said...

Where is this beach lol